Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Power of Music - Mood Music

Have you ever noticed that certain songs evoke various emotions? There may be a song you remember from high school that takes you back to carefree times. Or there is a song that reminds you of your first love, your first kiss, first party, first heartbreak. Sometimes songs give you hope for the future or help you wallow in whatever pain you may face at one time or another.
Whatever the reason for the music, we can all agree that music is powerful. In this post I want to explore music that kindles the fire of desire, music that makes us think of sex.
Lately I've been on an old school music kick. Yeah, I'm no spring chick, but I'm far from old. My inner jukebox holds music from various eras, even before I took my first breath. Sometimes I'm in the mood for rock classics, some days country, and other days hip hop, old school, or my favorites...80's rock ballads.
Since this post is about music that sets our loins on fire I'll share some of my most favorite songs that make me think of sex.

First, let me start off with a song that brings back memories of a time when sex was taboo to me. Yeah, there was a time. LOL. When this song came out, OMG, scandalous. We had cable and MTV was really kicking ass...when MTV was just music videos for the most part. George Michael came out with, I Want Your Sex, and wow as a young girl I was was shocked, yet intrigued. I remember watching the video and looking over my shoulder, hoping my mom didn't catch me watching it! I mean really, I would have been banned from MTV forever and that would have destroyed me.

"I Want Your Sex"

1987 boys and girls. I was twelve....LMAO! My momma would have yanked the cable right out of the wall if she would have known. This was more than likely the start to my curiosity and fascination of relationships and boys.

Many songs were around before George Michael came out with this once provocative song. Any Joe Cocker fans out there? Well, I first became a fan when his song, You Can Leave Your Hat On, was played in the Full Monty. Oh yeah, loved that movie. The song really earned a following during the movie, 9 1/2 Weeks. Remember that movie? Oh, baby.

"You Can Leave Your Hat On"

Joe Cocker made this song sexy as hell. Good music to strip to, heh!

Wanna slow it down a little more? How about Marvin Gaye? Hello, hello, that was one randy man. Let's Get It On leaves little to the imagination about the man's intentions. If this doesn't work try some Sexual Healing.

"Let's Get It On"

Are you more of a hip hop lover? Hey, not judging, I love all kinds of music. Ooodles of songs about sex are out there, but I'll share one of my favs in the genre. Color Me Badd didn't hang around very long. They are sort of one hit wonders, but this is one that remains in my playlist.

"I Wanna Sex You Up"

I Wanna Sex You Up? Yeah, honesty is a good thing. Wink, wink. Want something a little smoother, a little sexier? Can't go wrong with R. Kelly.

"Bump and Grind"

If you grew up in my era, you know these songs and many, many more. Let's add Boys II Men.

"I'll Make Love To You"

In the mood yet? If not, add some Madonna in.

"Justify My Love"

Or maybe you love a little Prince in your library. Hell, I do.

Cream? Hello, I'm pretty sure he wasn't talking about what he puts in his coffee.

Or maybe his song, Gett Off, is more your style? Prince says there are 23 positions in a one night stand.

"Gett Off"

Are those not hot enough for you? I remember when 2 Live Crew came out and officially got banned. Yeah, those bad boys had lots to say about sex.

"Me So Horny"
Me So Horny....this is one of the naughtier songs I know.

Back in the day, yeah, I had one, we danced the electric slide to Clarence Carter. Who remembers Strokin'?

While these are only a small sampling of the sexually charged music ever produced, I hope this post causes you to dig into your long forgotten libraries and take another listen. Hopefully you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Do you have a favorite sex song? Tell me. I'd like to know :)

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