Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Eight Seconds is release at Siren Bookstrand

Happy Tuesday! Don't let the exclamation mark fool you, I feel like a bus hit me. Picked up a stomach bug and since 5 a.m. I have, yuk, never mind. I haven't ate today either. The gods must be laughing or something, and at my expense.

So, on to more important matters. I hope Eight Seconds is received well. Since I'm new and this is my first book, well, you get it don't you? It contains no major plot, love is the plot. I wrote it to be light hearted and fun, drawing on my experiences of summer, country fun. As with any woman, I do remember falling for a guy and being disappointed. Of course, Danielle Mallory doesn't end up disappointed in the end. She is young, smart and sassy, yet lacks courage to go after what her heart desires.

I hope those of you that read Eight Seconds can remember a time when your heart went pitter-patter over a guy. I remember clearly, and I'm no spring chick myself. My heart went wild over a guy that asked for my phone number, but never called back, rather he didn't call me before I called him. Of course I know now that he didn't want to seem to eager, but still, it was hard to deal with at the time. I remedied the situation and put on my big girl panties and went after what I wanted, and it was him. We have been married 15 years now. :)  Sometimes a woman has take control and say, "Let's cut through the games and bullshit here. I want you and I know you want me too."

Danielle Mallory, my heroine is the girl that failed to go after what she wanted and also almost missed her opportunity. Men, huh, what can I say. Sometimes they do stupid things, think stupid thoughts and have a rationale that drives me insane...i.e. don't call girl back right away and look to eager even though I want her. Men!

Anyway, I'm sipping on a Mt. Dew and its probably not the perfect beverage since I'm sick, but a big margarita is simply out of the question, at least tonight. :)

I'll give a toast to you with my Dew, and say Happy Reading!

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