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Eight Seconds Erotic Romance Excerpts

Here they are, excerpts for Eight Seconds! Do you think I'm excited? Hell yeah, I am. I just got my ARC today! Woo hoo!

So, officially Eight Seconds is available April 17th. That's 3 days y'all! But, you can pre-order it. If you order before the 24th, you get 15% off!

Okay, okay. I've got my spiel out. Here is the excerpts:

Story Excerpt

“Oh, sorry.” Danielle smiled. When she looked up, she gasped.
J.C. stood looming above her. He was nearly six feet tall and a bulk of strength and muscle in one gorgeous package. His scent enveloped her like invisible fingers pulling at her. She would know his scent anywhere. His crystal-blue eyes sparkled from underneath his straw cowboy hat. He winked then smiled but said nothing. He just allowed the heat radiating off him do the talking.
It had only been seconds since she smacked face-first into his chest, but it felt like an eternity with his gaze holding hers. “When did you get here?” she asked, at a loss for what else to say.
J.C. smiled and slowly stepped toward her even as she awkwardly backed away until she hit the wall with a thud. He came so close that their toes touched. His body heat was able to warm her.
Danielle stuttered, “Um, you’re invading my personal space.”
J.C. looked down into her eyes and grinned. “Huh. I do apologize, miss, but I can’t seem to help myself.” He placed both hands on either side of her head on the wall behind her.
Danielle’s heart thundered rapidly as her stomach felt the flurry of a thousand butterflies move through it. He shouldn’t have this kind of effect on her, damn him.
Just as she went to make her escape, J.C. put his lips close to her ear. His warm breath sent chills running down her spine and goose bumps rising across her arms. Her body was electrified and humming. She would like nothing better than to give in to her carnal desire for him. His lips were too close. It would be too easy to taste them.
“Hmm, I think we’re at a standoff.” His warm breath heated her neck. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want take you into my arms, throw you into my bed, and make love to you until you begged for mercy.” He skimmed his hand down her bare arm as he continued to speak softly against her ear.
“It seems to me you are hell-bent on hating me,” he said then paused and waited for her to exhale. “I can tell you that time spent hating me is fruitless, that your reasoning is unfounded.” He stopped then stepped back, considering Danielle had not drawn a breath.
Danielle quickly gasped for air. What he could do to her with words was…amazing, and it pissed her off considerably. She paused a moment to gather her scattered thoughts. The more out of control he made her, the angrier she became. Damn him, she was in self-preservation mode here.
“Unfounded? Really? Fruitless? Hardly.” Danielle spoke calmly, articulating her words clearly.
J.C. smiled in that wicked and beckoning way that nearly brought Danielle to panting. Yeah, he was irresistible in ways words could not begin to describe.
“Mmm, yes, unfounded,” J.C. purred in a sensual tone that vibrated in her ear and caused her panties to soak. She could feel the slick, hot moisture spread, feel her nipples get hard and peak. Not good, oh, god, not good.
Danielle did what any woman with a hair trigger and an intense desire to hate someone would do. She stomped his foot through his boot with the heel of her own.

Adult Excerpt 

Danielle stretched and yawned. Her breasts rubbed his chest and caused an immediate complication for talking.
“Hmm, I love how your body feels against mine,” J.C. purred.
Danielle lightly touched his chest and dragged her fingers excruciatingly slowly toward his abdomen.
J.C. groaned. “Oh, don’t tease.”
Danielle grinned and looked into his eyes. “Who said I was teasing?”
“Ooh, Ms. Mallory, you are a naughty, naughty woman.”
“Umm, yes, I am. I was thinking,” Danielle began as she rubbed down his hardening dick. “We didn’t get through all the positions possible last night.”
“I can remedy that,” J.C. said with his most seductive voice.
“Really?” Danielle teased as she gripped him firmly, a low rumbling beginning in J.C.’s chest.
Talking was going to have to wait, J.C. decided quickly. He would be a complete fool to turn down such an invitation. He was a lucky bastard.
In seconds, he rolled her on top of him and smoothed his hands up over her breasts, causing Danielle to give a light giggle. She swung her long hair over her shoulder and looked into his eyes as she moved her hips forward, allowing her center to brush across his cock.
J.C. grabbed her waist and helped her tease his cock, already at attention. At this rate, they would never leave this bed. Neither could get enough of the other. They were doing more than just having sex. They were marking each other, exploring the depths of pleasure they were able to create with one another. J.C. was certain he would never be the same again.
Danielle’s breasts swayed with their rocking motion. Her fingers trailed down them and pinched lightly, surprising herself with the feel of her own stimulation. J.C. had awoken a sexual deviant, she was sure.
She backed off of him and kissed down his stomach toward his rigid cock standing at attention for her. “Ooh, my, happy to see me?” she purred.
“Happy doesn’t even cover it, doll.” J.C. groaned as she lapped at the head. She could taste herself there. It astonished her that the sweet smell and taste of sex could rev her libido even more.
With his cock in her hands, she put her mouth around him and took all of him in that she could. She could feel his head press at the back of her throat, and it excited her further. Her tongue wrapped around him as she sucked upward while her fingers curled around him, sliding up with her mouth.
“Oh, hell, Danielle, your mouth is fantastic, but you better stop. I can’t take much of that.” J.C. squeezed his eyes tightly shut and tried to think of anything besides her beautiful mouth taking his entire cock in. “Ah, shit, that should be illegal.” He watched as she bobbed up and down him.
Danielle smiled as best she could and tried not giggle. It was extremely fun to tease and manipulate his body. She loved that she had such a profound effect on him.
Her pussy became slick with wetness. Just the act of intimately loving him with her mouth had her hot, swollen, and begging for penetration.
“Ride me,” J.C. groaned as his hand fumbled in the bedside stand.
“You got it, cowboy,” she said as she licked to the top of his dick.
Danielle positioned herself above him and leisurely slid down his enormous dick. Oh, wow, she thought. How could it get any better than last night? The position was different again, and she loved it. She was in control. From her angle she could watch J.C.’s face contort and smile, and she took her time on each downward stroke.
J.C. thrust his hips up into her, causing her to gasp. “Ooh, no fair. Do it again.” Her fingers found her wet and tingling clit and teased it. Her other hand pinched her nipple, and she threw her head back. The sensations were too much, far too much.

Come ride with me on this adventure of love, lust, and sex as Danielle takes one hell of a ride with one hot bull rider. 

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