Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Erotic romance, YA romance, who sets these standards?

Okay, so normally I try to be lighthearted and fun with silly posts that entertain. Yeah, that's me. I just like to have fun, smile and laugh. I also like to write, seriously, I love to write, but the publishing world has a way of pissing me off to honest about it.

I'm not mild mannered, nor am I shy. I write what comes out, period. I allow my stories to flow and the characters to take over. Am I a fabulous writer? Hell no. Who is? I write for entertainment and I read for entertainment. My problem is the whole genre issue? For instance, what in the hell is YA anyway? It's Young Adult, I know that, but what can I put in it? I see young adults as an age group between 18-25. Others view young adult as 13-18. Seriously? They are teenagers and thus books geared for them should be be listed as Teen. If I write a book about a 23-year old, my thinking is it's YA, but what about my sex scenes? I write racy scenes, those that can't be in YA, but if I put it in erotic romance, what 30+ year old wants to read about young love and the thoughts that go through a young adults mind?

I'm so confused. WTF?

Currently, I'm working on a paranormal, er, erotic romance? No, my brain says that my characters are too young for that market, but old enough to engage in sex. I know when I was 23, I wouldn't want to read about someone my age falling in love, kissing and the rest be behind closed doors. Nor would I have wanted to read an erotic romance about 30+ years old characters and terms I may not understand.

For me personally, I love paranormal romance, but I want the sex in there, period. My characters are young, but they're adults. Does any of this make any sense?

I write for Siren Publishing and love them. The only problem is...I don't feel that my current work is right for them, because it's paranormal, geared and designed for a younger audience with a story that just doesn't fit. (No, I have not submitted this story to them and I'm not complaining about a rejection.) I guess my biggest bitch about my book is the reviews I received from a Great Start contest. I entered it into an erotic romance category simply because the sex is hot. They only reviewed the first 3,000 words and since I didn't mention a hero in that time, they asked how I could consider it romance? Again, WTF? I was introducing the scene, setting, and character of my heroine. Are they suppose to have sex and meet right away?

The story is a journey, and without a glimpse into my heroine's life, I feel that readers wouldn't be able to relate. For me, I like to develop my characters fully along with my story before they meet each other. If I just wanted to read about sex, huh, I can find thousands of erotica stories on line. But seriously, I want to be entertained. I want a story filled with characters that pull me in and make me want to get to know them, understand what they are going through. Later, when they meet, and the union is perfect, I want to cheer and say "Finally!" I like those giddy emotions of first encounters, love or lust at first sight. I also like to explore all the emotions that occur during those times. Hell, I remember them well, and those were the best feelings I ever experienced.

So, what to do.....Do I keep writing in My Style? Do I change who I am to please? Will anyone like my way of writing?

Decisions, decisions.

This makes my brain hurt and is the only aspect of writing that bothers me. I've read plenty of mainstream romance only to be dissatisfied in the end. Are there others out there like me? Can I trail blaze my own path? Should I?

In a world of authors all vying for reader's attention, ultimately, I feel that I need to be true to myself. If I don't, what I do will become a chore and a headache. I don't want that to happen. I want to have that spark of imagination and creation that takes me over. If I try to write based on a series of requirements, I may loose me in the process as well as my love or writing.

I think I just answered my questions. See, writing is very therapeutic!

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