Friday, August 9, 2013

A Naughty Snippet - Erotic Flash Fiction

Recently I was invited by the Naughty Book Club on Facebook to write a flash fiction piece based on this pic.

I haven't wrote a lot of flash fiction, but I can see how a picture can stir up a scene and make my imaginary friends talk. This picture stirred a character lurking deep in my subconscious. I will recall him again someday and hope he will tell me the full story. For now, enjoy the short snippet.

  “I thought you said you’d wait for me?” He held her from behind inside the posh hotel room even as she struggled. His voice was deep, hinting of intense anger mixed with want.
  “I, I did.” She gasped and shuddered when he ripped her shirt apart. His hard cock pressed firmly to her ass. He gripped her breasts in his hands, squeezing tight, flicking his thumbs over her pert nipples.
  “Liar!” He roared and yanked her bra down, pinching her sensitive nipples until they were swollen.
   “I love you.” She whispered as his right hand pulled up her skirt. 
   His fingers slipped into her panties, thrusting up inside her. She squealed as emotion burst out. Desire for him, the longing to be with him again, the sadness and anguish she felt when she thought she’d never see him again.
   “Love? What do you know of love?” He roughly fucked her with his fingers. “This, this is what you know. Your pussy is so hot and fucking wet. Were you wet for him?”
    She quivered and shook her head. How could she think of another man?
    “Answer me!” He plunged deeper and rimmed her tiny rosebud with his thumb.
    “No! Never!”
    “How many since I left?”
    His harsh words and tone caused her fingertips to tingle. Trembles took control as her desire for him continued to grow. “None. I swear.”
    He shoved her face against the wall, holding her there with one hand. The distinctive sound of his belt buckle echoed through the room. Sticky wet heat trickled down her thighs. Her pussy ached to feel his thick cock impale her, hard and rough.
    “Don’t lie to me, Jezebel.”
    His voice was cold, right at her ear. Need consumed her until she had become a quivering mess. Her sweaty palms squeaked over the satin painted wall. “Never.”
    “I’m going to fuck that needy cunt of yours so hard you’ll forget any men but me!”
    “Please!” She gasped and took a shaky breath.
    He grunted as he entered her in one hard upward stroke. His cock so large she wailed with pained delight.
    “Yes!” she screamed as her body convulsed from fear mixed with excitement.
    He gripped her hips roughly and continued his assault, fucking her hard, allowing anger to fuel his hips that pounded stroke after stroke.
    “When I’m done with this pussy, I’m going to stretch your ass so wide you’ll beg for mercy!”
    “Oh, God!”
    He let out a throaty groan. “That’s it. Coat my cock, Jesse. It’s good to be home.”

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