Monday, March 17, 2014

Kiss me, I'm Irish! St. Patrick's Day Blog Hop

Welcome! I hope you're wearing green today! Well, unless you hope to get pinched by a cute stranger, then by all means, leave the green at home.

For my giveaway, I'm giving one winner a copy of Leather and Steel. Leave me a comment below and tell me what your favorite holiday is. That's it. Remember, there are oodles of great prizes from Inner Goddess and fabulous authors. So be sure to hop along and visit them.

Fifteen years ago, Skye Erikson tucked tail and ran far from Tulsa, Oklahoma and railroader Brock Masterson. For six months their relationship blossomed into a raging love affair filled with hot, erotic nights. The relationship became intense and bordered on becoming serious, prompting Skye to run.
The years passed, but the memories endured, inhabiting her heart and mind. Brock had been the one man to masterfully control her body without words. She had thought of him over the years, and at times she considered trying to find him again, but fear prevented her from doing so.
A trip back to Tulsa lands her back in the strong arms of Brock, and she becomes a slave to the passion that once bubbled between them. Their intimate encounters rekindle a firestorm that cannot be denied any longer.

Will she admit her love for him or run again?

1 Grand Prize winner and 3 runners up
Winners will be chosen by at midnight, Pacific Time, March 17, 2014
To enter, Hob around the blogs and leave a comment at each blog you enter.  Also, leave an email address so we contact the winner.  The more blogs you visit and comment on, the more chances you have to win. 


  1. Happy St. Patty's Day!!!
    Bette Platt

    1. actually Halloween would be my favorite holiday, but St. Patty's Day is second!!!

  2. My personal favorite is Halloween but I pretend to love Christmas and all it's hustle and bustle, overspending and over-eating for the sake of my 7yo granddaughter. But I do fancy a green beer of two on St. Patty's Day ;)

    Erin go bragh!

    ilookfamous at yahoo dot com

  3. My favorite Is Christmas ...I love getting unique gift for my friends and family and getting together to celebrate the holidays. :) Having said that St. Patty's day Rocks!!! I grew up in Hinesville, GA. which was a small town about 35 miles from Savannah were they take St. Patty's Day very seriously. You have not celebrated St Patty's Day untill you have celebrated is on river street!! :) It was so bad that we had St Patty's day off from High school.

  4. Love that cover! Thanks for participating.


  5. Hmmmm..... I think that my favorite holiday is HALLOWEEN. I just love Fall and Halloween is always such fun with the dress up aspect, etc... As a "McCormick" I should probably say St. Patrick's Day, but, oh well. Speaking of... I need to go change out of my green shirt so I can get that pinch by a cute stranger [wink] LOL! michelle at oxrider dot com

  6. Halloween because its fun to dress up and decorate. dark scary fun:)
    jennthakur at gmail dot com

  7. Halloween is my favorite, I really love designing new costumes!

  8. I love Christmas. The decorating and I love buying presents for everyone! I love hunting for the perfect gifts to give.

  9. 4th of July, I love the fireworks, the BBQ's, beer and summer!


  10. Thank you so much for the blog hop. Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! My favorite holiday has to be Halloween I love seeing all the kids and sometimes grown ups in their costumes.

  11. Happy St. Patrick's Day and it sounds like a really good book :)

  12. I hope you have a Happy St. Patrick's Day as well! I have read this story and it was amazing. Good luck to whoever wins this you won't be disappointed!

  13. Thanks so much for the giveaway! Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    liese1235 at gmail dot com

  14. First off that is a VERY HOT book cover...whew! My favorite holiday is New Year's as it's a fun time with the family where we play games and everyone takes part in the talent show! So fun!!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  15. My favorite holiday is actually...not a holiday? I happen to love Ides of March.I'm an ubernerd so th history of it makes me thrilled every time it rolls around. If I had to pick a standard holiday, I'd go with Christmas because generally my family behaves themselves that one day a year. Thanks for the chance! shandra.torbett(@)

  16. I think Christmas is my fave holiday because I love to see my kids faces when they open their gifts.
    Happy St Patrick's Day! I hope it has been a lucky one for all!