Monday, November 5, 2012

My Blue Collar Monday

Good morning! I've been very busy lately with a lot of things and haven't found time to do my usual routine.

Here's why.
 The picture is shoddy at best. I took it with my crummy cell phone from my tractor. As most of you have noticed, I have a thing for blue collar men, the country and such. It shouldn't surprise you that I write about what I know :)  In the pic above we had been planting our winter wheat. Yes, indeed, I farm.

Planting the wheat this year has been a challenge. It seemed like something kept breaking down, preventing us from accomplishing our goal. We were actually two weeks behind schedule and pushing our damn luck.  I'll keep y'all posted with new pics when the little darlings start popping out of the ground. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a new crop grow....well, to me anyway :)

In addition to finally getting the wheat planted, I had two manuscripts accepted! Yah! The first is Leather and Steel. This book will be a part of Romance on the Go with Evernight Publishing and is due out in January. The other is my first attempt at a M/M book and its called A Hard Bargain. This book is also due out in January and was accepted by Siren Publishing.

All in all I had a fabulous week. The wheat is planted and now we need a little rain. I'm throwing myself back into writing, er, hopefully. Honey pie has a list a mile long of things we need to do. Sigh, fence, clearing brush, building corral, weaning and working calves.......Like I said, its long :)

Be sure to check back on the 8th. The Autumn's Harvest Blog Hop will be kicking off!

Until then, have a fabulous week!

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