Monday, January 13, 2014

It's almost here! The Rough in the Saddle Series!

Okay, MM lovers, I hope you fall for my hot cowboys as much as I did. Coming February 1st, Macon's Story will be released. This is the free read from the Love Has No Boundaries Event with a few changes and a new cover. This book will stay FREE and kicks off the series inspired by it.

All books after Macon's Story are prequels. I had to start from the beginning and tell Zander's Story and how the XYZ Ranch came to be. So saddle up and get ready for one hell of a ride!

February 1st, 2014

Macon Sumner loves two things in world. One is taboo, his best friend Wade Sutherland. His second love is the rodeo, where their problems begin.



February 15th, 2014

Zander Wesley feels cursed by his sexuality. While he wouldn’t change it, he is having difficulty coping and finding his place in the world.


March 1st, 2014

Warren Reynolds has never been one for a commitment and the idea of settling with one partner isn’t something he ever wanted.


 March 15th, 2014


 Joe Ray Mullins can’t escape the sins of his father and constantly looks over his shoulder. Trouble seems to lurk everywhere he goes.


March 29th, 2014

Everett Davis never expected to find his wife in bed with his best friend. Divorce gives him a second chance to be true to himself.

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