Friday, March 15, 2013

Winning Her Racy Heart by Tara Rose

 Celebrating Tara Rose's Newest Release!

When submissive Kari Tye returns home to Racy, Indiana, and opens a sex shop, she contends with more than the town’s surprise. Doms Noah Wells and Adison Kincaid are back in her life and vow to win her heart. But what will happen when the secret she left behind in New York City catches up with her?
Noah was not only the town loser—he and Kari despised each other. But now that he’s turned his life around, can he and Kari put the past behind them? Adison took Kari’s virginity in high school, only to later enter a short-lived marriage with a woman he barely knew. How can she ever forgive him for that, let alone become his sub?
Both men want her, and they soon realize they’ll have to share her, because she won’t choose between them. But Kari has a secret she left behind in the Big Apple, or so she thinks…

Story Excerpt:
Kari stepped into a large sunken room, lit by black lights and elaborate fake torches set along the walls. The smell of leather and warm bodies greeted her, bringing back an onslaught of memories she hadn’t expected. She stopped to survey the room before taking a step down the first of three carpeted risers.
“You okay?”
She nodded. No one was masked, and neither was she or Adison. It hit her for the first time that she was about to come face-to-face with neighbors and old friends. She would finally know who in Racy was in the lifestyle, and they would now know that she was as well. Was she truly ready for this?
He leaned close and whispered. “It’s okay. Just breathe. I won’t leave you alone.”
She wasn’t afraid of being left alone. She was simply overwhelmed with emotions and memories. Most people were still standing around in small groups, talking. Some held bottles of water or soda in their hands. A few couples had already begun to engage in play.
As she descended the stairs, she scanned the periphery of the room. Maddox must have spent a fortune on bondage furniture. Everything imaginable that you’d find in a high-end club was here. Kari’s entire body began to tingle, like she’d stepped too close to high-tension wires. She was so aroused it was all she could do to put one foot in front of the other as Adison led her across the room.
“Might as well get this out of the way,” he muttered. Kari followed his gaze. Noah stood in one corner, talking to Maddox. She had to bite back a moan at the sight of Noah in leather pants and a studded leather vest, decorated with D rings. As if he felt her gaze on him, he turned and watched her walk toward him. A grin that sent a gush of wetness to her pretty lace panties spread over his face. His gaze traveled slowly over her, from head to toe, and back again.
Adison stuck out his hand. “Noah. Kari told me you’d be here.”
Noah shook Adison’s hand but his eyes were glued to Kari. “You look amazing.”
“Thank you. So do you.” She glanced at Adison. “You both do.”
Adison flashed her a quick look of gratitude.
“Maddox, you remember Kari, right?” asked Noah.
Maddox nodded. “Of course. Welcome to my little club.”
“Your home is beautiful.”
“Thank you.” Maddox cut his gaze to Noah for a second, and when he glanced at her again, his dark eyes gleamed with mischief. “May I assume if I see you playing with both these gentlemen tonight that all is well?”
Kari was grateful for the low light because a blush crept up her neck. “Yes, you may assume that.”
She didn’t miss the quick look that passed between Adison and Noah.
Maddox leaned close. “In that case, if you’d feel more comfortable without an audience, there are private rooms upstairs I reserve for special guests. Adison and Noah can show you where they are.” Maddox glanced at a spot over her left shoulder. “This place will be buzzing once everyone figures out you’re here. Not sure I can keep it a secret.”
“Maybe I should stay in here then and drum up business for my club?”
Maddox chuckled. “Do you have business cards printed up yet?”
“No.” She hadn’t even thought of that. There was still so much to do it overwhelmed her.
“Well once you do, bring them to me along with any flyers or other advertising, and I’ll make sure the entire county knows about your shop. It’s about damn time we had one here.”
“Thank you, Maddox.”
He patted her shoulder. “Don’t mention it. Have fun tonight, okay? See you three later.”
Kari looked from Adison to Noah. “Well, what do you think? Stay down here or go someplace more private?”
“What do you want to do, Kari?” Adison’s dark eyes bored into hers. The smell of leather mixed with the scents of lube and sweat. Dance music pulsed softly in the background. Kari became aware of soft moans and a woman crying out in pleasure. She knew if she glanced around she’d see men and woman being spanked, paddled, and flogged. She’d see neighbors and former friends in various stages of dress, and engaging in anything from being teased with a feather tickler to tightly bound and gagged.
Everything was familiar and comforting, but at the same time she felt shyer than she had the first few times she’d gone to a club with The Sir. This wasn’t a big anonymous club in Manhattan. This was her hometown. She was with a man that most people here remembered as someone she’d dated in high school, but then had left behind when she insisted on attending college in New York City.
She had no idea of either Adison or Noah’s history in this club. Their former subs could be here. They could be friends Kari used to hang out with. No. It was too much, too fast. She wanted to be with both Noah and Adison tonight, but not here in the main room. Not yet.
She slung her bag over her shoulder and curled a hand around the arm of each man. “Let’s go check out one of those private rooms.”
Racy Excerpt:
“Are these crotchless?” asked Noah.
“No, sir.” Her voice came out breathy and soft.
“Well then, they need to come off.”
“Oh…” Kari let out a sigh as Noah slipped them down her thighs. He lifted one boot then the other to remove them, and then he wrapped something around her other boot.
“You have a spreader on your ankles, Kari. I’m going to anchor it to the bed behind you as well, so there’s no chance you’ll fall forward.”
“Thank you, sir,”
She could almost feel both Noah and Adison stepping back to admire their handiwork. The lust coming off them was palpable. Kari’s breathing had become quick and shallow. Her heart raced. She was their prisoner, and she couldn’t see anything they were doing.
The first touch on her arm was feathery. She made a soft sound then relaxed her muscles. It was only a tickler.
“Just breathe.” Adison’s soft voice was close to her left ear, and she felt his body heat, warming her. “We’re going to take this slow.”
The tickler brushed her arms, slowly up one then down the other, before moving over the front of her corset.
“Does she still have those gorgeous, full breasts?”
“Oh yeah,” said Noah.
Kari’s mind reeled. Adison knew she’d had sex with Noah. How? They must have talked while she was in the bathroom, or earlier this week. The fact that both men knew and were still here, and had agreed to do this, was huge. She started to tremble again. Were all her erotic fantasies about these two really going to come true tonight? It was all she could do not to moan.
The tickler moved down her exposed upper thighs several times. She listened to their breathing, louder now, as someone lifted her skirt. Soft, feathery touches caressed her pussy, and this time Kari couldn’t help but moan.
“Fucking beautiful,” whispered Adison.
“Yes, she is.” Noah’s voice was low and sexy. The admiration in it was tangible.
The tickler was moved over the front of her corset again, her face, the blindfold, and then back down both arms. Kari heard movement, and then something with strips of thin leather or latex was brushed down her left arm. A flogger. She moaned louder.
“Guess she knows what this is,” said Noah, his voice full of humor.
The flogger lightly slapped her forearm, sending tiny waves of pleasure straight to her clit. Someone tapped her other arm with a thick piece of leather, and Kari cried out softly in surprise. The flogger and paddle—she assumed it was a paddle—each tapped an arm several times then moved to her breasts.
Even through the corset the effect wasn’t lost on Kari. She whimpered as her arousal built. The paddle was rubbed across both nipples while the flogger gently slapped its way down her upper thighs and back again.
“Please…” she whispered.
Noah’s hot breath was next to her right ear, and his voice was soft but commanding. “What did I tell you about begging, Kari?”
She groaned as someone lifted her skirt.
“Her legs need to be opened a bit more.” It was Adison’s voice, raspy and low. The spreader on her boots was adjusted after Adison told her to move her feet apart wide, and then someone smacked her pussy with the flogger.
It stung, and Kari yelped, but after the first few strikes the stinging became so pleasurable she began to cry out softly while shaking her head back and forth. When the flogging stopped and the other man tapped her pussy with the paddle, Kari’s cries turned into incomprehensible whispers. She was soaking wet, and her clit throbbed. Her orgasm was very close. Did they know that?
They started alternating between taps on her pussy and nipples with each toy, until Kari was sure she was going to pass out from sheer pleasure. When one of them began to unlace the corset, she begged again.
Noah chuckled, but neither one said a word. She felt two sets of fingers undoing the laces up the front of her corset until her breasts were freed.
“Oh…” That was Adison’s voice. “You weren’t kidding. She’s still fucking beautiful.”
Strong hands gripped her breasts, kneading them, but let go quickly, and Kari yelped when the paddle struck her bare nipples. The flogger stung worse, but both toys, one on each nipple at the same time, sent her over the edge.
Her pussy contracted in tiny spasms as they alternated between teasing her nipples and pussy with each toy. This was more arousing and erotic than any dream she could have conjured up. By the time they stopped, she was ready to let them both do anything they wanted.
“Are you all right, Kari?” Noah caressed her cheek with one finger.
“Yes. Thank you.” She could barely speak, let alone form an answer.
“You let us know if you need a break, okay?”
“I will, Noah. Thank you. Thank you—both of you—for this.”
“No, thank you, Kari.” Adison said gently. “You’re the one letting us play with you this way.”
“Anything,” she whispered. “I’ll let you both do anything you want to.”

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