Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Teasing!

The other day I received a tweet about a scene in Trevor's Story, and it not only made me smile, but it made my day. I thought I'd tease you with it.

“Jensen is in love with you, dick, and you pushed him away. We had something going and it was fun until you came back into the picture.”
Marcus laughed at that. “Oh, you mean when you practically begged me to take you? Is that what you’re so upset about?” He stopped to laugh again. “I get it. You’re upset with yourself, believing you cheated on Jensen, and now you want to blame me because you enjoyed it.”
“I should have known better,” Trevor said, and tried to shove Marcus away from him. “It’s all a big game to you.”
“I disagree,” Marcus whispered, and pressed his lips to Trevor’s, easily overpowering him. “Admit it, you want me as much as I want you right now,” he said between kisses. “My dick is hard and ready. No doubt yours is, too.”
Rain started to fall and the wind kicked up, blowing dirt around them. The sky rumbled again and everything became darker as the rain came down harder. Trevor tried to turn his head and ensure Marcus couldn’t kiss him again. The stupid prick knew what he was doing and damn well was turning him on.
How did this happen? How had he come to the ranch a little over a month previous and wound up in a screwed-up fuck triangle? Was Marcus lying about Jensen? Had the two really shared a bed the night before? It was happening, Trevor’s biggest fear since this mess started.
“You had to take off your shirt. Mmm, you know how to get to me.” Marcus released Trevor’s wrists and dragged his large calloused hands down Trevor’s chest.
Water streamed over Trevor’s face. The temperature had dropped considerably and the rain was a welcome distraction. He wanted to refuse Marcus, but he wanted him, needing him for some unknown reason. His nipples perked up and he hissed when Marcus tweaked them with his fingers. A bright flash rippled across the sky and a deep boom echoed.
Kissing Trevor again, Marcus smiled against Trevor’s lips. “Don’t deny me. I need to be inside you.”
Oh, hell.
How could he deny Marcus now when his words did nothing more than send a zing of pleasure pulsing to the head of his cock? He wanted to believe that deep down Marcus was a good guy, but wasn’t so sure. What Trevor was certain of was the desire to be with him again, at least once more. With Jensen and Marcus reconciling, or at least that’s what Trevor believed, he’d be odd man out.
“Oh, yeah,” Marcus said with a groan, and squeezed Trevor through his jeans. “Houston, we have a problem.”
Trevor blinked the rain from his eyes, captivated by Marcus, his overconfident grin, and the way he made him feel so alive and ready for anything he wanted to give. Marcus held Trevor’s face in his hands and softly kissed him, lingering inside his mouth, gently sweeping, prompting Trevor to give back.
Marcus broke away and pressed his forehead to Trevor’s. His eyes were bright and sincere. “I’m not playing games with you, Trevor, but don’t for one minute believe I don’t care about anyone.”
And that was all it took to push Trevor over the edge. He grabbed Marcus’s belt and tugged it free. They were soaked and the rain kept coming. Trembling from his anticipation and his fear, Trevor opened the fly of Marcus’s jeans and began to try and wrench the wet denim down his thighs.
“Let me make you feel good first,” Marcus said, and began to unbutton Trevor’s jeans.
“Okay.” Trevor all but melted and leaned back against the truck, welcoming Marcus to do whatever he wanted to. He sort of expected a replay of a few days previous where Marcus took him hard and rough. This was a side of the man Trevor hadn’t seen since he arrived. Marcus was rougher than hell around the edges. His demeanor was crude and lacking in sincerity most all of the time, making the moment almost dreamlike.
When Marcus knelt in front of him and softly stroked his cock, Trevor inhaled a shaky breath. Big, bad Marcus did have a gentle side. The rain ran down his chest, cooling his hot skin, then heaven. His head bumped the window when his head fell back. He gripped the door handle of the truck, unsure what to do with his hands.
“Yesss.” Trevor writhed and inhaled deep breaths, knowing if he dared look down at Marcus he’d blow in a second. The guy took him all in, sucking and tonguing in all the right spots. Trevor wasn’t small by any means, but couldn’t hold a candle in the size department against Marcus. How Marcus managed to handle all of him was mind blowing, too hot for words to describe. He allowed the rain to pelt against his face with his chin tilted up, and enjoyed the relief from the hell-like conditions they’d endured.
Inch by inch, Marcus sank his mouth around Trevor, and eased back, swirling his tongue against the underside. Over and over the sensation continued, sending Trevor’s mind into a state of sheer bliss. He moaned out loud, unable to contain it any longer. His legs shook and his arms trembled from the abuse he’d subjected them to in his attempt to punish himself. Like Jell-O, he felt his muscles contract and release, and it wouldn’t be long until he’d be reduced to a gelatinous heap on the ground.
“Would you like to come now or later?” Marcus asked and tongued the slit at the head of Trevor’s dick.
Trevor glanced down, wanting to scream out, now!
Marcus sucked the tip and smiled, standing up while rummaging through his pocket. “Later it is.”
Helpless under his gaze, Trevor watched, captivated by a tough cowboy rolling a condom on. Marcus took his time, glancing up at Trevor through the rain, a knowing expression with a grin to match. Angel or demon? Trevor guessed Marcus was a little of both.

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