Monday, July 14, 2014

Where's my mojo???

True story, I'm hunting for my mojo! The last couple of months have been trying on my patience and my creativity. I'm pretty sure Dr. Evil is to blame!

Curse you, Dr. Evil!!

Yes, I'm trying to maintain my goofy spirit and sense of humor along the way. If you can't see the brighter side, polish the dull side.

Currently, I have many unfinished WIPs in the boiling pot. Some days the stories call out and I manage a couple of thousand words. The problem is it is on a different book each time! Yikes!

Here is what's cookin', really, the stories are simmering in my head. I still need a pinch of this and a dash of that to get moving again.

First, I have my sixth book for the Rough in the Saddle series, Austin's Story. Sorry readers, I'm not moving moving very fast. The characters aren't cooperating right now. Dang, cowboys. I wish I could spank their asses.

Second, I have a secret project. Not sure where this will end up since it is much different from my usual work. Who knows, but seriously, wish me luck.

Third, I wrote a book about four years ago and have yet to rewrite it. My mother and sister are both wanting me to get it out there. The problem is how much my writing has changed over the years. I've tried editing and fixing it, but have decided to totally redo it. This process will be slow, and I mean slow. The story is long, longer than anything I've written thus far. We'll see what happens.

Forth, I have at least three WIPs that are partially finished.

Gee, I really need a mini me. That would be great!

 Outside of writing, I'm still a full time mom, part time worker, full time household manager, full time random shit finder, full time wife, and part time farmer. Can anyone say straight jacket?

I hope over the next few months to finish up what I have started and get back to being my goofy, silly self. And yes, Austin Powers is my hero. 

So, wish me luck as I work to get back in hopes of  being enthusiastic like Austin below!