Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Safety in Handcuffs - Hennessee Andrews

Lindsay Evans never expected to be arrested, but the evidence speaks for itself. Highway patrol officer Wyatt Cooper can’t believe what he finds. His dream girl from high school is carrying nearly a million dollars' worth of cocaine, but swears she knew nothing about it. Is she telling the truth?
Wyatt can’t believe the once captain of the cheerleading squad, and the girl he used to wake in the morning for, could fall into such lawlessness. Arresting Lindsay was one of the hardest things he has ever done. Not only is he conflicted, but fantasies since high school of the opportunity plague his mind.
The years had been good to Lindsay, turning her from cute cheerleader to a curvaceous bombshell. Wyatt finds himself stuck between the law and the one woman his heart has desired for the last ten years. Her pleas of innocence make his job much more difficult. What’s an officer of the law to do?

“Heaven help me.” Wyatt thrust two fingers into her wet entrance. “You like this, don’t you?”
“Mmm hmm,” she whimpered, moving her hips while his fingers eased out and thrust in again. “Shit!”
Slick, hot fluid coated Wyatt’s fingers, evidence of the pleasure she gained. His cock strained, turning him from controlled to out of control. His head fell, his mouth lapping up the cream between her thighs. Her scent pulled him in, wrapping around his senses, an aphrodisiac to the demon that demanded he fuck her now. He couldn’t hold back any longer and got up to get a condom. By the way he was feeling, he may need the whole damn box.
Standing at the side of the bed, he opened the condom with Lindsay’s eyes watching him. She licked her lips and smiled, making his heart race harder if that were possible. He leaned over, kissing her gently before making his way to the end of the bed and climbing up behind her.
“Spread your legs,” he ordered and slapped her adorable ass.

* * * *

Lindsay spread her legs further apart, unable to contain her raging hormones. She always wanted to be spanked but felt too nervous to ever ask. Just as she suspected, she loved it. Her ass still stung with the bite of his last slap, but the pain eased, her body responding and a new wash of heat escaping her, leaving her slick and ready to accept him.
She watched Wyatt behind her, positioning himself to enter her. She couldn’t wait and bit her lip with an overpowering desire to be taken rough. He rubbed his cock between her folds, teasing her. “Please,” she begged, needing to feel him inside her.
Wyatt entered her slowly, stretching her wide. She moaned, feeling his thick cock begin to impale her. She’d never experienced a man so well-endowed, but it was a glorious feeling. Inch by inch he continued, filling her up with himself. He gently wiggled, allowing her body to accommodate his girth. Apparently he had an idea of his extreme size and didn’t want to hurt her.
Her pussy stretched around him, finally devouring all of him. “Damn, sweetheart, you’re so tight,” he hissed, grinding his hips against her ass.
She sucked in a much-needed breath of air. “Oh, God, and you’re so large.”
He chuckled, as if she were stroking his pride, and eased out to the tip and pushed back in, making her cry out. His large hands caressed her ass with each pull and push. Even though he’d spanked her and cuffed her to his bed, he was gentle when he needed to be. He continued to keep his pace slow and measured, filling her up with his cock and making her miss it when he pulled out. She purred with the ecstasy he was providing. The unhurried pace turned her blood to fire, knowing he must have an unbelievable amount of control.
A new round of slick moisture escaped her, and she heard him offer a deep growl. His hand slapped her ass, and her inner walls gripped his cock tight, much to his approval.
“Sweetheart, your pussy was made for my cock,” he stated with a groan.
She gripped the headboard with her fingers. His deep voice drove her mad with desire. She loved the exchange of appreciative words, and coming from his lips, even more so. “Mmm, I believe your cock was made for me, Wyatt.” She tensed up when she felt his thumb gather up her lubricant and tease her tiny hole.
“Easy, sweetheart.” His voice was a sedative, lulling her into submission.
His hips thrust with a little more urgency, and she could feel his balls slapping off her clit. She fell into the sensations, gripping the headboard tight, loving the long, hard thrusts he was delivering. When his thumb eased into her ass, she squealed, overcome with the new feeling. Her sphincter muscles began to relax, and Wyatt pushed in a little further, tickling the thin membrane that separated the two regions.
The new sensation drove her wild. “Oh, wow, that feels fantastic.”
“Have you ever had a cock in your ass, sweetheart?” he asked in a deep tone that sent shivers racing down her spine.
She shook her head, unable to answer. The combined vibrations were driving her crazy, making her feel wild and wanton. Where sex was concerned, she was curious about everything, and anal sex was one of them, but she never had a partner she felt she could share her desires with.
Wyatt rimmed her tiny opening, causing her pussy to contract around him. She had no idea there were so many nerve endings there or how pleasurable it could feel. His large cock continued its assault, becoming harder and more demanding. She felt her breasts jiggle with each thrust. His balls bouncing off her clit pushed her closer to her peak.
“I’m going to take your virgin ass tonight, sweetheart,” Wyatt stated with a loud growl and began to fuck her roughly, causing her to scream out his name as she reached her summit.

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