Sunday, May 13, 2012

Top 5 Ways to Turn Your Man On

I'm not one to read Cosmo, but lately have picked them up. So, I came across an article giving tips to women from men on how to turn them on or what turns them on. I thought, hey...why not not add to my arsenal of sex weaponry. Here are a few that I found and liked from various sources. Some I've already tried. Ha ha. All of them except Number 1.

1. Ladies, do dishes with a tee-shirt on and no bra. Be sure to splash water in all the right places. Okay, that's doable and I could see how that would get a man's mind going immediately.

You feel....

                                   He sees......

2. Four letter words during sex, whispered in their ear is a big turn on for a lot of men. Doable. I'm not shy!

3. Follow him into the shower. Men like the unexpected.

4. Striptease. Men are visual creatures. A good song to play is Joe Cocker, You Can Leave Your Hat On.

5. Have spontaneous sex in a crazy location.
Do me a favor though...Don't get caught!

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  1. cool post love the way your described it in sentences here i have read one with full description ...