Sunday, March 11, 2012

Edits done for first book, Eight Seconds

I'm having a, "Yeah Me!" day. Last night I completed the last edits for my very first book, Eight Seconds! Gosh, I was sweatin' it too! My book is due out around April 17th, 2012 but that is subject to change...I hope not. I may have mentioned before that I have been writing for around three years and this is not my first book written but rather the first one to be published. I wrote Eight Seconds last year and queried Harlequin Blaze in September 2011.

When Christmas came and went and I hadn't heard anything I decided to weigh my options. I could continue to wait and they may want to see it or I could find a publisher where I could write the book the way I wanted to. Originally, I wrote Eight Seconds for Blaze going by their requirements and I wasn't happy with it really. I hate silly euphemisms, crashing waves, folds between her legs, and all the other safe words that are meant for mainstream audiences. Well, I'm not a mainstream girl, at all. I had read many, and I repeat many Blaze novels and wanted more. Hell, I'm an adult, tell me like it is! Not to downgrade Harlequin at all because they have their place and there is many readers that want that...but I don't. So, what I'm trying to say is that the whole mess was a blessing in disguise for me. It pushed me to really look into other publishers. Ah, then I found Siren and bought an eBook to get a taste of what they offered. Eureka! I was so turned on I didn't know sic em' from come here! I pondered the possible revision of Eight Seconds to fit Siren's guidelines and didn't hesitate because that's what I wanted my book to do! I wanted a book that would have readers turned on with a story they would love. A story with real people that readers could relate to. I hope I have done that. I have to laugh thinking back to last summer. I asked a friend of mine to read it and I'm sure at first she was thinking, "Oh, you're gonna be a writer, right." See I hadn't told anyone except a couple of people that I liked to write.

Anyway, I digress. She read the book in two days. I got a text from her when she was midway through, it read: "OMG, I'm going home to rape my husband!" That was absolutely the best compliment I have ever had! It also pushed me to keep going when everything looked bleak. That's when I queried Harlequin and waited and got depressed again. With Eight Seconds complete and in limbo, I started working on The Texas Senator's Sons series. The first book is titled, Damon. I had so much fun writing the first one. I completed it right before Christmas about the time I was weighing my options. I finally made up my mind because I'm a firm believer in Karma. I sent both manuscripts to Siren and here I am today. Having two manuscripts accepted really boosted my confidence...before that I was down to none. Immediately I began work on the second book in The Texas Senator's Sons series, Drew. That book went fast because I was excited, invigorated. Drew was accepted also and I did my happy dance.

Currently, I've been working on edits, designing book trailers and had been writing a paranormal erotic romance. Poor thing has been sitting for two weeks while I made my edits. I'm ready to jump back into it now! If you are an aspiring writer like me, let me give you a little advice. Research publishers well, find your market. Realize that big publishing houses that you find in grocery stores are not always the way to go, they aren't for me. I still haven't received an answer from a query folks from Harlequin and its been almost 7 months, a query! I know I will do better and enjoy myself so much more right where I am at. You may be wondering if Eight Seconds wasn't my first book, what was and what happened? My first book is The Book of Generations, my baby. It is a paranormal erotic romance mixed with time travel, history and ancient Germanic mythology. The book hit over 92,000 words and I queried agent after agent. Guess what? I was declined 6 times and it almost ruined my faith in myself. Am I the first writer to be declined? Hell no! Some of the most famous writers had many rejections. I suppose that's what kept me going, knowing that I wasn't alone. I still want to publish The Book of Generations but I'm almost scared to send it in. Maybe soon. Right now I have plenty to do with my next two books that are scheduled in May and finishing my current paranormal. Plus I need to write the third and final part of The Texas Senator's Sons. Wish me luck!

Okay, so I know this was a serious blog, I'm really not serious all the time....99% of the time I'm happy go lucky and researching for my next book. I just wanted to tell my story for those that are faced with what I have went through. Hang in there! Shaking off the dander here! Let's get some motivation. Shall we?
I snagged this from I missed this show when I was in Vegas last fall, damn it! At least it's enjoyable to look at! Have a great week!

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