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Shae Shannon - The Beginning of Eternity

The most exciting event of Chloe Kent’s life had been opening a coffee shop with her best friend Amy. Amy, who has wild and colorful sexual encounters regularly, finds it her duty to change her obsolete love life.
One girls' night out turns Chloe’s ordinary life upside down. When she runs into the man of her dreams, her libido goes into overdrive. She has finally found someone that is a hot, mouthwatering, pantie-twisting party of orgasms wrapped up in a sexy hunk of a man who just happens to be a vampire. Just when things start to heat up, someone wants to sacrifice her. Freakin’ figures.
Gabriel Jacobs has been waiting centuries for his one and only mate. He must work to capture her heart, while protecting her from an ancient evil vampire with a self-made Frankenstein army. With his growing need to claim and protect her, their destiny is on the line. Can this be their beginning of eternity?
Story Excerpt: 
The girls raised their shot glasses, toasted, and gulped the fiery liquid.  Immediately after, they chased with the contents of their fruity cocktails.  Slamming their glasses a little harder than necessary on the bar, they ordered up another round and giggled.  “I know exactly what we need, Chloe.  Wait here for a sec!”
            “What are you doing, Amy?  Wait…where are you going?”  But, before she could stop her, Amy disappeared into the crowd of people. 
            Turning back to the bar, she lifted her glass and started to take a drink, when a swift movement beside her caught her attention.  Jerking her head a little more dramatically than she had intended, she caught sight of the cause.  Sitting on the bar stool next to her was him.  Not just any him, her him.  Her fantasy hunk of male perfection.  Her heart stopped, and she held her breath, knowing it was all her imagination.  Her mind whirled a million miles an hour, flipping through all of the previous scenes, leaving her mouth agape and her eyes as big as the moon.  I am just drunk.  That’s all it is.  Snap out of it before someone realizes you are losing it! 
            He was mesmeric.  The paintings did not capture his full beauty.  Unable to speak, her mouth went dry, and her hands started to tremble.  And then, she heard him.  He was speaking to her.  Snapping out of her thoughts, she shook her head, barely mumbling the words, “Excuse me?  I am terribly sorry, what was that?”
            A smile stretched across his face, softening his masculine features.  “Hello, madam.  I was simply stating that such beauty should not be sitting alone.  You are stunning.”  Stretching his hand out, he made introductions.  “My name is Gabriel Jacobs.  You are…?”
            “Oh, um, thank you.  I am Chloe Kent.  Nice to meet you.”  Meeting his hand, she was surprised when he pulled it to his lips and kissed the back of her hand, slowly, sending every cell in her body into explosions of stimulation.  Her eyes never left his lips, drinking in the sweet lushness.  Chloe examined his features, soaking in every detail as if her life depended on it.  Dragging her gaze up to meet his eyes, she was embarrassed when she realized he had been watching her and found amusement swimming in the pools of his dark eyes. 
            Trying to hide her blush, she hurriedly gulped half of her drink, trying not to choke as the burn trailed down her throat.  “I’m sorry, I know this seems cliché, but you look familiar.  Have we met before?”
            With enough heat in his eyes to make Superman’s heat vision look like a childish prank, he pulled his mouth into a devilish grin and leaned in to speak only for her to hear.  “I would hope that you would classify us as more than strangers, pet.  After the time we have shared, I do believe that at least puts us in the ‘acquaintance’ category.  However, we will be much, much more than that very soon, I promise you.”
            Her eyes bugged out of her head, her mouth dropping slowly as the recognition sunk in.  Pet.  He had called me pet.  Before she had time to react, Amy walked up on the arm of a handsome man with golden hair and a boyish smile.  Surprise lurked on her features as she looked between Gabriel and Chloe, sending subtle questioning looks to Chloe.  She could see that Amy was astounded at how amazingly perfect he was and how he made her blond arm candy look like M&M’s next to her exquisite French chocolate.  The amusement of the situation and the emotions pouring from the trio made a slight almost guffaw escaper from Gabriel.  Gaining their attention with the sound, he turned and started introductions.  Within a few minutes of small talk, and the knowledge that the blond Ken doll on her friend’s arm was Blake Marshall which suited his surfboard style, the room was enveloped with “We Made You” by Eminem.  Amy, screeching like a schoolgirl, turned to Chloe, announcing, “That’s what I went to do, well, before I had the privilege of running into Blake.  I figured we needed something to pump up the night!  Let’s go show these boys what we can do on a dance floor!”  With two loud “whoot! Whoots!” they got up from their seats. 
            She grabbed her friend’s hand, and they made their way through the entwined bodies on the dance floor.  Gabe and Blake followed, taking care not to lose the women in the ocean of movement.  Glancing around, a blush came to Chloe’s face as she realized that most everyone was doing everything but having intercourse while they swayed and ground against each other to the beat of the music.  A couple was locked together in a hot embrace, their tongues exploring each other intimately only to come back up to lock in a passionate kiss that would make a porn star blush.  Her body temperature bolted up a couple of notches as she tried not to stare but couldn’t stop her gaze from straying around the room in amazement.  As the song changed into a pulsing, erotic melody, she and Amy started swaying to the sexy sounds pumping out of the speakers that surrounded the area.  After a short moment, she relaxed and got into the beat, turning and moving her body like a belly dancer.  Her arms above her head, she snaked them around in a hypnotic rhythm, designedly being a seductress and letting her inhibitions run free.  Amy mimicked her moves, and both took the attention of most onlookers, bringing a crowd of people around to join them, moving their bodies against the girls and letting their hands explore. 
            He noticed how Chloe seemed a bit awestruck at first and watched as her body language showed her relaxing.  His gaze was affixed to her every movement, watching with a deep need roaring inside of him, ready to combust at any moment.  His passion turned to anger, and his primal instinct emerged the moment he witnessed the other dancers move closer to his woman.  When hands started groping her, he had to swallow an attack as his fangs descended and the dark animal within came to surface.  His eyes glowing a deep red, he fought the urges to grab her and carry her off to his lair where he could erase the touches with his own and brand her forever.
            Through clenched teeth and protruding fangs, he closed his eyes and started sending images to her, with more intensity than probably necessary.  He let his voice drift to her, clouding her senses.  “My little temptress, enjoy your little bewitching dance.  You will only bring more punishment to that sweet ass of yours later.  Make no mistake, I have claimed you as mine and mine alone.  Soon you will bear my mark, and no other will dare touch you.  I will show you pleasure that you have not discovered even in the books you bury yourself in.  I love you, kitten, and will make sure to fulfill every dream and desire that is in that pretty little head.  You will yearn for nothing, and everything will be yours.”
Adult Excerpt:

They stood, gazing into the depths of each other’s eyes, getting lost in the moment. Ever so slowly, Gabe brushed his lips against Chloe’s, teasing the warm moistness with the tip of his tongue. When she willingly parted her lips for him, his tongue swept in, seeking out her tongue. She met him with need, allowing her tongue to duel  with his. His hand entwined in her hair, pulling her to him. Her fingers dug into his shoulders. She needed more. Slow and sensual, the romantic dance of passion deepened and hardened, creating a thirst and a desideratum so strong vibrations radiated over their flesh. The knowledge that they could be caught at any moment only amplified the hunger within.
The fire that was building up inside of Chloe was now a blaze of desire. Nothing more than a kiss, and yet, the slightest touch would bring her to orgasm. She could feel the pleasure rippling through every vein, drawing to the center of her womb. Gabriel broke the kiss long enough to work his way down her neck to the top of her cleavage. He drew his tongue across the top of her perky breasts, tracing circles up and down. He ran his tongue over the two puncture scars from their mating. She was marked, bearing his thumbprint of sorts, for the world to know that she belonged to him. Before she knew it, he had unlatched the bodice of her gown and was sucking her nipples into hard, throbbing peaks. He took her mouth again, with nothing gentle or sweet. He was a wild animal, about to feast upon her body. Chloe’s head lulled back, her eyelids heavy with arousal. She needed to taste his sweet flesh. She opened her eyes, drawing her sights in on his throat.
Her mouth watered, anticipating the erotic flavor. She started licking and sucking her way around his throat, trailing kisses along his strong jaw line before continuing her meal of his skin. The sweetness coated her taste buds, fueling her hunger to unimaginable heights. Deep inside her a storm was brewing so strong it was almost scaring her. She could feel his hard, thick cock smashing into her stomach, pulsing and wanting. Her teeth scraped against his neck. He thrust his dick against her fiercely as he sucked in a harsh breath between his teeth. She gazed up and saw that his eyes were glowing a feral, deep red, illuminating the dark night. His fangs were descended, and she knew his control was slipping.
Without any further warning, her teeth punctured the skin on his throat. The decadent syrup glazed her mouth as it trickled down her throat. She pulled on his vein frantically, lost in ecstasy. Time stood still to them, the earth no longer rotating around the sun. She felt like she was soaring through the sky. The cool night air caressed her skin. When she withdrew from her sinful assault, her eyes sought his.
 Gabe’s face held the expression of a wild lion about to pounce on its prey. “Chloe, love, I am going to fuck you right here. I need to feel your hot, wet cunt wrapped around my shaft, milking me.”
She momentarily looked around to see if their exhibitionism would remain uninterrupted. A gasp escaped her as she noticed that they were floating in the night sky. The lights of the garden were barely visible below. “Oh, Gabriel! Yes! Please, I need you now. Please fuck me. I need…I need you to fill me!”
Before she finished her last sentence, he had her skirts raised and had torn the tiny lace, trimmed fabric that had covered her mound. He brought them to his face, inhaling deep. “Mmm. Your arousal is the sweetest scent I have ever experienced.” He tucked them into his pocket, letting her know that he wanted to keep them.
His hand trailed down to her thighs, lightly tickling and teasing. Gabriel thrust two fingers deep into her without warning, drawing a loud moan out of her swollen lips. He let his thumb tease her clit while he continued pumping them in and out of her soaking wetness. He covered her lips with his, drinking her moans and grunts. It grew violent, their mouths connecting in dire need. He took that simple moment and curled his fingers, massaging that wonderful spot inside of her pussy. She screamed as her body arched backward, her muscles in an orgasmic seizure as roll after roll shook her. Before she could float down from her orgasm, he shoved his throbbing cock deep into her cunt with one thrust. Her tightness enveloped him, drawing his balls up. The tight, slick heat that welcomed him drew a growl from him as he tried to not blow his seed in her on the first stroke. Her orgasm subsided, leaving small spasms that pulsed around his cock. Gabriel drew out of her core, slamming back in deep to pound her cervix. She cried out, her breaths deep and erratic. As he quickened his strokes in and out of her body, he moved his mouth down to her breast, scraping his fangs against the tight nubs. She met his thrusts, slamming down on his cock as they soared in the sky. When Gabe sunk his fangs in her artery, she came. Screams of pleasure escaped her as her pussy began to strangle his throbbing cock. He frantically powered into her, the animalistic need overtaking him. When he shot his cum into her, his body went rigid. She was still at the peak of her orgasm, and together they traveled through space and time. A bright light enveloped them as small, colorful orbs exploded in bursts encircling their joined bodies. Chloe shook violently, her orgasm rocking from her to Gabriel. Their mental connection was open, allowing each to feel every earth-shattering wake of pleasure.
As they floated together back to reality, they made their slow descent back to solid ground. Gabriel fastened the latches of her gown. Their lips met again, showing the deepest love with every stroke of their tongue. No words were needed, as each could see into the thoughts of the other. 
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