Friday, May 4, 2012

Chocolate and Roses Blog Hop and Giveaway

 Okay, the blog hop will officially start at 12:01am. I started thinking that maybe I needed to be a little more creative with this hop.  Hmmm, my mind was working, churning ideas around. Then it hit me! Boom! Make it so much fun that readers will want to read everyone's posts!  Yes, great idea, but what should I do?

Here it is......I want you to tell me the craziest place you've had sex or the craziest moment that ended with sex.

We've all had a moment or two in our lives that make us blush...Tell me yours. Why was it hot? Or was it? Did the thought of getting caught totally tweak your insides? Did you get caught? Why was it memorable? 

I want the dirt, the skinny, the 411. 

Do you want to hear my story? I feel like I need a drum roll here.

* * * *

Once, I was riding with....not telling. Anyway, we were hot for one another, I mean seriously crazy with lust. The problem was we were on the interstate. I was all over him, my hormones going wild, and traffic was heavy. Considering it was dark out, we thought we could get away with pulling into a roadside stop that just offered restrooms and nothing more. We parked, kissing hot and heavy, ready to pull each others clothes off. A car parks right next to us. I look around seeing a endless supply of spots to park in and the jackasses parked right next to us! Kids bounded out of the car, and I slumped back against the seat trying to catch my breath. What was we to do? We were over a hundred miles from our destination with pent up desire making us maniacs. 

We got back on the interstate to search for somewhere, anywhere. A small gas station called out to us and we quickly exited. The bathrooms were on the back side of the building, and we were thankful. 

Lust took over, we couldn't help it. We were so in the moment, I mean hot and heavy. I tried to be quiet, biting my lip, overcome with the excitement. To my surprise, the bathroom wall was right behind the cashier and apparently was not insulated well, because I could hear him and the customers making their exchange! It was almost like I had an audience, which made it so much hotter. I'm not sure whether they heard us. I would be surprised if they didn't. 

We finished our business, and out the door we went, both sated and laughing, ready to continue our drive.

* * * *

Your story doesn't have to be long. Just tell me! I shared, now it's your turn.

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Here is the list!

1. Hennessee Andrews - yours truly

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  1. Great! I'll go first! Car hand jobs...yep, Outdoors while camping...yep...But one day in a large city, my boyfriend called me out to the balcony of a large hotel. He slipped off my robe and we did it right there. The traffic was moving slower and I swear there was one car that made at least 5 trips to to our site.

  2. Woo hoo! I bet you had some lookers! How hot is that?!!

  3. Uhmmmm yes we did! Yahooooooooooooo

  4. Hi Hennessee, Shortly after my husband and I got married, we took a trip to the Oregon Coast. We were going to visit some friends that had a home not far from the ocean. We had been driving for hours and was finally nearing our destination.

    I was getting so excited to be by ourselves, on vacation and near the ocean, that I started to tease my hubby while he was driving. I began to stroke his leg, my hand dangerously close to his manhood, but not quite touching. I kissed him on the neck, down his chest, to the inside of his arm and stopped with a kiss on the back of his hand. Suddenly, he pulled off the highway down a little single car dirt road. We jumped out of the car, striping off our clothes, as we headed to a little grassy spot. We tossed out a blanket and satisfied the "monster" that I had created.

    When we had finished, we lay back basking in the sunshine and enjoying the moment. We had been so distracted with our desires, that we did not realize that just beyond the trees surrounding us, was a park filled with people! Needless to say, we quickly gathered our clothes and laughed, as we ran naked back to our car.

  5. Hee hee. I bet your heart was racing wildly! That is great, thank you for sharing! I love stories where the heat of the moment takes over! So far we are a naughty trio!

  6. This takes me back a while...seem to remember the hot heartthrob of 20 years was sucked off while still driving. Okay he might have stopped the car for the last bit. Married someone else, but am seeing him again next month...Simone!

  7. Ooh. Good luck! Funny, guys can't drive and receive that kind of pleasure. I think it short circuits their brains :) Nothing hotter for a guy than to receive that treat!

  8. My ex and I were staying at his grandparents, they were gone for the weekend.. We ended up fooling around in the living room, thankfully his brother and wife nor their grandparents came around or home early... It was... Hot. lol.

  9. Grandparents house, I like it! There is still that worry subconsciously that someone could show up. I think that adds to the moment unbelievably! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Wow, you guys are way bolder than I could ever be! I don't think I can top the interstate, the bathroom or (wow) grandparent house.

    But in my defense, I have had ridiculous experiences that include a mixture Murphy's law and weirdness. If I was in any of the above situations, not only would I have gotten caught but it would be on such a ridiculous scale that it would be like I was making it up.
    So I have had to learn and temper my choices or face the wrath of Murphy and his crappy law!

    That being said, there was that one time when a stangers wrong number, turned into a 30 minute call leaving us both quite satisfied! No roomates came home and no shades fell from the windows and landed on ones head (yes that happened)Murphy must have been taking the day off that day!


  11. I going to have to go with the time my husband and I were at a wedding. We were in the mood and there was a little parking area a few miles away. It was just getting dark so we decided to drive over and satisfy our needs. He was I the passenger seat and had reclined his seat. I slipped my panties off and pulled my dress up just enough to not be in the way. Just as I was starting to slide across the seat to straddle him I saw headlights flash across the inside of my van. I paused long enough to see a cop car pull in and park right next to us. The cop rolled down his window so I did the same. He asked what we were doing with a knowing smile. I don't think he believed me when I said just talking but he nodded and rolled his window back up. However he didn't leave. We got the hint and went back to the wedding. I of course forgot to put my panties back on when we went back so I teased him with covert peaks every now and then until the end of the reception.

  12. Whoo hoo! That's funny about the cop and sexy concerning the no panties! I love when couples can be playful and fun. I aggravate my husband all the time. So very awesome girl. Thanks!

  13. I can say, i havent done anything. I grew up with really strict parents, im 21 and very shy. still a virgin. Being shy, its kinda hard to put myself out there but once i get out there, im gonna try a few things. :D Always wanted to be dominated by two guys. Its hot in books! lol Though its a fantasy, who knows! lol But i can tell you, i have a very...out there family. Us kids walked in on my grandmother once...with a younger guy (about half her age and shes in her 60s, she looks it too!). Not a pretty site. Im still scared! lol She was in the living room, door unlocked and going to town. We ran out of there fast. Did i mention that the guy wasnt her boyfriend? Oh, and another time, we had family and friends over, my same grandmother started talking about sex toys and whipped a dildo out of her purse, telling everyone within hearing distance all about it. Try explaining that to friends. They looked horrified. lol I was part horrified and dying of laughter. If i could have had a camera with my little old grandmother holding a was a kodiak moment! hehe Thank you for the fun hop and giveaway!! Hope i can still enter! Thanks!

    1. Hope that wasnt too much info! lol

    2. I love it! Of course you're entered! Wow, a grandmother with a dildo, that would be a Kodak moment! The domination with two guys, yeah, that's hot. Never tried, but I love reading about it! Being 21 and still a virgin, wow...awesome. I wish I could of said that! LMAO! Sigh, lost mine to a total douche bag...You should be proud girl! But when your time comes with the RIGHT person, I hope it's all you dream of. :) I'm getting all sappy, sorry. Sniffle. Thank you for sharing! Love the part about grandma!

    3. lol My grandmother is...interesting to say the least. She hasnt let age slow her down. Well, somewhat, she now only sees a couple of guys at a time. When she was younger, there were tons. She didnt limit herself. And i swear, that woman doesnt know how to use a lock. My mom when she was about 17(?) was with my aunt and they walked in on her having sex on the kitchen table. And thats not all. My mom and aunt said when they were walking in, a man was pulling up the driveway, and they seen another fall out the bedroom window. lol There was another man knocking on the back door. I dont know how she did it. lol And she wasnt above opening the door nude, and surprising whatever man is on the other side. lol Her neighbors got to see more than they wanted of her. And when my cousins, siblings and aunt (same age as us, told you, my grandma was a busy lady) and me were 'of age' she sat us down for the talk...OMG. Never again. We run in fear of the woman. lol She tells way more than we want to know. And shes one of those people that have to give examples. *shakes head* And in the store, i wont deny that us kids usually ran away from her and pretended not to know her. She always embarrassed us. Hitting on guys, talking about sex, etc.. I could write a book on the lady! :D
      The two guys is hot. At least in stories. lol I love reading about it too! And thank you! At the time, my parents were...stifling. But im glad they raised us the way they did. Sorry you lost yours to a jack ass. I hope whoever your special someone is, makes you so happy! And if you havent found him/her/them (lol) i hope you do!! And im very proud! :D lol Its ok to be sappy. :) Thank you!! You have a fantastic week! Its almost the weekend! Woo! lol

    4. OMG, that is too funny! I thought my grandma was out there because she liked flashy rhinestone clothes! But, really, its very cool that she has been happy and active. It sure beats bingo and knitting! Loving your grandma!

      I know what you mean about growing up, err, a little repressed or stifling. My mom kind of left me in the dark and kept me sheltered too. Not sure why, she's my biggest fan! Ha ha. I do have a special someone....15 years, not too shabby ;) You have a great weekend too! Thanks for the comments!

    5. lol She has her funny moments! :D And my grandma, shes a bigger woman, and she wears things..that she shouldnt wear. She wears bikinis clothes 3 sizes to small, etc. My cousin brought her boyfriend home to meet the family, my grandmother was wearing a leotard. His eyes bugged out and she hit on him. lol I died laughing. I think, it was one of my favorite times. More power to her for thinking she looks good but sometimes...she goes to far...
      Im so happy for you and your hubby! Thats awesome!!! Im wishing you many, many more years!! Glad im not the only one with stifling parent. My mom is my biggest fan too. :)
      Thank you! I had fun! ;D

  14. Had a great time! Thank you so much!