Wednesday, September 26, 2012

How the color Red affects us

What is it about specific colors that draw our attention? Furthermore, what is it about the color red?

Why is it so powerful? And why should you use it?

Red is a powerful color. It is rich, sensual and exciting. It is also demanding and aggressive. Red represents power, prestige, sex, vitality, and honor. Various cultures around the world use red in many different ways from bringing good luck to marking those of honor and power. 


If you sit in a room painted entirely red, your blood pressure and pulse would increase. Conversely, if you sat in the same room painted blue the two would decrease. Hmmm.

 This red bedroom would make me feel sexy and bold. Note: don't use red in the dining room, it is scientifically proven to increase your appetite and make you hungry!

The blue bedroom would make me feel calm and peaceful. This is the reason most asylums and psychiatric hospitals use it.

Recently, I watched a clip where an attractive woman in a white dress stood in a public place and randomly asked men for a dollar. She did okay, but they tried the experiment again and put the same woman in a red dress. Guess what happened? Men tripped over themselves to give her a dollar! She also received compliments. That to me not only suggests but proves that red catches the eye and excites it. No wonder my favorite color is red!

More facts about the color red:

The Romans used a red flag to signal battle.

In Elizabethan times, those who could wear the color was dictated by English law.  Colors were used to signify status. Guess who could wear red? Only the lower and upper classes.

Red has always been associated throughout history with status, religion and is also a sacred color of Buddhists.

Red in Russian means beautiful.

There are around 23 shade of red in a large box of crayons.

The red dot on the forehead in India is called a Sindhoor and is thought to bring good luck. It also signifies love and marriage.

The red stripes on the America flag stand for courage, valor and hardiness.

Red is the color of love.

Chinese brides wear red wedding dresses for good luck.

Some fashion experts recommend that you wear a splash of red to your interview.

In South Africa red is the color of mourning.

In Greece, Easter eggs are colored red for good luck.

Red is the most common color found in national flags.

In the War of the Roses, red was the color of the House of Lancaster, while white was the color of the House of York.

In ancient Egypt, red was the color that signified life, health and victory.

Red is associated with prostitutes. Prostitutes in many cities were required to wear red to show their profession which led to using a red light to mark districts.

In Roman Catholicism, red is the color of wrath.

Satan has most generally been depicted as red or with the color red.

If you want to feel sexy, wear the color red.

Oh, I could go on and on about this fascinating and powerful color. 

Myths about the color red:

The color red does not make bulls angry. Yes, I've tried this here on the farm and nope, doesn't affect them at all. Scientifically, they are believed to be color blind.

The point of this exploration into the color red is to enlighten you and entertain you. Oh, and give you a fun history lesson!

Eye catching, isn't it?

Thursday, September 20, 2012


If you missed Blue Collar Monday this week, I apologize. I've had one hell of a week and it started last Friday. I won't bore you with the details, but I will say my washer shooting craps was the highlight. For fear that I'll be answered, I dare not ask "What next?" Karma is the bitch that keeps on giving, leaving me scratching my head as to what is coming around. I'm a good girl, well, a good girl with a dirty mind! But, I don't recall doing anything to be paid back for. Hmmm, searching data records in my mind. Nope, I got nothing.

I need this shirt I found on Etsy. Friends of mine will laugh because I can always find something there.
I can add to the shirt with this necklace. 

Yep, you missed them and I think I got caught in the crossfire!

So now I'm picking up the pieces and trying to return to normalcy. More importantly, I'm gathering strength so I can get back in the saddle and finish up my latest book that seems to be taking forever. That is all that's new with me. Hopefully by the weekend I'll be back to my regular, naughty, book writing self!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Blue Collar Monday-Men in Uniform

Happy Monday! Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy the pics I feature on my Blue Collar Monday posts. Today, I am sending out a salute and a big thank you to our men and women in uniform.

Grab a cup of coffee and welcome Monday in with a smile!

I love the precision and order of men in uniform.

A peek to see what's under that uniform. Mmm.

Rain or shine, blistering hot sun or frigid cold temps. Our troops are tough and dedicated.

Another great shot of muscles that know how to work.

We salute your time, your sacrifice. Thank you!! XO!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Romancing the Hop Winner!

 It's official!

The hop was a lot of  fun and the figures show that there were over 9,000 comments left in total throughout all participant blogs! Woo hoo!

Thanks out to everyone that took the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment for me. I enjoyed reading each and every one of them :)

My random drawing for the $25 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble is Patti! Congratulations!

For a full breakdown of all the prizes given away by all the participants as well as the grand prize winners, visit Carrie Ann's Blog Hops

Thank you all for the wonderful turnout!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Blue Collar Monday - Cowboy Labor Day

Happy Labor Day! A lot of people get to celebrate this holiday with a three day weekend while others work like it's just another day. To honor the day, I chose a group that work hard and know how to play hard....Cowboys. 

Look at how hard this cowboy is working. Calf roping is not by any means an easy sport. It is rough and requires strength, timing, skill, and muscle. Mmm, mmm.

For many cowboys, life isn't all about the rodeo. Most have roots in ranching and farming keeping their days busy with lots of hard work.

A hard day's work ends with dirt and grime. At times it is labor intensive, but also rewarding.

The heart of the cowboy looks forward to his next rodeo. It is as much of a job as it is a hobby. It's a way of life, keeping old traditions alive.

It takes skill, determination, and balls of steel to go out into the arena. A cowboy is always alert to the danger, but looks it in the eye, ready to conquer it.

A tip of a cowboy's hat is a gesture. It can be a greeting or a signal to let the chute open, allowing hell to bound out in a fury of dust.

A night out with a cowboy can be a memorable one. Wild sex in the back of his pick up truck trumps a fancy dinner and wine any day. 

Simple values, a heart of gold, and a determined spirit sets cowboys into a group of their own, making them one of the most romantic characters known.

Take time to appreciate the cowboy. Admire his Wrangler ass, eyes shaded by his hat, and his worn boots.