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Would You Rather - Authors Play!

Maybe I have a screw loose or maybe I'm just a lot of fun. I'd like to think the latter. I know most everyone has either heard or played, Would You Rather, but I got to thinking, "Wouldn't it be fun to rope some of my author friends into playing?"

If you do not laugh your ass off or enjoy the responses, you probably wouldn't have a good time at your own birthday party with a gift you always wanted waiting for you, wrapped all pretty. Just saying. 

Without further ado, let's get this party started. Shall we? 

I posed each author a Would You Rather question. Some I made up, others I found. I drew a question randomly for each author. Let's see how they responded!

Siobhan Muir, Would You Rather give up cheese or sex for the rest of your life?

Her response: HA! Cheese would be gone so fast, you'd think it had never been invented. Cheese provides a momentary pleasure - oral sex has long lasting ramifications. I'd never give it up, for me or for him. And just in case you don't believe me, you can read my books. There is at least one scene of "lip service" in every one of my stories, but there's a really good one in Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack.

Blurb:  Julianna Morris didn’t know werewolves existed…until she became one.

Hiding her new identity, Julianna returns home only to find her teenage crush, Jeff Lightfoot, is the future Alpha of the Callowwood werewolf pack. She’s unexpectedly chosen as a candidate for the pack’s next Luna, the Alpha female—and Jeff’s mate. This is perfect, except Julianna knows nothing about being a werewolf, and someone’s determined to make her fail the Seven Tests of the Luna.

Jeff Lightfoot lusted after Julianna for years, even when he thought she was human. Now she’s home and all his—if she passes the tests. She’s his True Mate and he wants no one else, but pack politics trump Mother Nature and will prevent him from choosing Julianna if she fails.

For the future she wants, Julianna must pass the tests to become Queen Bitch of Callowwood—or watch Jeff take another woman as his mate.

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Susan Hayes, Would You Rather be stranded on a deserted island alone or with someone you hate?

Her response: I would rather be stranded with someone I hate than no one at all. At best, we’ll work together to survive and get past the hate. At worst, It will be like Survivor without the cameras or the crew eating pizza off-screen. I always do better when I have a goal, and  “Live longer than that jackass,” would work nicely as a mission statement!

Blurb: Security consultant Sinjin Heath is on leave while recovering from a mission that went tragically wrong. The physical scars may have healed, but he still doubts his ability to protect anyone, ever again.

Michelle Jamieson is starting over. She’s finally escaped from her abusive ex-boyfriend, Robert. The only problem is that her ex isn’t ready to let her go. When he realizes she’s truly out of his reach, his obsession drives Robert to kill himself so he can return as a malevolent ghost.

Haunted and terrified, Michelle goes on the run and winds up at her family’s cabin. Things seem to be improving when she meets her sexy neighbor, Sinjin. The sparks between them fly fast and hot, but before they can begin to face their growing feelings for each other, Robert’s ghost comes for Michelle. Ready or not, Sinjin finds himself back in the protection business. And if he fails this time, he’ll lose the woman he loves.

Silvia Stancil, Would You Rather be arrested for indecent exposure or caught shoplifting hemmoroid cream? 
Her response: Caught shoplifting!

Blurb: Independent bartender Kit Blank has a problem lately, and it comes in the form of Jax Heart, the sexiest and most sophisticated vampire in the entire city.
While she’s more than happy to hit the sheets, chat it up, and spend all her free time with Jax, the thought of actually committing to him leaves a bad taste in her mouth. Worse yet, as much as she digs Jax, he’s been completely turning her off lately by pushing her toward a real commitment…the kind that comes with fangs. Kit is torn. Does she really love Jax, or is she truly only ready for a boy toy? 
But it appears she may have underestimated Jax, who shows up at Club Heat to surprise her in a whole new ensemble…leather jacket, hand ties and all. The only problem is, when Kit’s ready for round two, Jax doesn’t actually remember any of it. Is Jax lying? Has Kit gone crazy? Or are they both suffering from a mysterious case of double vision?

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Lori King, Would You Rather admit all of your sexual fantasies or get caught masturbating? 

Her response:Considering my career in writing Erotic Romance, I suppose my sexual fantasies are already out there for the world to see, but the few I don’t share are secrets for a reason. Getting caught masturbating wouldn’t bother me too much, unless it was one of my children catching me! 

Blurb: Built like Vikings, the Whetstone brothers are a force to be reckoned with. As Beta Wolves of the Gray Pack, Rafe and Ryley are simultaneously two of the strongest men in the pack, and firefighters for the Kansas City Fire Department.
Twenty years have passed since their parents disappeared, and they dream of finding their mate, and having a family. They want to build a legacy of their own, but fate just dumped a big old monkey wrench in their plans by the name of…Shandi Martin.
Fighting cancer for her life, she was devastated when her boyfriend left her. So why would she want to risk her heart again? Facing destiny, she realizes that she stopped living to protect her heart three years ago. But when a mysterious rogue wolf threatens their new relationship, they are forced to make a choice. Can they accept a life with just each other, or do they need a family to be happy? 

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Michelle Graham, Would You Rather be able to fly or become invisible?

Her response: Would I rather have the ability to fly or become invisible? That's easy. I'm afraid of heights, so flying is right out of the question. Being invisible would be awesome though! I have to confess that I'm a bit of a voyeur and I'm sure being invisible would mean I could see lots of interesting things! 

Blurb: Melanie Hynes owns the brand-new art gallery in Hedon Falls. When she decides to make erotic art the theme of her opening exhibition, she goes in search of artwork.

Justin Gauthier creates a unique blend of painting and photography. Melanie finds his youth and vigor intoxicating. David Hannah can sculpt provocative pieces from ordinary materials. And Melanie discovers that he is very good with his hands. Garrett Anderson’s paintings of BDSM are shocking and arousing. When Melanie asks about the lifestyle, he teaches her.

Three men, each with their own distinct talents, and she falls hard and fast for all of them.
When David finds out she is seeing other men, he is hurt and angry. Confused by her attraction to three men, she doesn’t know who to choose. Justin and Garrett show her the joys of sharing, and she thinks that may be the key to her dilemma. Can she convince David to consider a ménage?

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James Cox, Would You Rather have to yell, "I'm horny!" during church services every time someone says, "Amen." Or, do a strip tease for your boss and coworkers to the song, "I'm sexy and I know it."

His response: Choices, choices. I'm going to go with strip tease for my boss because my boss is fucking sexy and I'd more than like to wag my dick at him. *W*

Blurb: Will the outlaw become a hero?

Rian didn’t ask for trouble. He's just a geeky coward who managed to survive the virus that wiped out most of the world. He is smitten with an outlaw that sent his desire on fire. This cowardly gay man finds himself in a town at the end of the world ruled by homophobes. Oh, and there’s also a raging volcano ready to blow, and these crazy folks want to sacrifice him. Now, he’s trapped like a caged beast and death is imminent.

Rian has only one hope of survival—the outlaw.

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Doris O'Connor, Would You Rather be able to control your dreams or watch them the next day?

Her response: Ah, my dreams... Well, as I dream a lot of my story lines, I shall go for watching them the next day, or should that be writing them. Makes for some very interesting dreams. *smirks*  

Blurb: Breaking your e-reader at the end of a long and trying day is enough to send any woman over the edge. Karen's one treat are her naughty stories. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Saucy stories in the old library? It doesn't seem likely, but when Karen is sent home with an odd looking reading device, magic happens at the touch of her fingers. Is the drop dead gorgeous man she encounters real or just a flight of her imagination?

Caught in a weekend of sexual delight, will she lose her heart, as well as her inhibitions? And is there any future for the two of them?

Be Warned: sex toys, bondage.

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Tara Rose, Would You Rather have X-ray vision or be able to move things with your mind?

Her response: Great question! I'd rather be able to move things with my mind. Call me Carrie... LOL!!

Blurb: When submissive Kari Tye returns home to Racy, Indiana, and opens a sex shop, she contends with more than the town’s surprise. Doms Noah Wells and Adison Kincaid are back in her life and vow to win her heart. But what will happen when the secret she left behind in New York City catches up with her?

Noah was not only the town loser—he and Kari despised each other. But now that he’s turned his life around, can he and Kari put the past behind them? Adison took Kari’s virginity in high school, only to later enter a short-lived marriage with a woman he barely knew. How can she ever forgive him for that, let alone become his sub?

Both men want her, and they soon realize they’ll have to share her, because she won’t choose between them. But Kari has a secret she left behind in the Big Apple, or so she thinks…

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Raven McAllan, Would You Rather have sex with a goat and no one find out or not have sex with a goat but everyone believe you did?

Her response: I'll go for the no sex thanks. After all everyone thinks I'm weird anyway, writing all those—I quote "dirty books".
And sticks and stones etc. Being a writer you need a thick skin, so what people think is up to them. But who knows where a randy old goat has been?

Blurb: Propriety is a lonely bedfellow, until twin delights show this lady her true desires.
At three and forty Rose Sophia, Lady Symonds has resigned herself to life passing her by.

Overhearing her protégée in the throes of passion with not one but two lovers, leaves her wanting and wishing.

That is until she is accosted at a ball by Jasper and Nathaniel Thorne. Newly back in the county the eccentric and much younger twins, have set their sights on Rose, and they are determined to have her, even it means cheating at cards.

Will accepting their wager free Rose and lead her to the heights of passion she craves? Or will their desired drive her away?

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Rebecca Bronchu, Would You Rather wake up sore without any memory about the night before with the Burger King telling you, "you had it your way" or wake up next to Ronald McDonald with him telling you, "you were loving it"?  

Her response: I would much much rather wake up next to The Burger King. God save me from clowns like Ronald McDonald!! *shivers*

Blurb: Jacob Stine, one of the owners of the town’s bakery, has wanted Race Carroway since the moment they first met. Despite the obvious tension between them, he’d always assumed that the hunky mechanic would never be interested in him. Jacob had resigned himself to admiring Race from a distance until the day he’s forced to call him for help.

When the encounter turns steamy and then abruptly ends, Jacob is torn between hurt and confusion. He has to make the decision between finally moving on and trusting Race with one more chance. Will the baker have what it takes to get his man?

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Erika Reed, Would You Rather run naked through church services or flash a preacher in public?
Her response: I would rather flash a preacher in public. After growing up as a Catholic school girl, the idea of shucking off my plaid skirt and running through the congregation sends chills running down my spine.

Blurb: Lily Mitchell thought her life was over when she woke up in the hospital after she was involved in a car accident, only to find out that her husband Grayson didn’t survive the accident. Luckily, their best friends since college, Gavin Hudson and Nathan Roberts, are there to help her pick up the pieces of her life in her time of need.
Nathan and Gavin have longed to have a sexual relationship with each other since college. Gavin and Nathan’s feelings for one another finally come to a head the minute they bring Lily to come live with them. Together they help bring out their true feelings for one another. Lily has always loved them. Her heart will always remain true to Grayson, but feels the need to allow Nathan and Gavin to show her to love again.

Laurie Roma, Would You Rather have the best sex of your life in front of the audience or boring sex at home in privacy? 

Her response: First of all, boring sex at home in private isn't worth it. I would rather have a night alone with my vibrator if I wanted that. So, my answer would be the best sex of my life in front of an audience. Since I've already experienced this, I can say it was totally worth it! Just keep in mind it isn't something I do often and there was a LOT of alcohol involved. LOL Still, we only live once right? And we all deserve to get a little naughty every once in a while. Can I also pick who is watching?  *wink wink*
Blurb: Jason MacBain is the perfect agent. Tall, dark, and deadly, he is a man who lives by simple rules—kill the bad guys and protect the world. Closed off from his emotions, Jason has never believed in love and doesn’t need anyone. But all that changes the night he meets Bella Moretti…
Isabella Moretti is a famous chef struggling to reclaim her life after she survives a vicious attack. Moving back to Chicago to recover and be closer to her family, Bella meets Jason and is frightened by the passion he stirs inside her. But now that Jason has found Bella, he is determined to claim her as his. And when her stalker reappears, Jason is under pressure to gain her trust, find a way to keep her safe, and do whatever it takes to end the threat to her for good.
Bella is forced to trust Jason with her safety, but does she dare trust him with her heart?

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Rebecca Joyce, Would You Rather have your mate slap you on the back of the head and yell, "Whammy!" every time he orgasms or have him last one minute before orgasm? 

Her response: Okay Hennessee....I swear you came up with this question just to see what my response would have been...LOL....Would I rather have my mate slap me on the back of the head and yell, "Whammy!" every time he orgasms....only if he is brave enough when I point my loaded 9mm Baretta hand gun at his head, if he feels the urge to proceed. Or....would I rather have him last one minute before he orgasms... if he values his nightly pussy privileges that can be taken away at a moments notice he better last longer than a minute! But seriously...regardless of the situation, one good slap deserves another...cause there is nothing worse that unsatisfied sexual gratification...and I so love to be satisfied! 

Blurb: Orin, Davis, and Jacks McDaniel are the party boys of Treasure Cove. All are single, good looking, and refuse to marry, opening their house for fun, folly, and lots of kinky sex. So when they wake the next morning with wedding rings on their fingers, they are stunned.
Lillian Campbell is just trying to live her life as quietly as possible. Hidden away in Celestial, not more than four hours away from her hometown of Silver Springs, she has managed to stay under the radar. That is until she wakes up to find herself married to three hot-looking cowboys.
As the mystery of the night before begins to unfold, the brothers find themselves between a rock and a hard place. To keep everything they hold dear, they must formulate a plan to hide their wife, keep their marriage a secret, and not lose their hearts in the process. Because even the best-laid plans have a degree of difficulty.

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  1. So much fun reading all the responses! Thanks for including me. :)

  2. Awesome! This was a great idea and I'm glad to have been a part of it. I'm ready to go again whenever you want Hennessee!

  3. Haha - Very creative questions, and I love everyone's answers!

  4. That was so much fun Henn! Hmmm, I think next time YOU should have to answer a question too! ;)

  5. LOL What a great set of questions and responses. I think I must have read the question wrong and answered only about oral sex. But the same goes for sex in general. I'd NEVER give it up. Far too beneficial for everyone. :D Thanks for posting, Hennessee.

  6. Too funny! I want a ringside seat to that striptease that James is giving, and Rebecca I'm afraid that the mental image of "Whammy" will not make be crack up laughing in the middle of sex!

  7. OMG this was too funny !! I totally want to play this at RT with some of my favorite authors.

  8. Everyone's answers were great. That was so much fun, Henn! Thanks for doing this with us. :)