Friday, May 25, 2012

Drew - The Texas Senator's Sons 2 Coming Soon!

Happy Friday! Yee haw, one more day of work for me!

Here it is, my next book coming out May 29th! It's up for pre-order, and if you buy before June 5th, you save 10%!

I had so much fun writing this book and it's also my naughtiest! The rating is SEXTREME, so those faint at heart, steer clear. Otherwise, if you like to explore, this is for you! Drew Radcliff, sigh, is that man with all the qualities a woman could desire. Good looking and muscular with a chip on his shoulder that needs knocked off. Plus, he's very, very naughty in the bedroom. Sigh. He controls the sex, pushing all of Liv Lancaster's buttons until she switches roles. His ass may never be the same again.

Well, I guess you would like to read some excerpts. Okay!

Story excerpt
The cowboy turned and seemed to catch a movement in his peripheral vision. He stopped and looked toward the door. Dropping the rest of the bale of the hay, he began to slowly walk toward her as she stood in the doorway. He seemed to clench his jaw, gritting his teeth, as he looked at her, and she looked down and noticed he had an erection.
“Can I help you?” he asked, squinting in the afternoon sun that blazed into his face.
Liv stepped into the barn further and extended her hand. “I sure hope so. I’m Liv.” Her breath caught when she looked at his face. His sapphire eyes were highlighted by the sun. Gorgeous, the man was absolutely gorgeous. That was going to make her assignment so much harder.
The cowboy shook her hand with a firm grip. His engaging blue eyes flickered with irritation. “Drew,” he said in a deep, sensual voice. It was his voice that caused her heart to race a little faster. He had a pleasant drawl that rolled across his sumptuous lips, making her body react with a light quiver.
“Of course. Drew, you’re Damon’s brother.” Liv smiled at him. She licked her lips, surveying his body and taking notes. He had an amazing body. He was tall, thick. Oh look, she thought, he has a very large erection greeting me as well. Her stomach felt giddy, and her mind raced through the possibilities.

* * * *

Cold shower was the only thought Drew could run through his mind. His cock begged him to just take her, right now, here in the barn. She wanted him, and he knew it. That smile of hers wasn’t innocent in the least. Yeah, I should take her now, without words, without warning. No, hell no! His conscience screamed. Women are evil, remember Shay? With Shay’s name running in his mind, he was able to collect himself. “Well, Liv, I’ll help you with your things and show you to a room. Regan has it ready for you.”
Liv cocked her head to the side and studied him intently, making Drew’s libido kick back into action. He had to get the hell away from her, or he’d do something stupid like claim her mouth with his own or rip her flimsy pink tank top off and suck her nipples until she squealed. He turned quickly and walked off toward the house.
Drew turned, almost feeling Liv’s eyes following him. The woman stirred his inner desires so much his cock was hard and aching. He didn’t have time for this. His control was weak, and rightfully so. Jacking off didn’t quench his sexual hunger. It was only a Band-Aid on the underlying problem.
“What do you need out of here?” Drew asked, standing next to Liv’s Jeep.
“Everything,” Liv said with a smile and reached for a couple of bags.

* * * *

When Liv said “everything,” Drew nearly fell over. There were so many cases and bags that it looked like she’d be staying awhile. He didn’t need that kind of temptation. “You, uh, staying awhile?” he asked, walking with his arms full.
Liv laughed. “Most of it’s my equipment.”
That laugh was intoxicating, sweet. Damn it. Drew walked to the back door and opened it for Liv to go in ahead of him. Manners mattered. By the look of it, he should have gone in first. This sucked. He had the perfect view of her heart-shaped ass that was barely covered by short denim shorts. Her blonde hair was long and straight, swinging just below her shoulder blades. He wanted to tangle his hands up in that hair while her pink lips stretched around his cock. He took a deep breath. He had to get the hell out of here, he thought as he pointed her toward the stairs. He didn’t need this distraction, this temptation. Damn. He had already thought that once. Code red.
With each step Liv took up the stairs, the cheeks of her ass peeked out and seemed to wink at Drew and tease him. Son of a bitch, his mind roared. Get the hell out of here! But he couldn’t. He told Regan he would help get Liv settled and show her around. That was another very big problem. If it hadn’t been for Regan counting on him, he’d run.
“Turn right, last door on left,” Drew directed and wanted to hold his breath so he couldn’t smell how absolutely edible she was. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to not look at her ass sway down the hall. He watched her open the bedroom door and head in. God, it would be so easy to take her now. Do it. She wants it, and you need it!
Drew walked in behind her and set her bags down by the door. “Extra pillows are in the hall closet if you need any…bathroom is across the hall,” he said and began to leave. Liv grabbed his arm. He stopped and turned to her. “Yes?” He ground his teeth tightly together.
Liv smiled. “Thank you.”

Adult excerpt 

Oh, mercy, Liv thought as she reached with a trembling hand. His enormous pole was rock hard. Pre-cum glistened at the tip. She wanted to taste him. Her tongue swiped across it, and she heard Drew groan. Yes, she thought and swirled her tongue around the tip with her hands bracing her on his strong thighs.
“I said suck it!” Drew barked, and she felt her hot heat trickle out more. She stretched her mouth around him and took in all she could. He was so very large and so delicious. Pulling back slowly, she sucked hard, and he moaned, his hands grasping her hair tight.
Drew’s hips began to thrust forward while his hands held her head. With each thrust, she could feel his cock at the back of her throat, and she purred. She looked up, and he was looking down at her, his face contorted from the pleasure she was giving him. His eyes bored a hole right through her. They were feral and dark.
“That’s it, suck that cock,” Drew said as he looked into her eyes. His hands tangled in her hair tighter with each pull of her mouth. Drew looked like he was trying hard to hold back while gritting his teeth tightly together. He also had a look desire and frustration at the same time. Liv wanted him to lose himself in the moment and let go. She wanted him to surrender to the passion between them.
The excitement rushed through Liv as she sucked and listened to Drew’s gruff voice. That was sexy as hell. Although she could do this all night, the tingling deep in her belly wanted more, so she increased her speed, knowing he would stop her. More of his saltiness invaded her mouth as his cock got harder, becoming engorged.
Drew pulled back out of her mouth quickly. “Take off your clothes,” he demanded.
Liv took off her clothes with Drew’s hungry eyes watching. She felt his gaze rake over her body, caressing her. This was completely erotic for her. When she took off her panties slowly, she noticed his hands balled up into fists. Her panties touched the floor, and he grabbed her under the arms and threw her on the bed. She bounced and tried not to giggle as the enthusiasm rushed though her.
Drew walked slowly around the bed looking at every inch of her body with no hint of a smile. He walked to the closet and came out with silk cording. “Hands above your head.”
Liv complied and tried to keep her body from shaking her off the bed. He wrapped the cord around each of her wrists and lashed her to either post. She couldn’t wait to see what was next but wished he would hurry before she had a complete meltdown. Her breathing was becoming erratic, her limbs shaky. She was thrilled when he opened his nightstand and laid an assortment of items at the foot of the bed. She could feel her orgasm hovering, which was surprising considering he hadn’t touched her yet.
Drew moved over the footboard like a big cat on the prowl, and her hips bucked up, wanting him. His mouth slowly eased down, and she prayed she wouldn’t pass out on contact. Sweet heaven, his mouth was hot. His tongue lashed out over her clit, eliciting a cry from her lungs. She bucked her hips to his mouth, and he restrained her leg and sucked her clit hard.
Liv cursed as stars began to cloud her vision. His fingers thrust into her cunt and tickled her sweet spot, and she burst from stimulation. She wailed as her body writhed, her arms pulling at the restraints. Her hips tried to move, but Drew had her immobilized with his strong arm. Sweet bliss, she thought as she came down. His tongue seemed to be lovingly exploring, helping calm the tsunami. When she felt his thumb graze over her tight asshole, she squealed. He continued to rim her hole with his thumb. She was slick from her excitement that ran down between her cheeks.
“I bet you want my cock in your ass,” he said while his tongue entered her cunt, and his thumb pressed into her ass.
Liv lit up. Her body needed more, wanted more. It didn’t matter how he took her so long as he did.
“Have you ever been fucked in the ass, Liv?” Drew asked lazily as he continued to feast between her legs.
“Yesss,” she cried out as she tried to move. Her skin was tingling from head to toe, buzzing.
When she heard the snap of a lid, she whimpered. Drew was torturing her by taking his time. She felt oily lube being rubbed around her hole. His fingers slipped in easily. He stroked softly, stretching her. She squeezed her eyes shut and enjoyed the invasion. Then he removed his fingers, and she felt empty. “Don’t stop!” she begged and thought she heard him chuckle.
Then the feeling of fullness returned when he gently pushed the butt plug in. Her nipples peaked, needing attention, and her pussy clinched tight. She pulled at the restraints, wanting to touch him but couldn’t. It was making her delirious and pushing her toward another orgasm.
After the butt plug was fully seated, she watched Drew open a condom. His eyes stared at her as he slowly rolled the condom down his large cock. Her hips thrust toward him.
“First I’m going to fuck your tight pussy, and then I’m going to fuck your tight ass,” Drew said and moved leisurely between her legs. Only Drew seemed to pleasure her in very unique ways.
“Yesss, do it, please!” Liv couldn’t help but beg. Her body was strung tightly and couldn’t wait.

Well, what are you waiting for? Find out more!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Erotic romance, YA romance, who sets these standards?

Okay, so normally I try to be lighthearted and fun with silly posts that entertain. Yeah, that's me. I just like to have fun, smile and laugh. I also like to write, seriously, I love to write, but the publishing world has a way of pissing me off to honest about it.

I'm not mild mannered, nor am I shy. I write what comes out, period. I allow my stories to flow and the characters to take over. Am I a fabulous writer? Hell no. Who is? I write for entertainment and I read for entertainment. My problem is the whole genre issue? For instance, what in the hell is YA anyway? It's Young Adult, I know that, but what can I put in it? I see young adults as an age group between 18-25. Others view young adult as 13-18. Seriously? They are teenagers and thus books geared for them should be be listed as Teen. If I write a book about a 23-year old, my thinking is it's YA, but what about my sex scenes? I write racy scenes, those that can't be in YA, but if I put it in erotic romance, what 30+ year old wants to read about young love and the thoughts that go through a young adults mind?

I'm so confused. WTF?

Currently, I'm working on a paranormal, er, erotic romance? No, my brain says that my characters are too young for that market, but old enough to engage in sex. I know when I was 23, I wouldn't want to read about someone my age falling in love, kissing and the rest be behind closed doors. Nor would I have wanted to read an erotic romance about 30+ years old characters and terms I may not understand.

For me personally, I love paranormal romance, but I want the sex in there, period. My characters are young, but they're adults. Does any of this make any sense?

I write for Siren Publishing and love them. The only problem is...I don't feel that my current work is right for them, because it's paranormal, geared and designed for a younger audience with a story that just doesn't fit. (No, I have not submitted this story to them and I'm not complaining about a rejection.) I guess my biggest bitch about my book is the reviews I received from a Great Start contest. I entered it into an erotic romance category simply because the sex is hot. They only reviewed the first 3,000 words and since I didn't mention a hero in that time, they asked how I could consider it romance? Again, WTF? I was introducing the scene, setting, and character of my heroine. Are they suppose to have sex and meet right away?

The story is a journey, and without a glimpse into my heroine's life, I feel that readers wouldn't be able to relate. For me, I like to develop my characters fully along with my story before they meet each other. If I just wanted to read about sex, huh, I can find thousands of erotica stories on line. But seriously, I want to be entertained. I want a story filled with characters that pull me in and make me want to get to know them, understand what they are going through. Later, when they meet, and the union is perfect, I want to cheer and say "Finally!" I like those giddy emotions of first encounters, love or lust at first sight. I also like to explore all the emotions that occur during those times. Hell, I remember them well, and those were the best feelings I ever experienced.

So, what to do.....Do I keep writing in My Style? Do I change who I am to please? Will anyone like my way of writing?

Decisions, decisions.

This makes my brain hurt and is the only aspect of writing that bothers me. I've read plenty of mainstream romance only to be dissatisfied in the end. Are there others out there like me? Can I trail blaze my own path? Should I?

In a world of authors all vying for reader's attention, ultimately, I feel that I need to be true to myself. If I don't, what I do will become a chore and a headache. I don't want that to happen. I want to have that spark of imagination and creation that takes me over. If I try to write based on a series of requirements, I may loose me in the process as well as my love or writing.

I think I just answered my questions. See, writing is very therapeutic!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top 5 Ways to Turn Your Man On

I'm not one to read Cosmo, but lately have picked them up. So, I came across an article giving tips to women from men on how to turn them on or what turns them on. I thought, hey...why not not add to my arsenal of sex weaponry. Here are a few that I found and liked from various sources. Some I've already tried. Ha ha. All of them except Number 1.

1. Ladies, do dishes with a tee-shirt on and no bra. Be sure to splash water in all the right places. Okay, that's doable and I could see how that would get a man's mind going immediately.

You feel....

                                   He sees......

2. Four letter words during sex, whispered in their ear is a big turn on for a lot of men. Doable. I'm not shy!

3. Follow him into the shower. Men like the unexpected.

4. Striptease. Men are visual creatures. A good song to play is Joe Cocker, You Can Leave Your Hat On.

5. Have spontaneous sex in a crazy location.
Do me a favor though...Don't get caught!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New book released today! Damon

Happy Hump Day! I love saying that!

Great day today for me. Damon - The Texas Senator's Sons 1 released today! Yah! I loved writing this book. In it, I take a totally repressed florist who's yearning to live and give her a chance of a lifetime with a hot cowboy.
Who doesn't want to look back on their lives and smile, knowing they lived life to the fullest? Regan O'Conner wants that. Little did she know that her living would wind her up in an FBI sting. There is so much more, you'll just have to read it! I know, I'm a tease :)  Here's some excerpts!

Story Excerpt:

Once she was content, Regan stored the arrangement in the cooler for pickup later. It was fun to make, but messing around with all the condoms and penis shapes did nothing for her overly anxious libido. She had to calm that down and soon. She was definitely not one to run out for a one-night stand as a way to handle this issue. No, she was the person that found any way under the sun to keep her mind off it.
This was Damon’s fault, she decided. If he hadn’t come into her shop looking all sorts of hot, she wouldn’t be in this predicament right now. She stomped back to the front of the store and looked around for anything to do. The door opened, and a courier stood with a box and an envelope in his hand.
“I have a delivery for Regan O’Connor,” he said as he read from his paperwork.
“That’s me.” Regan smiled, and he handed the box and envelope to her.
When the courier left, she laid the box on the counter and opened the envelope. Inside was a note and cash.
Regan, I really need your help. This should cover your expenses. Please meet me for dinner at Charlie Palmer’s. Seven o’clock. Damon.
Regan counted the money, and her eyes grew wide. “Holy Toledo! Five thousand dollars to help him for one week?”
Quickly she shoved the money back into the envelope. This was wild. He must really need help if he was willing to dish out that kind of cash, she guessed. It was too much, though. She would have helped for free just to get to see him again. She opened the box and rifled through the tissue paper on top to see a bright ivory-sequined cocktail dress. Confused, she pulled it out of the box. It was beautiful, but where did he expect her to wear this? She dug into the box again, pulling out more of the tissue, and found a pair of strappy, sequined ivory high heels to match.
Her heart thudded. Just the thought of him sending her this extravagant dress and shoes was exciting. The shoes, much to her surprise, were her size. “How did he know my shoe size?” she whispered and turned the dress skirt inside out and looked at the size. “Weird, size eight, how did he know?”
Well, outside of being extraordinarily gorgeous, the man knew dress and shoe sizes. Hmm. She reached in again and found a simple folded piece of paper. She opened it, and all it said was Please.
Now he had her mind reeling, not to mention excited. Regan picked up her phone and called Bree, of course. She needed advice or an extra shove because now, all of a sudden, her stomach felt queasy. She thought she could do this, but now she wasn’t so sure.
After telling Bree about the note and package from Damon and having her eardrums blown out from Bree’s squealing enthusiasm, Regan became quiet.
“What’s wrong, Regan? I thought you said you were happy about this?” Bree prodded.
Regan paced through her shop, looking around with the phone against her ear. “I know, I’m just…damn…I don’t think I can do it. I mean, I really don’t think I—”
Bree interrupted, “Stop. Just stop, Regan. You are psyching yourself out. I know you well enough to know that you wanted him to ask again. I could tell by your mood today.”
“You’re right. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t interested in him, but that’s a pretty wild stunt to pull because I’m attracted to him, don’t you think?”
“I think it sounds fun!” Bree rambled over the phone.
“You would,” Regan replied dryly as she looked again at the dress in the box. She didn’t care about the money. She had a business that was successful. Right now she just wanted to live and, for once, be crazy and wild if only for a week.
“You have to do this. Do it for me!” Bree pleaded. “One of these days you’ll be able to look back and laugh at this, and it will be so fun to reminisce about. Make fun memories, girl!”
Regan laughed. “You sound like Doc Holliday in Tombstone telling Wyatt to live…live for me, Wyatt! Except there isn’t a darn thing wrong with you!”
That statement caused Bree to erupt in laughter. “I loved that movie! But seriously, if I was asked by that cowboy, I would have already said yes.”
“I know all too well you would have. Here’s what I’ll do. I’ll go to dinner tonight and decide then.” Regan tried to suppress her enthusiasm about seeing Damon again. “If I do decide to help him then I need a disguise. I would hate it if anyone recognized me.”
“Oh, girl, you’re in good hands. I’m already planning!” Bree admitted.
“I’ll call you back later, bye!” Regan disconnected the phone.
She looked at Damon’s note again and smiled. Nice penmanship for someone with such large hands. Hmmm…capable, expert hands.

Adult Excerpt:

When Regan heard the door open, her breath caught. The warmth of her excitement trickled down her leg. Through the privacy glass of the shower she could see his figure, lean and muscular. His shirt came off in seconds. Even through the blurry glass she could see a tan, wide chest. Tiny shocks tickled her inside and out. She stood still and watched with hungry eyes.
Damon slid his boxers off in one motion and moved toward the shower. Regan stood like a statue watching him. She wanted him, and she hoped to get all of him.
He opened the door and gave her a smoldering glare. Regan took in the man before her, noting each defined muscle across his wide chest. Her eyes traveled south, taking in his six-pack abs and glorious erection. Oh, my word. Further down, his legs were thick and muscular. It was obvious that he was no stranger to hard work and took very good care of himself. “You about done being a gentleman?” she teased.
Damon’s eyes were wild and piercing as he stepped in and closed the door behind him. He offered no words when he pushed her against the wall of the shower and took her mouth with his own fiercely. Regan whimpered and opened for him, allowing his tongue full access.
His kiss was hot and possessive as his tongue darted in, exploring then pulling back and thrusting in again. Those lips were soft yet strong, loving yet rough.
Regan felt his cock lightly brush against her belly, and she moaned. So close, she was so close. His mouth broke free, and his eyes opened. He stared into her eyes with a look that promised complete satisfaction. He kissed her softly then began to travel down slowly. Regan moved her hand to grab his cock and instantly he grabbed her arms and pinned them above her head.
“I can’t handle you touching me. Let me please you.”
His eyes flamed brilliantly, and Regan nervously nodded. His mouth continued to kiss her neck, his lips sensuous with each touch. Regan’s arms were still being held above her head. She closed her eyes and allowed the feeling to wash over her. Breaths became quick and short, and her breasts jutted forward to find his warm mouth.
Damon teased her nipple with his tongue, outlining it, flicking it. Regan pulled his mouth hard against her chest, arching her back as the water streamed down their bodies.
“Please,” Regan wailed. There was too much stimulation. It was excruciating to have her heart pound in her chest, to feel his mouth devour her breast, and feel her pussy contract and tingle, wanting his touch.
Damon looked into her eyes, giving her a wicked smile, and nipped her bottom lip. “Please what?”
“Take me, please!” her raspy voice cried out.
He allowed her arms to fall and grabbed her face with both hands, kissing her rough. His hand trailed down her chest to her waist. When he reached her hip he pulled her hard against him. “Feel what you do to me,” he hissed out between clenched teeth.
Regan felt her release hovering close. It would only take the simple flick of his thumb to make her blow like Mount Vesuvius.
Both of his hands caressed her body while his mouth left a trail of kisses down her stomach to her abdomen. On his knees, Damon pulled her leg over his shoulder, wasting no time, and began to devour the spot that craved his attention the most.
A tidal wave smacked Regan full force when Damon’s tongue slid between her folds. The tile was hard and cold against her back and his mouth hot between her legs. It was overload. She screamed out his name with her hands tightly wound in his hair, pulling him closer and harder. His talented tongue darted in and out of her while his thumb rubbed her clit.
“Damon, yesss!” Regan groaned and tried to catch her breath. Stars flashed through her vision, blinding her. She blinked her eyes trying to keep from passing out, the adrenaline rush too strong.
Damon lapped at her clit, teasing her. He groaned and stroked his cock with his free hand. Regan watched, sure she’d never witness anything so hot. Water trickled down his determined face. Gorgeous. With a light kiss to her folds, his mouth made its way up her stomach to her breasts where he lightly flicked his tongue over each. Regan hummed while flicking her tongue out to trace her lips just before his mouth met hers, locking into a sensual and loving kiss.
Damon leaned back and grinned.  “Do you taste yourself on me?”
“Yesss,” Regan rasped out.
“Sweet, aren’t you?”
“Yesss.” Regan rolled her head to the side from her high, allowing his lips to kiss her neck gently.
Damon rolled on a condom effortlessly while he nuzzled her throat. God, she had to have him now.
“I think you’re ready for me, beautiful,” he whispered and wrapped her leg around his hip.
Regan’s eyes flashed open when he nudged at her entrance. Her hands gripped his biceps, waiting. When he eased in, she bit her bottom lip to keep from coming apart. His cock was large and thick, and so damn fantastic feeling. Her pussy stretched to accommodate him, and she heard his growl and felt his hands grip her hips tighter. Ecstasy fluttered inside her, spreading out, pleasuring each and every nerve ending she possessed. It was like eating the most sinful and dreamy dessert the world had to offer. He continued to ease in at a rate that was driving her delirious with want. She could feel each ridge of his cock, inch after glorious inch.
With one last thrust up, Damon was seated fully inside her. His mouth grasped hers furiously, his tongue lashing inside hers. She felt his hunger and desire pour into her. “Sweet heaven,” she whispered between kisses.
“Are you ready for more?”

You can order Damon until May 16th and get 10% off!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Sexy and Sinful Cocktails

It's Monday, and normally I'd be sighing and complaining, but today for some reason, I'm not. I guess it's because there is a lot to look forward to this week. For starters, the Chocolate and Roses Blog Hop is in full swing. Damon - The Texas Senator's Son 1 comes out on Wednesday 9th. And finally, I have an interview that will be coming out with Long and Short Reviews on Thursday 10th. Whew.

So, in honor of my mini celebrations, I would like to share some sexy and sinful cocktail creations that I have found on Pinterst. I'm so addicted to that site. I wonder if they have a patch or something I could wear when I can't get to my computer to take the edge off my urges. hee hee.

I found this fabulous martini on Pinterest of course, but here's the link to the blog that is responsible. I haven't had time to check out all her creations, but I'm sure I'll be wowed.

Strawberry Shortcake Martini

Yield: 5 martinis
Prep Time: 15 - 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Adult Strawberry Shortcake... a drinkable version! ;)


For the Strawberry Puree (enough for 5 martinis):
16 ounces frozen whole strawberries
1/2 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
2 tablespoons lemon juice
For the Strawberry Shortcake Martini:
2 ounces cake flavored vodka
3 ounces of strawberry puree
fresh whipped cream, for garnish (optional)


For the Strawberry Puree:
Simmer for 10 minutes until sugar is dissolved and fruit is softened. Allow to cool and blend vigorously until smooth. If there are any pulp/seeds left, strain through a fine mesh strainer (Note: If you have a Blendtec, blend on whole juice setting and you won't need to strain the mixture).
For the Strawberry Shortcake Martini:
Place ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice and shake vigorously until chilled. Pour into a martini glass and top with (optional) dallop of fresh whipped cream, and garnish with a sliced strawberry.

This next one comes from the Snappy Gourmet. The Snappy Gourmet

Mint Chip Cookietini

  • Drink:
  • 1/3 cup milk (or cream, half-and-half, melted vanilla ice cream, or your favorite dairy substitute)
  • 2 Tablespoons Pinnacle Cookie Dough Vodka
  • 2 Tablespoons Pinnacle Chocolate Vodka (or Chocolate Whipped Vodka)
  • 2 Tablespoons Creme De Menthe Liqueur
  • Garnish: (optional)
  • Chocolate syrup (or hot fudge or melted chocolate)
  • Chocolate shavings (or mini chocolate chips or chocolate cookie crumbs)
  • Whipped Cream (regular or chocolate)
  1. Place the milk, cookie dough vodka, chocolate vodka, and creme de menthe in shaker over ice. Shake about 30 seconds.
  2. Garnish edge of glass with chocolate syrup then dip in shaved chocolate. Strain drink in glass then garnish top of drink with whipped cream and chocolate shavings as desired.
SNAPPY TIPS: This makes 1 large drink but you can easily split it into 2 smaller drinks or make mini drinks or serve in shot glasses.  For a less strong drink, add a little extra milk (or dairy).

I simply have to make these! I plan on checking out all the recipes on these sites. These look fabulous!

Don't forget to enter the Chocolate and Roses Blog Hop!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Chocolate and Roses Blog Hop and Giveaway

 Okay, the blog hop will officially start at 12:01am. I started thinking that maybe I needed to be a little more creative with this hop.  Hmmm, my mind was working, churning ideas around. Then it hit me! Boom! Make it so much fun that readers will want to read everyone's posts!  Yes, great idea, but what should I do?

Here it is......I want you to tell me the craziest place you've had sex or the craziest moment that ended with sex.

We've all had a moment or two in our lives that make us blush...Tell me yours. Why was it hot? Or was it? Did the thought of getting caught totally tweak your insides? Did you get caught? Why was it memorable? 

I want the dirt, the skinny, the 411. 

Do you want to hear my story? I feel like I need a drum roll here.

* * * *

Once, I was riding with....not telling. Anyway, we were hot for one another, I mean seriously crazy with lust. The problem was we were on the interstate. I was all over him, my hormones going wild, and traffic was heavy. Considering it was dark out, we thought we could get away with pulling into a roadside stop that just offered restrooms and nothing more. We parked, kissing hot and heavy, ready to pull each others clothes off. A car parks right next to us. I look around seeing a endless supply of spots to park in and the jackasses parked right next to us! Kids bounded out of the car, and I slumped back against the seat trying to catch my breath. What was we to do? We were over a hundred miles from our destination with pent up desire making us maniacs. 

We got back on the interstate to search for somewhere, anywhere. A small gas station called out to us and we quickly exited. The bathrooms were on the back side of the building, and we were thankful. 

Lust took over, we couldn't help it. We were so in the moment, I mean hot and heavy. I tried to be quiet, biting my lip, overcome with the excitement. To my surprise, the bathroom wall was right behind the cashier and apparently was not insulated well, because I could hear him and the customers making their exchange! It was almost like I had an audience, which made it so much hotter. I'm not sure whether they heard us. I would be surprised if they didn't. 

We finished our business, and out the door we went, both sated and laughing, ready to continue our drive.

* * * *

Your story doesn't have to be long. Just tell me! I shared, now it's your turn.

21 authors are participating in this blog hop. Please go and check out their blogs, and enter with them as well. There are a lot of prizes to be won!

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1. Hennessee Andrews - yours truly

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sexual Attraction and those Pheromones

Okay, so I didn't plan to do this right away, and yet here I am. I needed a break from editing my manuscript, because I'm stressed out. I'll explain in a later post as to why. :)

Writing a post about sexual attraction is good for my soul, and good for my nerves. It reminds me of why I do or have done the things in my life I have. Most generally, any stupid shit I've pulled has been because of a guy. Yup, I think I've pulled every stunt know to man. My mother, whew, was probably glad when I grew up. Well, she just thought I did! Hee hee.

Sex defines us and I'm not sure why. Maybe its the joining of flesh. The thrill of our hormones coursing through our veins. Then again, maybe it's the wild abandonment we feel when we're in the moment. We live for it, grab it and ride it, no matter the consequences. It can be reckless and fun, or loving and bonding. Whatever emotion a person can crave, huh, sex can fulfill it....well almost. It doesn't seem to detour my thoughts concerning shoes....

I digress.  As I was saying. Sex is monumental, earth shaking, and at times can be life changing. Between the sheets, a person isn't fat or skinny, ugly or gorgeous. We're simply two carnal beings seeking the pleasure our flesh craves. Rational thought goes out the window, emotion and desire leads the way, spurring us on.

Pheromones are a key in attraction. Really, I'm sure I'm not telling you anything new, but have you ever stopped and wondered why in the world you are attracted to some people and not others.  You may slough it off as...he's funny with a good sense of humor. Whatever. Yeah, that trait may help, but it isn't all there is.
Here's some scientific mumbo jumbo. blah, blah.

I had a crush in high school. The guy was totally not my type, at all. We went out on a date, and whamo, I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of being around him. Every cell in my body wanted him and I didn't know why. I mean, he wasn't drop dead gorgeous, and he didn't possess any of the other qualities I looked for. I won't bore you with any more details, but at the time, I couldn't understand it. Now, I realize that he possessed a pheromone that I was attracted to.

I look back now and shake my head. What was I thinking? (By the way, no I didn't have sex with him. In case you're wondering.) It was pheromones in action baby! Am I sounding like Austin Powers here? Cool, I think he's groovy.
Here's a good example. Not at all good looking, but funny with witty charm. (I'm illustrating a point here, and yes, I know he's a fictional character.)  But....women fell all over him. Yep, he had mojo. Groovy baby.

I may have totally eased your minds about men you look back with a WTF question brewing in your mind. I have came and educated you! See, you feel better about falling for a guy and hating yourself later. When I get my PhD, you can call me Dr. Andrews. ~giggles~

Now, there is a cologne apparently that replicates male pheromones that attract women. No shit. I'm calling it deceptive advertisement! It is. Isn't it? Don't ask if this stuff works, because I have no effing idea. I'm just making a point. Or am I?

What I'm saying is this. I love exploring whatever weird, unexplained attractions that happen between two people and develop them with yeah, hot sex, but also a story mixed with love, eroticism, desire and lust, with the and a happy ending.

Call me crazy, but I love chemistry, and that's what it is. Our brains are full of all kinds of chemicals that bond and send messages throughout our bodies. Cool stuff, really.

Honestly, I just love to write stories that make your lower regions tingle, and yeah, I read a healthy dose of it myself. :)

Be sexy on Hump Day, and definitely do something I would do!
Ooooh. That's one fantabulous image there!