Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Top 6 Crazy Sex Laws from around the World

Happy Hump Day! My brain is on strike today, so I thought I'd do something just random and fun. Today I'm exploring crazy sex laws from around the world. I have ranked them according to how crazy I think they are.

Doesn't everyone need a laugh and a break?  Have fun!

Top 6 Crazy Sex Laws

6. In Lebanon, men are allowed to have sex with animals as long as the animals are female. If male, they can be punished with death.
Wow, I'm so not okay with this.

5. In Hong Kong, an adulterer can be killed by his wife, but she has to use her bare hands. She can kill his lover any way she likes.
Let's hope the guilty man didn't marry a ninja!

4. The penalty for masturbating in Indonesia is decapitation. Eeek!
Isn't that a little harsh?

3. An old Washington D.C. law prohibits all sexual positions except the missionary position.
Okay, this law simply wouldn't do!

2. The first sexual encounter between husband and wife in Cali, Columbia must be executed with the wife's mother in the room.
Yeah, creepy. Right?

1. In Bakersfield, California, it is legal to have sex with the devil as long as a condom is used.
I'll remember this next time I'm in Bakersfield and round up my coven of witches and fornicate with the devil.

That's it y'all! Have a great week!

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