Sunday, April 22, 2012

Erotic Author seeks Blog Techie

Happy Saturday! I have had a nice day, somewhat productive. Got back into the swing of things, trying to finish current book, but having difficulty. I'm completely new to blogs and while I can write and type shit into posts, uh, it doesn't mean I know how to do the whole "tech stuff" that goes on behind a blog. I've checked out other author blogs and I'm jealous...yeah, me.  If I knew how to grab a code, I wouldn't know what to do with it. Help!

Arrr! Technology is so cool at times. Other times, not so much. I need to be writing, not trying to learn code, and other techie stuff that I have no idea about.

Okay, so there's my rant. I'd like to think of myself as a high tech redneck, and I am in my little corner of the world, but really, I have no effin idea what I'm doing.

So, it's Saturday night and one would think that an erotic romance author would be doing something, well, erotic. Ha ha. No, wrongo. I'm sipping a cold beer and mentally planning where I want to go with my current book. Yep, erotic authors are a randy bunch!

Currently I'm dabbling with a M/M/F scenario. It will be the third in my Texas Senator's Sons series, the first and second book is scheduled for May. Of course release dates are subject to change. I will post, of course!

Coming also in May, I will be a part of a blog hop. Details to come soon. I'm excited and nervous, because like I said...I have no idea about setting stuff up on my blog. I guess I'll stumble my through it, like I always do. Right now I need to rev up a hot sex scene that has been waiting for me all day.

If you are technologically inclined, have super power blogging skills, contact me.

Happy Reading and definitely do something I'd do. :)

Here's a little eye candy for your viewing pleasure!

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