Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rough in the Saddle Update

For all the wonderful and fabulous readers of the Rough in the Saddle series that want to know what's going on, I'm about to tell you.

Books 1 - 5 are out with the first four combined into two separate books in print version are available. Yay!

Book 6, Austin's Story has been accepted by Siren is due out in late November, early December.

I'm currently working on Book 7, Trevor's Story. Let me tell ya, this one will be a doozie! At the current time I don't have a projected date of completion or release date. You can watch my word counter on my side bar. I update it regularly.
Wanna meet the inspiration???


There are more books planned for the series, but it is dependent on my bitchy muse, and my crazy schedule.

Need a little teaser from Austin's Story? (Unedited)

              Out of all the fantastic opportunities Cole could get, this by far was the best. Had he prayed the night before for a hot gay man to just fall in his lap? He thought a moment. He couldn’t remember, but sort of felt like his guardian angel had swooped in, delivering his fantasy in the flesh.
       Living in a remote and sparsely populated area Cole’s prospects were limited, making Austin one hell of a find. Austin was Cole’s every desire. Tall and thick, muscled in all the right places with piercing dark eyes that gleamed with lust. Cole caught that right away and a zing of pleasure swept throughout him. Hell, he noticed it from the sale ring and thought it nothing more than wishful thinking. He was wrong and wicked ideas were currently forming in his devilish mind. To hell with the food, Cole thought. A beer and Austin bent over the tailgate of his truck sounded much more appetizing. Mmm, no. Tied the bedposts would be much, much better.

Meet my inspiration!


Stay tuned for more tales of the XYZ Ranch. When my muse is good, she is really good. When she is bad, oh hell.


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