Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Collar Monday - Cowboy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! A lot of people get to celebrate this holiday with a three day weekend while others work like it's just another day. To honor the day, I chose a group that work hard and know how to play hard....Cowboys. 

Look at how hard this cowboy is working. Calf roping is not by any means an easy sport. It is rough and requires strength, timing, skill, and muscle. Mmm, mmm.

For many cowboys, life isn't all about the rodeo. Most have roots in ranching and farming keeping their days busy with lots of hard work.

A hard day's work ends with dirt and grime. At times it is labor intensive, but also rewarding.

The heart of the cowboy looks forward to his next rodeo. It is as much of a job as it is a hobby. It's a way of life, keeping old traditions alive.

It takes skill, determination, and balls of steel to go out into the arena. A cowboy is always alert to the danger, but looks it in the eye, ready to conquer it.

A tip of a cowboy's hat is a gesture. It can be a greeting or a signal to let the chute open, allowing hell to bound out in a fury of dust.

A night out with a cowboy can be a memorable one. Wild sex in the back of his pick up truck trumps a fancy dinner and wine any day. 

Simple values, a heart of gold, and a determined spirit sets cowboys into a group of their own, making them one of the most romantic characters known.

Take time to appreciate the cowboy. Admire his Wrangler ass, eyes shaded by his hat, and his worn boots. 

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