Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Zander's Story is up for Pre-Order! MMM - Manlove!

Zander Wesley feels cursed by his sexuality. While he wouldn’t change it, he is having difficulty coping and finding his place in the world. His family exiled him from their lives years ago, but the pain of rejection still haunts him as well as the memory of the beating he suffered at his father’s hand.
At thirty-two, Zander wants more than a life on the road and working for someone else during the winter. He has saved for a ranch, and all he needs to do is find it.
When Zander runs into Dean Buchanan and John Acker, desire he has held for the two heightens to a new level. He believed the men were straight, but a rendezvous with Dean in his horse trailer proves him wrong. Dean admits his feelings and expresses his want for more than just a fling. The only problem is John. Can he overcome his jealousy and succumb to his desire for Zander?
Note: This book contains double anal penetration.

Naughty Excerpt:

 Zander turned the beer bottle up and began to suck down the contents. His hand trembled and he cursed himself for the sign of weakness. Never before had he watched two men together, nor had he ever wanted two men so damn much. His cock stiffened and he rubbed away the ache. John smiled for the first time and growled when Dean shoved his jeans down and grabbed his already erect shaft.
John tried to play tough and half interested, but it was apparent he was as turned on as Zander. He looked down at Dean and fisted his hands into his hair, guiding his mouth. “Fuck yeah.” He groaned and became engrossed watching Dean slowly suck him.
An immense feeling of possessiveness washed over Zander at that moment. It wasn’t jealousy he knew, because he loved watching Dean pleasure John. Desire to have both of them percolated through his system. He couldn’t take watching any longer and stood up. Dean’s mouth popped off John’s cock and he turned to smile up at Zander. He moved closer, seeking the warmth of Dean’s mouth as well, as he started to unbutton his jeans.
With a push, Zander took his jeans and boxers down in one motion. Dean immediately took him deep into his mouth. John stared, wide-eyed and fisted his dick in his own hand, lubricated by Dean’s saliva. God, he was hot standing there pumping himself. His long length slid between his grip from base to tip. He stepped forward and Dean once again began to work toward pleasuring John with his mouth.
Back and forth Dean worked them both with enthusiasm, sucking one while pumping the other with his free hand. Zander’s and John’s eyes locked together, both unsure of how to proceed. Zander took control and pulled John’s mouth to his and shoved his tongue between his lips.
John moaned into Zander’s mouth and he grabbed his shirt tightly, pulling him closer. Their kiss got hotter and wetter. They groped and pulled at each other, seeking to touch, to feel, to experience. Zander couldn’t take anymore of Dean’s mouth and pulled him to his feet. He put Dean between him and John and roughly took Dean’s mouth with his own.
A surprised moan vibrated Zander’s lips as Dean fell into the moment. John reached around Dean and began to unbutton his shirt. He rubbed his cock against Dean’s ass and he moaned louder with more enthusiasm.
Hands worked, pulled, and teased as the three got lost, submitting to the desire. Zander grabbed Dean by the arms and pushed him toward the bed. John quickly followed, yanking Dean’s boots off, tossing each over his shoulder and stripped his jeans and boxers off, leaving Dean naked on the bed in front of them.
Zander kicked off his boots before leaning over and taking Dean into his mouth. Dean moaned and sucked in a loud breath between kisses. John kicked his jeans off and stroked his cock while he watched. He growled and turned toward the bag by the door. Zander continued to please Dean, lightly stroking his rod, nipping his lip, and loving hearing his appreciative moans in return. Out the corner of his eye, Zander watched John sheath himself and flip the lid on a bottle of lubricant.
Slowly Zander dragged his mouth down Dean’s neck, licking, stopping to suck his nipples hard.
“Oh shit, man.” Dean writhed and ran his hand through Zander’s thick hair.
Zander moved further down, following the dark trail of hair that tapered toward his abdomen. Dean gasped when Zander squeezed his rock hard length and flicked his tongue over the tip. Beside him, John curled his fingers around himself while watching, slowly working lubricant up and down his thick pole. Zander gave Dean’s shaft a hard pull, stepping away on his weak legs with his heart picking up pace for what was to come.
John motioned for Dean to roll over. Dean grinned, turned, and got on his knees on the bed. Zander got in front of Dean and nudged his mouth with his erect rod. Dean immediately took him in. John squirted the lube on Dean’s ass and started working his tight hole. Dean’s moans tickled the head of Zander’s shaft when John speared him on his finger.
“Easy, Dean.” John coaxed and rimmed his hole.
Zander’s control was quickly fading. The scene was too fucking hot. He closed his eyes and tried to manage his need to explode and hang on. When he opened his eyes, John was nudging Dean’s tight hole. His face contorted as the bliss overtook him, and he moaned. As he breached the taut ring of muscles and slowly slid in, Dean wailed and tightly gripped Zander’s pole in his hand.
Oh, fuck. Zander felt his release build to the point of no return. He exploded, so overcome with the moment he couldn’t hold out. His cum erupted from the tip in long, steady streams. Dean chuckled and moaned at the same time. John continued to push inside and Dean’s laughter turned into a deep, soul-touching moan.
John hissed when he finally pushed all the way in. Zander leaned forward and pressed his lips to John’s, engaging him in a kiss so hot his toes curled. Dean grabbed Zander’s semi-erect cock and licked it cleaned with soft growls as John began to fuck him at a steady pace.
Zander fought for air and broke away from John. His heart raced and felt as if it would explode from excitement. He walked to the cooler and pulled out a cold beer while he watched John’s ass flex as he delivered thrust after thrust. He couldn’t pull his eyes away and sucked in a ragged breath.

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