Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Top 5 Gorgeous Men List

I've been addicted to Pinterest lately. I mean seriously addicted and I can't understand why. Maybe it's just fun. A good way to just enjoy time, looking at things I like. So, I have a board called Hot Dream Men I Like. Guess what? It's loaded with tons of pics of gorgeous, yummy men. Ah, I visit it everyday and find inspiration. 

In honor of my Pinterest board, I thought I'd showcase my top five, favorite men. It should be easy. Shouldn't it?

5. David Beckham.  I really didn't know much about him until I saw his face on Pinterest. His full name is, David Robert Joseph Beckham. Big name. He's a footballer in England, and apparently a popular one at that. I don't watch the sport, sorry David, but I do love to look at your pictures. Born May 2, 1975, he will be 38 soon. Is it just me, or is men in their mid-thirties the perfect age to look youthful, yet distinguished?

4. David Boreanaz. If you haven't watched Bones...Ha, ha. I'm sure you've had to have seen at least one episode. Maybe you've seen Angel or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This man has the perfect year round tan. Dark hair, dark eyes, wow.

3. Josh Lucas. I think I'm into him because of his role in Sweet Home Alabama. He has those sweet eyes that smile and an adorable smirk. It's really rather breathtaking. Plus, I think that men with a great sense of humor are sexy as hell.

2. Channing Tatum. Actor and model. I think he is best known from the movies Dear John and 21 Jump Street. What is it about this guy. I suppose it's his strong, stubborn jaw and his gorgeous eyes. Then again, it might be his thick, muscled chest and strong arms. Wow.

1. Gerard Butler. This man to me is just wildly gorgeous. Now, some may disagree, and that's okay, because this is my blog.  hahahaha. Gerard is a thick, well built man. He's looks great scruffy and a lot of men can't pull that off. I suppose in many ways he reminds me of my husband. That's more than likely why I find him so attractive, I mean, I absolutely find my husband attractive.  My honey doesn't smoke though. Gerard looks hot as hell, doesn't he?

Never fear ladies. I will showcase more men again sometime. Happy Thursday, and to those lucky enough to get off for the weekend suck, I have to work Saturday.  Just kidding, I'm secretly jealous.  Have a great Friday and weekend!

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