Friday, February 7, 2014

Evernight's Love Scene Blog Hop!

The time of pink and red, conversation hearts, roses, and chocolates is nearly here. What is it about this date that spurs us toward romanticism? Does the commercialism of the day with all the abundant colors of love appeal to our senses? To the innermost depths of our hearts?

Surely we should celebrate love more than once a year. It doesn't come in fluffy red velvet boxes. It doesn't glimmer like diamonds...Love isn't even perfect. It is as flawed as we are, but yet worth every minute it takes to obtain it.

Love is a feeling, static, and all consuming. It makes us crazy, and do things uncharacteristic of ourselves, our personalities. Love is more than perfect images on the television, exclaiming, "He went to Jared." It is more than the bouquet that will wilt and die in a week. Love overcomes and rejoices in the connection to the one our heart desires.

Flawed, imperfect, just as we are, love comes in all shapes and sizes, and in romance crosses boundaries between species, human and the living, the spectral ghost and the one who's heart still beats. Love knows no bounds or limits. Our imaginations will us to believe in something that cannot be held within our hands or gazed upon with our eyes. We yearn for it and seek it out, and sometimes, it hunts us, catching us as unsuspecting victims.

Ah, love, where would we be without it? In keeping with the notion and the reality that love is imperfect, yet worth the wait, and sometimes at the cost of our soul, I introduce you to two reads that celebrate the inadequacy of the human condition.

Fifteen years ago, Skye Erikson tucked tail and ran far from Tulsa, Oklahoma and railroader Brock Masterson. For six months their relationship blossomed into a raging love affair filled with hot, erotic nights. The relationship became intense and bordered on becoming serious, prompting Skye to run.
The years passed, but the memories endured, inhabiting her heart and mind. Brock had been the one man to masterfully control her body without words. She had thought of him over the years, and at times she considered trying to find him again, but fear prevented her from doing so.
A trip back to Tulsa lands her back in the strong arms of Brock, and she becomes a slave to the passion that once bubbled between them. Their intimate encounters rekindle a firestorm that cannot be denied any longer.
Will she admit her love for him or run again?

LoVe ScEnE-

“Look, I’m sorry for calling you a liar. Mallory said you were married. I, I should have believed you.” She stumbled over her words, his advance making her anxiety grow.
            “Calling me a liar is better than not calling at all.” He stated sternly, stopping just inches away after backing her against the wall.
            “What do you mean?” She asked as warmth spread between her legs.
            Brock placed his hands on either side of her head, trapping her between them. “You left without as much as a call. No note or explanation. Didn’t I deserve at least that much?”
            Skye trembled but was in awe of him while his stern yet gorgeous eyes stared at her. They seemed to be filled with swirling hate. “I’m sorry. I was young, stupid,” she blurted out and took a deep breath, “I wanted to call you so many times—“
            “Why didn’t you?” He asked and ground his molars together.
            “I don’t know,” she shrugged, “fear.”
            “Fear of what? What I might say?” He asked in demanding voice and smacked the wall beside her head with his palm, making her shudder.
            “Yes, I mean, it hurt for me to leave, but I wasn’t ready for a commitment. I didn’t want to hurt you. I just wanted to see what life had to offer away from here. Then, the years went by and I tried to find you once and—“
            “And you didn’t follow through.”
            “I was scared.”
            “Of what?”
            “I was scared a woman would answer,” she admitted, “I knew if I called and a woman answered it would break my heart. Are you happy now?”
            Brock pushed his body against hers and grabbed her wrists, effectively pinning them above her head. His erection pressed against her belly, bringing back memories of a long ago time when it was hers for the taking. “Why can’t I quit thinking of you?” He asked with a growl.

Miles hasn't experienced true love. Her marriage was a wreck. Her divorce left her life and finances in shambles. Strange dreams haunt her, so real at times her fantasy man seems to have taken on life. 

A trip to see a fortune teller reveals her present and future. A dark force hovers around her, watching her, waiting.When two lonely souls seek the true mate to their hearts, should it matter that one is a creature of the night?

LoVe ScEnE -

            Demetrius moved closer, his chest just inches away, and looked down on her with his signature smile. Slowly he reached for her mask, lifting it out and away from her face and removing it. “Spectacular,” he whispered and caressed her cheek with his hand.
            “How do you know me?” Her words tumbled out in a rush. Her body was begging for his touch, wanting his hands to explore her body. Her mouth was seeking his, needing the feel of his lips against hers.
            “I believe you already know that.” He traced the edge of her chin and trailed down her neck.
            The haze disappeared from around the moon, leaving the largest moon Miles had ever witnessed behind. The light caused her to gasp and forget her next question. The moon. “This card represents the long term future, but I feel there is not long term for you.” Serena’s words blasted through her head, causing her to back up.
            “What is it?” Demetrius asked as he stepped forward and removed his mask.
            Miles gasped again and stepped farther back away from him. It was he, and she couldn’t deny it any longer. “You. This.” She pointed at herself and then him. “How do you visit me? Why?” she asked, stumbling backwards. “The Priestess reveals mystical powers and warns one to rely on one’s instincts.” A shudder ran down her spine, and her eyes grew wide watching Demetrius yet again close the gap between them.
            “Miles, you called me here,” he explained, cupping her chin with his hand.
            “Called you here? No, you’re mistaken. And how would I call you here anyway?” Miles felt desire overcoming her. A small droplet of that desire began to creep down her inner thigh as she fought to take her next breath.
            “Your fantasy replicated me. It pulled at me, calling me to your door. I am the man you desire. The man that will be all you need, never forsaking you. And you’re the woman my heart has always desired,” Demetrius finished, placing his lips softly against hers.

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