Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good Morning Erotic Romance Lovers

Good Morning! If I were a cowboy, I'd simply tip my hat and give you a devilish smile and say "Mornin'" but I'm not so the standard will have to do.

Everything is moving along. My first book Eight Seconds is now out for pre-order at If you order before April 24th you get 15% off! Hey, money is tight, save when you can! :)
Isn't the male model scrumptious?

As soon as I'm able to, I will put up the excerpts. I can't wait. (Giddy bouncing going on!) How about I tease you? I loved to be teased, well, only sexually. :)

Small, teeny, teaser......from book of course!

I named my cock G.I. Joe.” He winked and picked up his fork carefully.

…………………………………..(Cut out. We’re focusing on cowboy!)

Oh, doll, his name isn’t silly,” J.C. drawled. “He’s always ready for action, and he stands tall and proud.” He paused and smiled. “He’s always ready for service and never gets stuck in tight places.” He emphasized “tight” seductively then winked. “Never shies from danger and has more stamina than ten average men.” With all that said, he winked again and continued to eat. 

I hope I don't get stuck in a tight place with this teaser.....Trouble? Hey, that's my middle name. Bwahhhhahahha.

Yup, I'm excited! 

Well, by looking at the clock my mood is failing. The day job....ugh! 

Have a naughty filled day! 

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