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Lori King - A Minute Between Books with the Gray Pack

Hello Hennessee, and all of you beautiful readers! Thank you for taking a moment out of your busy day to read a little bit about The Gray Pack. This is a series that follows a pack of werewolves living and working amongst humans in Kansas City. Book 3-Legacy of the Wolf-released in January, and I’m currently writing Book4. With all of my favorite characters floating freely in my world right now, I wanted to just give you an inside peek into what’s going on at The Gray Pack Den…come with me and enjoy a minute between stories….

“So are you ready for this?”
His dark brown eyes lift to meet mine in surprise, “Of course. Who wouldn’t be anxious to join a pack of wolves?”
“When you put it that way...” I flash Thomas Jameson a grin, and he winks back.
“Lori, are you saying that you think a Doctor from a cushy job in Kansas City, can’t rough it with the wolves for a couple of weeks?”
I throw my hands up in defense, “Hey you said it, not me. Honestly, though, this is a huge change for you. You gave up a promising career to be what basically amounts to a small town doctor. How does that feel?”
He pauses a moment and I watch as his eyes rove over the occupants of the yard in front of us. Most of the members of the Gray Pack have arrived at the Alpha’s cabin to see their friends and family off. A total of six Gray Pack wolves would be in the traveling party, as well as KJ Whetstone, and Thomas. It was a massive undertaking, as they planned to bring the members of the Quiver Creek Pack back to the Gray Pack den. Thomas is the only human-besides me of course-that has been allowed unlimited access to the Gray Pack werewolves.
“Actually, it feels right. I can’t explain why, but I know that this is the right thing for me. I can feel it all the way to my core.” His dark eyes look anxious and apprehensive, but his voice holds the excitement that I know is building in his chest. Thomas loves adventure, so this is right up his alley.
“I’m glad, because I think you guys are going to have a hell of a time getting those wolves back here safely.” I say with a sigh.
“Do you want to share what you know?” he says, glancing over at me slyly. He’s fishing for information about his book-which I’m in the middle of writing-and I’m not taking the bait.
“Nothing I’m ready to share, but I’m allowed to worry about you guys.
He sets his hand on my knee, and begins rocking the porch swing we sit on, with his foot. “I promise you, we’ll be fine.”
“Of course we will, we’re big bad ass werewolves, and we even have our own doctor along for the ride.” I turn to see who is speaking, even though smooth as silk voice haunts my dreams. I would know it anywhere. Cash Gray is climbing the porch steps, headed our way. His six foot five frame is encased in well-worn jeans, and a pair of dusty cowboy boots. He’s shirtless which makes my stomach quiver, and I figure he’s just back from a run as my eyes follow a bead of sweat as it trickles down the deep center groove of his abs. He runs his hand through his curly black hair, and then gives me a wink. “Are you worrying about us, love?”
“I can’t help it. You guys are like family to me.”
“Shit. Well there goes my ego. Here I thought you were falling in love with me, and now I find out you ‘just want to be friends’.  I’m hurt.”
Thomas and I both laugh at Cash’s wounded expression, and I lift my head to accept his quick brush of a kiss over my forehead. “Cash, I’m half in love with every man in the Gray Pack, but I also know what’s to come for each of you, so Mr. King will have to soothe my broken heart while I write your stories. I’m sure you will survive your broken heart.”
“Just don’t write in all that mushy gushy crap you did with Rafe, Ryley, and Shandi. Rafe was telling me about the scene in the art studio. Sexy yes, but does the sex always have to end with the whole I love you forever bit?” Cash says with a frown. Coming from anyone else, I would have taken it seriously, but Cash is a lover at heart. His hobby is singing country music at a local bar, and he is a firefighter in his day job. Believe me when I say, he has LOVER written all over him. *wink wink*
I’m rolling my eyes at him as I respond, “Hot sex, no mush, got it. Any other specifics I should know before I write your book?”
“Yeah actually…”
“Hell no, man. She’s writing my story first, so you can wait to give her your list of qualities you want in your female.” Thomas interrupts.
Laughing I reach out to lace my fingers through Thomas’s where his hand still rests on my knee. “Don’t worry, Tommy, I’m already hard at work on your story. It’s beginning now, actually.”
He quirks and eyebrow at me, “Really? So soon?”
“Sure is. You’ve made some serious changes in your life, and those decisions are triggering many other things…”
“Aww hell. You’re starting to sound like Delaky now! Are you going to start talking in riddles, and seeing the future? Damn shaman sees more than she should I think.” Cash grumbles.
I shake my head, and pat his arm to reassure him, “No riddles. Remember, I’m learning your stories as you guys do. Now you two sexy beasts better go finish getting packed up. Dev won’t be happy if you guys have to delay leaving any longer. I’m amazed he was willing to hold off a whole day for Rafe and Ryley’s wedding.”
They both laugh, and give me quick hugs of goodbye before they head into the Alpha’s cabin, leaving me alone on the front porch to watch the chaos surrounding me.  Rafe and Ryley have just arrived with their new bride Shandi, and I shift my gaze away from their intimate goodbye. Noah and Luke are loading bags into the two big fifteen passenger vans that they are taking to Wyoming, and I feel my stomach tighten as I watch the muscles in their arms and backs bunch and shift. These Gray Pack men are all so gorgeous, it’s hard to think straight around here, especially when they start stripping their clothes off to shift into wolf form. That’s impressive, let me tell ya.
To my left Katie Jo-KJ-Whetstone, is standing on the porch now, watching her brothers say goodbye to Shandi. To my surprise she turns and heads into the house without even greeting them. I believe this is where I need to start working, so I had better get my ass back to writing Thomas’s story. Thanks for joining me at the Alpha’s Cabin. I’m sure we’ll visit again soon.
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Twin werewolves Devin and Damon Gray want introverted Caroline Trainor as their mate. She doesn’t want two men; even if they are built like Adonis. Struggling with unresolved pain from her past will they be able to claim her before a rival alpha wolf’s challenge can tear them apart permanently?

Rescued from a crazy werewolf with murderous intent, Tina Jameson had a scorching one-night stand with Liam Gray, firefighter, and werewolf. When he announces that she’s his pre-destined mate, she is fast to push him away. Can he convince her to let go of her tragic past, and accept her future as a werewolf?

Their parents disappeared over twenty years ago, and Rafe and Ryley Whetstone have dreamed of building their own family and a legacy to leave behind, but fate just dumped a big old monkey wrench in their plans by the name of…Shandi Martin, fought her way through cancer, and while she was in the hospital, her boyfriend walked out on her. Why would she want to risk her heart again? Face to face with the sexy Whetstone brothers, she realizes that protecting her heart meant she stopped living. When a mysterious stranger shows up threatening their new relationship, they are all three forced to make a choice, can they accept a life with just each other, or do they need a family to be happy in life?

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  1. Lori that was just mean. I loved it. I love Cash and i would love to get a look see in to your head some days. Mr King must love it when those boys get ya worked up. I am excited for Book Four but I am also excited for Sidney and the Dawson Brothers three. Hugs

  2. Can't wait for Gray Pack 4 .....these characters are amazing ...and I can't wit to read their stories the journeys ....and who they will find as have my mind deliciously going in many directions.....

  3. Thank you Hennessee for having The Gray Pack and I over for a visit! And thank you Cherie and Lisa! I'm so glad you enjoyed this sneak peak into Den life. Things are pretty chaotic with half of the pack traveling to Wyoming. :) Just know that stories are being written, and mates are being found!~Lori