Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Acronym for Erotic Romance

I know some of you have already heard me joking about my new acronym for erotic romance, but before I tell you what it is, let's clarify a few facts.

Fact 1: Erotic romance is not porn.

If you think the genre is porn, well, you haven't watched much porn then. Porn has no story, no plot, no love, and no happily ever after. It may contain a happy for now, of course. Porn is just sex....Hear me? Just sex and nothing more.

Fact 2: Erotic romance is for those who love more explicit romance.

In this genre, you will not see an author call a cock a member, well, let's hope not. You will probably not see an author call a woman's pussy a sweet honey pot, and again, let's hope not. (BTW, I got sweet honey pot from Siobhan Muir)  :)

Fact 3: The term "Mommy Porn" pisses me off and disgusts me.

As if only mother's read erotic romance. Pfft. Many women from all age groups and all walks of life read the genre. To label erotic romance with such a term is generalizing and stereotyping. Way to go numb nuts!

I'm sure there are more facts. If you have some, leave me a comment below.

I view erotic romance as romance with a kick. I figure I'm an adult and don't need someone to use flowery prose when describing genitals or sex. I'm an adult that prefers more in your face romance. Believe me, I've read the romances that contain sweet honey pots and members, so I know what I like. It's rather hard for me to get into the moment or mood when I'm laughing. In saying that, there are those out there that don't want or need the explicitness and that's okay. To each their own, but if you don't want me calling your books "Soft Mommy Porn", don't slap an ignorant label on erotic romance books.

Okay, now to my new acronym. I came up with this recently after the CBS interview with Desiree Holt that causes such a stir and the whole, "Mommy Porn" bullshit spread. I was also joking around with another author about it. No offense to Desiree, you rock! The interviewer was a prude old man though.

Here it is: For Fuck's Sake, It's Romance with a Kick! aka FFSIRWAK!

Yes, my new genre is FFSIRWAK!

I don't mind the term erotic romance. It clearly states what it is. So take your pick. If you don't like explicit sex scenes and language, better stick to something else. We like to read and write it hot!

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