Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's new with Hennessee Andrews

Well, a lot has been going on here in the Midwest. Sigh. It's hotter than a two peckered billy goat with triple digit temps daily and no rain in sight. My yard died a month ago, along with my plants and garden. So, I stay inside as much as I can.

The great part about being stuck inside is that I've accomplished quite a bit as far as writing goes. I've submitted two short stories and now I'm currently working on the 3rd in The Texas Senator's Sons series, which is long overdue. I just hope that this book, entitled Drake, turns out as wonderful as my first two.

After I finish writing about Drake, the bastard son of the Senator of Texas, Eugene Radcliff, I have plenty of material to keep me busy well into the fall. If you've looked at the sidebar of my blog and noticed my works in progress, you know I really need to get my butt in gear!

I'm really excited to move along. I had a dry spell for two months where I wasn't writing anything new. I was working on promoting my recently published books that came out in May and June. I've also been busy with my girls, their softball games, and all I have to say about that is....I'm glad the season is over!  It's just too damn hot to sit outside and too hot for kids to play the game.

The new school year is coming up and right now, I don't know how I feel. On one hand, I enjoy the kids being home. On the other, I'm ready for them to go back to school. I honestly believe they're getting bored. I could use a whole day to concentrate on writing instead of entertaining and refereeing. Girls are difficult and especially since they're only 18 months apart. Sigh....drama, drama.

Outside of the family life and back to writing, I'm so super excited about a manuscript I've been working on! Currently I've named it Plucked, as in plucked out of life unexpectedly. It is a paranormal romance with oodles of myth, mystery, and corruption. I can't tell you anymore, sorry. I will say that the hero in this book is....sinful. Yes, that is the perfect way to describe him. This book will be YA, I hope...I'm trying, but my naughty mind wants to make it erotic. Curses, I can't be good sometimes!

Outside of the two books I just mentioned, I have a paranormal romance, The Book of Generations that I'm up in the air over. As it stands, it is nearly 90,000 words. One beta reader says it's a perfect YA, cut out the erotic scenes, and another says they love it like it is. I'm still unsure, but I will say it needs an overhaul. This book is my baby, the big one, and I'm scared to death about going the wrong way with it. I'm leaning toward YA or what I've heard is the New Adult genre. What in the hell is that anyway? And who publishes it? For me personally, I feel if it contains sex then it's a 17+ book. This New Adult genre, hell, I just don't know! I just don't want to place it in the wrong category and fall flat on my face. Does that make any sense? I'm just too in love with this book and my characters to fail. Like I said, this is my big one with book two brewing.

That's the sum of what is going on here. I'm just another writer putting my heart down on paper, hoping to find readers who enjoy it.  Even if I didn't have readers I'd probably write anyway. My mind swirls with stories and my imagination knows no bounds. I absolutely require an outlet, or else I just might go crazy! Well, maybe not crazy, but I might not be as happy. :)


  1. Ooh all that sounds lovely! :)
    I know what you mean on that trying-to-be-good-but-the-naughty-comes-out LOL. Good luck on the YA/NA :)