Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Erotic romance author's wild life, yeah

It's Tuesday, well almost Wednesday now. I'm a night owl, big time and absolutely was not meant to work a daylight shift. Since my last post I have been working on my edits, STILLLLL! Gawd, I better learn how to avoid those damn comma splices.

So, with the edits coming along I have been busy with life. I set up a Twitter account, you can find me @HennesseeAndrew. I also have a Facebook Fan page, just need fans. Lol. Be checking back soon. I will have excerpts from my first book, "Eight Seconds" right here. Oh, and adult excerpts as well. I can't wait to see what my book cover will look like, of course there will be a cowboy on the front. Did I hear a "Yummy"? That brings me to decide on a picture for the day.
Yep, that stokes the imagination there. My first three books all feature cowboys but I'm working on other stuff as well. A paranormal erotic romance, I'm not saying anymore, I'm lying. It features a hot, soon to be priest. Would it earn me sneers, yup. Does it contain very sinful acts? fuck yeah!

Other than that I have been playing around with a book from a male pov because I wanted to know if I could. It lacks the romance that are in books geared more for women but what I like about the book is that if offers a lot to either sex. If you want to get an idea of what a man thinks and hot sex, well, this book would be a good place to start. Since I'm not a man, it may be biased as to what I think men think about. Are we really that different when it comes to sex? NO. My hero is a team roper,aka cowboy. Go figure. lol. I will more than likely publish this one on my own through Smashwords. When I do, I'll definitely announce it! Keep a mental note, the name of the book is, "Concealed Behind Denim", isn't that a fitting name? I have designed the book to be short stories showcasing the romps and exploits Wilson McDermott through the rodeo season over a bet. I have lots planned for this hottie. My devious and depraved mind can't help it! All in all, I think women would enjoy it and have the added bonus of sharing it with their man, who knows, they may have one hell of a night afterward!

Signing off now, too tired to think. Have a kick ass week. Hennessee

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