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A New World Order is now available!

MFM Menage:
The Earth has witnessed to the devastation of the Apocalyptic Wars of 2540 and the following Civil Wars of 2550. Not a city or country had been left untouched by either, with a great many leveled to nothing more than heaps of concrete and twisted steel. In order for humankind to survive and rebuild, a totalitarian government was created, made up of former country leaders, and is called the New World Order (NWO).
While not perfect, the NWO enacted the Populous Reconstruction Act in order to repopulate Earth. Many disagree with the act, especially Keira Alvarado, a lieutenant and pilot for the cause. Under the act, many laws and subsections only further Keira’s plight. Well past her twenty-fifth birthday and unmarried, she is now at the mercy of the law, and any men who decide to make her their own are able to do so without her permission.
When two new pilots to the Southwest Hemisphere arrive, they only further the trouble brewing for Keira. If her personal hell, and status as a single woman isn’t enough to ruin her day, the Patriot Brotherhood, a faction against the NWO, has bigger plans for her life, and the world that is just beginning to overcome the devastation of the past.
Sex, love, lies, and deception mixed with winners and losers. The human condition and desire to overcome drives this new age, and not everyone is happy about it.

Story Excerpt:
Thorn had also shared that the NWO wasn’t exactly happy with their father for choosing his daughter’s husband, but given her history and reluctance to marry, they were looking the other direction in this case. So, Keira was basically up for auction, and that was the downright truth of it all. Her father would sit and review candidates' applications and definitely look in personnel records as well. All of it made her sick, making dinner quite a chore to complete.
The only aspect keeping Keira’s outlook upbeat was the two men escorting her out of Triumph Station. They were sincere, honest, and slowly growing on her. She couldn’t jump straight to love, but felt excited and all out of sorts when they were near. Dinner tonight at the most expensive restaurant in the city was unexpected, but not unwelcome. Add in the exotic flowers they admitted they had sent, and her heart was softening, at least to a degree or two.
No men had paid her much attention outside of the bedroom before. Not really anyway. To them, she was just a pretty face, and the best place to take her was to bed. She used that type of mentality to gain what she needed, and that was sex, and only sex. Any man who thought so little of her would never earn her trust or love.
Outside, the city had come to life with a wild array of lights in various colors and intensities. The city center had transformed from rubble and ruin to a growing metropolis in the last twenty years. Keira could still recall the sounds of dozers working to make room for the city’s rebirth. She was a small girl at the time, but her memories were still vivid to this day. Her father Sloan had brought her to the very area she was now walking in with Kell and Theron. He had said, “One day, honey, Triumph will be grand. All the destruction of the past will be gone. Skyscrapers will rise on these corners. New roads will be built, better than ever before.” He waved his hand through the dust-filled air. “And there will be trees, beautiful trees, and flowers, lots of them. Remember this moment, Keira. You will be just as much a part of building this new world as I am.”
Although that moment had happened some twenty years previously, Keira could recall every detail, and recite her father’s words. It was then that she knew she wanted to be a soldier. She wanted to see the grand vision her father described come to life. More than the infrastructure, though, Keira desired with all her heart to see each and every shanty town rebuilt with decent and safe homes for the people. As a child she witnessed many struggle to survive with the barest of necessities, dwelling in places not fit for rats. Children played on top of piles of rock and debris, faces dirty because they couldn’t escape the dust hanging like a cloud in the air. She also witnessed the most heart-wrenching sight of all, and that was people born with defects from the nuclear fallout. She shuddered at the memories, recalling the deep burning in her gut even then to make a difference.
With her other father, Cassian, a doctor for the NWO, Keira insisted on traveling with him to villages when he’d allow her to. Sure a child would be in the way, Cassian was surprised by her behavior and her willingness to learn, even at her young age. She came away from those trips filled with pride, knowing that the medical care given to those in need would not only help those affected at the time, but for generations to come. It was no wonder she had become so committed to the cause. Behind her sarcasm and her tough exterior lay a soul hell bent on making a change for the better. Cassian had once told her, “There is no position too small to make a difference. Just imagine what the world would be like if everyone gave just a little.” That statement had stayed in her mind, and it was one she recited almost daily, especially during the roughest of times, and now more than ever.
“She is either still stunned or not enjoying our company,” Theron said, interrupting her thoughts.
“No.” She shook her head. “Sorry, I guess I got to thinking about the past, mostly about how much everything has changed,” and motioned to everything around them.
“You grew up here, didn’t you?” Kell asked.
“Uh huh. Well, I was actually born in Vida, but we moved here when I was very young.”
“For the NWO?” Theron asked.
“Yeah, my father Sloan earned his second star as a general and was asked to become the commanding officer for the base. I don’t remember much about life in Vida, but I do remember seeing each and every one of the buildings rise high into the sky.” She wiped a tear and smiled. “A lot has happened in all these years.”

Kell glanced around and nodded with understanding. “I can see what makes you tick.” He turned to smile at her. “And you continue to amaze me.”

Steamy Excerpt:
Iverson glared at Darroch and his nose flared. Damn, the man looked so hot. His hands were clutched together at his sides, and Keira dared to guess, but suspected he’d like a piece of Darroch before she could get her chance. Decisions, decisions, she thought and led the way.
She walked with authority across the steel tarmac, bright sun shining down, causing her to squint. Brushing her wayward locks from her eyes, Keira waved her hand over the recognition identifier, opening the hatch to the inner corridor. Inside, globes of yellow and orange hovered around her eyes. She blinked, trying to adjust to the low light of indoors.
Behind her, Keira could hear the cautious steps of Iverson and Darroch. She could tell by the way their feet fell that one was overconfident, the other nervous. Of course she knew who was walking with authority, and who was worried about the outcome. Iverson struck her as a just man, one who was honest and sincere, and reserved as hell. Darroch, on the other hand, could stand to be taken down a notch or two. He was blatantly outspoken and where he derived his self-assurance from was a mystery. Sure, Darroch was drop-dead gorgeous, but his mouth, wow, the guy didn’t know when to shut up. Iverson seemed aware of Darroch’s inability to be quiet as well, and she had to smile inside while remembering hearing him tell Darroch to shut the fuck up.
Stopping at her door, Keira waved her hand and the door slid open for her. “Get in and keep your mouth shut,” she directed as the two silently walked past her. After she followed them inside, the door shut behind them. Iverson and Darroch stood at attention and she just admired the view. Darroch was a sight to behold when his mouth was shut. And Iverson just looked like a wet dream in his black NWO uniform.
She stood in front of them for a moment before speaking, hoping to find the just punishment for the both of them. Her desire had spread and it felt stuffy and hot all of a sudden. She turned and wished for a cold blast of air. Did she dare order the climate system to suit her? Or would that show them her weakness?
No, she’d suffer instead, she decided, knowing the system would eventually kick in, and leaned back against her desk. “What should I do with you two clowns? I could take away your rank and send you to the ground. Maybe a nice job in janitorial services would be just, considering the amount of shit you cause.”
Iverson blinked and took a deep breath, but didn’t say anything. Darroch, on the other hand, just grinned.
“And what is so amusing about this situation, Darroch? If I were you, I’d wipe that look off my face.”
“I can’t help it. You’re just so fucking hot when you’re mad.”
Iverson jabbed him hard in the ribs and continued to stare straight forward.
“You won’t think so when I’m done with you,” she replied and lifted her chin. How she’d like to work the guy over.
“I’ve always heard that love is blind,” Darroch said and motioned to the corner. “It seems we aren’t the only fools to fall under your spell.”
Keira glared and turned to see what he was speaking of. How she missed the flowers when she entered she didn’t know, but was surprised to see the biggest bouquet of exotics ever. They weren’t just any flowers. They were very rare and expensive ones from Ardemon. Only men with very deep pockets could afford such.
Before she could get sentimental over the gift, which was in fact a first for her, Keira turned back around toward Darroch. “It would seem the fool is a bigger one than you two.”
Darroch grinned before taking a casual stance. “While some men would buy pussy like yours, I’d rather take it.”
Forces out of Keira’s control took hold of her, and before she realized it, she was crashing her fist against Darroch’s face. He wavered back and stumbled a couple of steps. His head was dropped down and he wiped the blood from his lips. Slowly his gaze rose to meet her eyes. They twinkled with desire as a devilish grin swept over his mouth.
“Baby, foreplay isn’t necessary at this point.”
“Theron, knock it off.” Iverson reached for his arm as Darroch stalked toward her.
“Oh, no. I’m finishing what we started,” Darroch said without taking his eyes off of her.
Keira’s cunt spasmed and she swallowed hard. Darroch’s eyes almost seemed to glow. “I’m warning you, clown boy, you don’t want what is coming if you don’t back off.”
“Honey, my dick has been hard as fucking steel since you engaged us in the air,” Darroch said, his eyes lethal and serious as he spoke.
Keira raised her brows, questioning him. She'd hoped that he had shit his pants instead. Wishful thinking.
“Oh, yes, honey, that stunt did nothing more than to bring my cock to full attention,” Darroch said, and rubbed the front of his form-fitting uniform. His erection was obvious and on full display. She had to blink her eyes and avert her gaze. Long and thick. Oh, hell, she chanted inside her head.
“Don’t act like you’re not aroused. You see, I know you get off by combat, dog fighting in the sky, the same as me. Engaging your weapons was mere foreplay,” Darroch said in a whisper and pushed his body against hers, pinning her against the desk. His eyes stared down at her, wide open, with a knowing grin on his face. “I bet your pussy is swollen, begging for my touch.”
“Back off, Theron,” Iverson said and pulled at Darroch’s arm.
Without looking back, Darroch smiled. “No, I’ve engaged her. Let the real dog fight begin.”
Keira stared at Iverson for a moment. His eyes were filled with desire, yet fear. Easily, he could overpower Darroch if he wanted to, but he stayed frozen, staring back at her.

Darroch grabbed her hand and pulled it down, placing it on his cock. He forced her to rub him through his uniform. “Tell me you’re not craving it,” he said and leaned forward to nip her chin. “Deny me, say whatever you want, but I’ll know it’s a lie. I can smell your arousal,” he continued and inhaled a deep breath through his nose with his eyes closed. They looked glazed over when he opened them. “Baby, I promise we’ll be all you’ll ever need.”

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