Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Naughty Valentine's Day!

Happy Naughty Valentine's Day!

How will you be celebrating this year? Box of chocolate, roses?

Hmm, throw that shit out the window, buy some hot reads and get yourself in the mood for a Valentine's Day to remember!

I'll share a little about myself so you may understand why I say the things I do, or why I write erotic romance. You see, I've been married, a while, as in sixteen years. Let me tell you, in that amount of time, a sex life can plummet to an all time low if you're not careful.

Do you ever think back to the time when you met your mate and smile about all the crazy sex you had? Then, do you wonder where that spark went? Hmm, I've heard, seen it, and lived it.
Life and kids have a way, along with bills and a mortgage of killing that spark inside you. Do you want to know how I got it back?  I read a lot of romance books. I started with regular grocery store, mainstream reads, but they weren't pushing my flesh buttons as much as I hoped. I read tons of them. Ask the Goodwill where I dumped them all off!
It was at that time a dream I always had began to percolate in my head. I wanted something hotter and I always wanted to write a book. I never knew what I wanted to write about for years. I just wanted to publish one before I died.
So, I began to write and write and write. Then, almost a year later, I finished it. Well, I finished sooner than that, but I kept reading over and over it to make sure everything was perfect. Yeah, I'm kind of slow at times. There was  problem though. I had no idea where to send it. I had never purchased an ebook! Yeah, really. I had this thing about paper between my fingers. Pfft.
I came across Siren Publishing. Funny story, I thought my book was scandalous. Ha! I bought my first ebook and nearly passed out. My libido had revved somewhat from mainstream romance, but after reading a hot book from Siren, Whoa Baby!
I read more and more and guess what? Yep, my libido skyrocketed. I submitted to Siren and started work on another book. My sex life did a complete three-sixty! And guess what else? It has stayed that way! Reading and writing has changed my life. Just the reading alone has made all the difference in my personal life....yes, really.
Seven works later and I'm working on number 8, with more ideas brewing constantly! Am I some fabulous writer? No, hell no. Am I getting better with each book? I'd like to think so. But honestly, the moral of my story is to encourage reading. The power of the mind is enormous. I've had many friends read my books and praise the change in their libido and sex lives because they engaged their MINDS! I also have lots of friends whose husbands couldn't be happier :)
Even if it isn't my books, I can tell you there are many, many authors out there with the imagination to spark your interest!

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