Sunday, August 3, 2014

Getting in the Mood!

Wow, yeah, Hennessee here. Mercy, I'm bad at this bloggin' thing. I think the reason is because I've always understood a certain quote, "If you don't have anything important to say, don't say anything at all." I'm not sure if that's the accurate quote, but you get my point.

So, we're talking about getting in the mood, and no, I'm not talking sex. I'm talking about that wonderful mood writers love to get into when writing.

I have noticed many writers need music to stay focused and get into the mood so to speak. For me, well, I can't concentrate with kids running around the house or music playing. My tiny brain can't handle the distraction. But, in saying that, I have noticed a few instances where music has made all the difference in the world with what I want to portray and the mood I want to capture.

While writing Warren's Story, I needed to listen to music in order to write the strip scene. Prince to the rescue. I used his music to create Warren's moves and style. In fact, I used the exact song he was dancing to. Eeek, I must have listened to the song, Gett Off, I dunno, 'bout fifty times!

Outside of using music during stripping scenes, there are many other applications. Another instance I used music extensively to create a "mood" was while I was writing Owned. It should come as no major surprise that Radioactive by the Imagine Dragons fueled me. I listened and was captivated by the words, and the sound of the music. It evoked emotion in me and captured the time I was writing in. For others it may not affect them. To each, their own.

Outside of using music specifically for a scene, I've noticed that the music I listen to prior to sitting down to write affects me. Seriously, I can't listen to Rico Suave by Gerardo and then try to write a combat scene. Doesn't work. The emotion I want to capture starts before I begin to write. Having a shitty day??? Huh, tanks my night. I need to be enthusiastic, bubbling over with excitement. Music touches a region in my brain and sets off the mood I need. And while I can't listen to it while writing most times, the need to hear emotion provoking sounds is crucial.

Writing for me is so much more than just sitting down at the computer. For me, I want to capture the scene and the mood, hopefully conveying that message to readers. If I don't feel it, how can I expect readers to?

Is there a song out there that gets you in the mood? What is it?

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