Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Friday and another end of another, (almost) grueling week. Yeah, I work a nine to five, six days a week. I do what I can until I can do better. Yep, I'm a working gal, busting my ass driving all over the county side. The one misconception about writers, or authors, pardon, I'm new to this, is that authors are fabulously wealthy...not! Gawd, I wish! I write because I love it!

 One day, sure, I'd like to only write but for now I'm just a common girl, waiting for my next pay day. So, today I have been working on the edits for my very first book to be published. The editing process isn't what I'd call fun but I will say that I have been learning a lot! Comma splice? Fucking yeah baby, I've got a ton.

 See, I read a book on dialog...not to bore you, but it said basically that dialog should follow how a person speaks and since people carry on without a hard pause, a writer should use commas between sentences. Well, I say thanks a lot clump nugget because I've been fixing that shit all day! Anyway, what any aspiring writer should learn if they read this post is this....writing styles change with the times, if the info you're reading is older than a couple of years...throw the shit in the burn! I'm kind of laughing but again, learning sooo much. The editors going over my manuscript must have been cussing their asses off. "What the fuck? Another comma?" giggles.

I'm not making fun of the editors, but I can only guess their reaction and I don't blame them. Okay, so I said my peace about what's in my crawl today. It's Friday night, ye haw! I have a short shift tomorrow and a day off! Ah, the fabulous life of writers. I tell ya, we're a wild bunch. What do erotic writers do on this auspicious night? Huh, for me, research and yeah, find inspiration. I think I'm one sided. I'll rephrase, I am one sided. Show me a luscious cowboy and I shiver. Must be the region I grew up in or the fact that cowboys are the hottest men on the planet! Sure, there are lots of hot men and I'll try to find some without a hat...maybe tomorrow. I've got the Scarlett O'Hara complex or something. I digress...Here is the image of the day.
Can I hear a yummy? For me, I like the tall, dark and handsome. Wait, I'm talking about my husband. To be realistic I have to find these inspirational men for my heroines because the cupcakes I write about can't have my man! Lol'ing!

****Public Service Announcement*** If anyone tells you that sex and hot men don't trip their trigger, they're lying! Flesh is sin, and since we're all flesh...ah, ha, we're all sinful creatures. If you're reading erotic romance and didn't realize you're a lustful sinner, sorry. If you already knew that, well, congratulations.

 Sex is natural, sex is fun, sex is best...oh, WTF, I started to quote George Michael! There is a sad story, well, for women, not him. I remember when that hottie came out on MTV with 'I want your sex', oooh, baby. I think I was around thirteen and had no clue what sex was, seriously. I just knew that we finally got cable and flesh was on TV!

The only celebrity that could compete with him in my eyes was Kevin Bacon in Footloose. Damn, I remember when I saw that movie...I was nine and never squealed so much in my entire life! That's the power of attraction and sex folks. It makes you squeal, stomp your feet, want to touch yourself, really. I'm not lying and if you're disagreeing then you're lying. Ha, ha. I speak the truth. Reminisce about the first heart throb, the first kiss. Remember how you felt? Yeah, more than your lips were quivering!

That's the feeling I like to explore, the first meeting, the overwhelming desire. My favorite part is when....wait for when they finally give up the game and fall into lust. Uh, huh, here we are back to the heart pounding, hips thrusting, lips seeking. And no, I'm not a sex craved lunatic...I'm a woman who enjoys the art of falling into lust and love. I'll end here, but I will let you in on a little secret...The most panty dropping actor I love is....
See, I'm really not one sided.

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