Friday, April 10, 2015

Because it's Friday Giveaway!

It's Friday and I'm feeling frisky or just plain good today. Not sure which, but I like it!

In honor of my mood, I thought I'd have a fun little giveaway for no special reason at all. Today, I will give one winner a paperback of  A Hard Bargain.

This was my very first manlove book and I wrote it based on what "I" wanted to read. It also kick started my love for MM writing. We each have our triggers, and I definitely have my own.

 Three months ago, Cade Lawson was left standing at the altar in front of a packed church of friends and family. His bride admitted to a love affair with his own best man. That scene not only injured him, but propelled him forward to find his happiness on his terms. Cade uses money set aside for a dream home for his bride to chase the dream of owning a ranch. Little does he know cowboy Jed McMasters will give him more than he bargained for. The ranch has its perks, one of which changes Cade’s outlook and sexuality. Jed stirs new emotion and desire Cade had in previous years dismissed as merely curiosity. Cade tries to ignore his attraction, fearful of ruining their business deal. What he doesn’t realize is that Jed is gay and has his sights set on luring him into his bed. Will he succumb to the passion that Jed creates inside him? Or deny the inevitable?


Cade stopped at the door with his hand on the knob but didn’t turn to look at him. “What the hell?” he asked, looking up at the ceiling. He was scared to death, and his hands trembled as he gripped the doorknob. Jed figured him out. He had caught him staring at his dick numerous times. Damn, he wasn’t gay. Was he? Was Jed calling him out? He heard soft footsteps coming toward him, but didn’t dare turn around to face him. He’d know. Cade squeezed his lids tightly together waiting for Jed to speak or kick his ass. The suspense was killing him. “I’m waiting.”
Jed exhaled loudly inches behind him, and he shuddered. “I know you want me, Cade.”
“Damn it. I’m not gay, Jed,” Cade stated with a growl and pounded his fist against the door in frustration.
“You’re lying,” Jed whispered with his lips right at Cade’s ear.
Shivers ran down Cade’s back, and his fear kicked up a notch. “I’m sorry I look at you the way I do. Fuck. I’m sorry for kissing you.” His head thumped forward against the door. “Is this just a game?” he asked, fumbling with the doorknob so he could run.
Jed wrapped his arms under Cade’s and pinned him against the door. “I don’t want you to leave,” he said, pressing his body against Cade’s with his erection touching his ass.
“You want to make me feel more like ass. Don’t you?” Cade asked with his face planted firmly alongside the door. Perspiration beaded on his forehead, and he closed his eyes.
“No, I want you the way you want me,” Jed replied while pushing his dick harder against his ass.
Cade’s heart beat erratically. “Bullshit. This is a fucked-up game.”
“Does my dick grinding on your ass feel like a game?” Jed growled. “Answer me.”
Cade shook his head and felt Jed release one of his arms. His hand slid down his waist then firmly grasped his cock through his jeans. A hum unintentionally escaped his lips. It turned him on to feel Jed’s large hand grab his cock. “I like to fuck women, Jed.”
“That’s only because you haven’t experienced a man,” Jed whispered again while his hot breath heated his neck.
Cade breathed heavily against the door. “I’m sorry. I know what you’re trying to do, Jed.”
“No, you think you know,” Jed replied and bit the side of Cade’s neck lightly. “There is nothing wrong with wanting to be with another man.”
Jed released his other arm and started to unbutton Cade’s jeans. “I have fought my desire for you since you got here, but I had to be sure. That’s why I put in that video, to see how you’d react and to let me know if my suspicions were right.”
Jed unzipped Cade’s jeans slowly and pushed them down past his hips. “Grab my cock, Cade,” Jed whispered as he stroked Cade through his boxers. “You want to. Now do it.”
Cade reached behind to grasp Jed’s dick with trembling fingers.
“Feel that large cock?” Jed asked, slipping his hand into Cade’s boxers. “You make it hard.” He spoke softly as he kissed and nipped Cade’s neck. His hand began to gently stroke Cade’s length.
“Shit,” Cade groaned, feeling Jed stroke him. His hips pumped his dick into Jed’s large, callused hand.
“That’s it. God, I love to feel your big dick slide through my hand, Cade,” Jed groaned out.
“I’m nervous, Jed,” Cade admitted, slowing his hips to small thrusts. He wanted everything that was happening and more, but he was scared to take the final leap.
“Let’s go to my room. I’ll make your nervousness disappear.” Jed grinned when Cade turned to look at him. His mouth pressed against Cade’s, catching him by surprise.
Cade opened and allowed Jed’s tongue to sweep deep into his mouth. Their tongues collided and swirled together, comingling the salty taste of beer between them. Jed tugged him along while he walked backward through the kitchen toward his bedroom with their mouths busy exploring.
Jed stopped Cade at the bed and looked into his eyes while taking heavy breaths. He pulled Cade’s shirt over his head without saying a word. His tongue licked and kissed his abdomen while his fingers gently tugged Cade’s boxers and jeans down around his ankles. He leaned back and surveyed Cade’s cock with an appreciative smile. “Nice hardware,” he commented, stroking Cade’s dick with pride in his gaze.
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Cade asked, trembling, causing Jed to chuckle.
“Fuck yeah I do.” Jed answered and pushed Cade back onto the bed. He pulled off Cade’s shoes and socks with a wicked grin. “Boy, you’re going to come harder than you have ever come in your life.”
“What if—?” Cade began to speak and Jed cut him off.
“No worries, man. I’ll take real good care of your ass.” Jed smiled and pulled open his nightstand and laid a couple of items on the bed.

To win this paperback: Leave me a message. Tell me the weather is great. Why you enjoy MM books. Your cat just had kittens. I don't care what you say, but be sure to leave your email so I can get in touch if you win. No, I won't spam you. I don't have time for stuff like that. 
And go!


  1. Thanks for the great excerpt and chance to win a copy of this book. I missed it somehow and now really want to read it! I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Fantastic excerpt.... I love M/M books.... Thank you for the great giveaway...
    geetracy1170 (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Love M/M for all the angst and romance that writers such as yourself that puts a spell over me and draw me in all the time.

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  4. Thank you for the chance at this great book! Loved it and would like a paperback copy!


  5. I love M/M book so please count me in I also have a rather Diva like tabby called Jenny who is often A PITA!!


  6. i enjoy reading m/m books but i am new to this pets for me right now
    jmarinich33 at aol dot com

  7. it is actually cold and raining right now. but rain means the snow will finally be gone so i can deal with that i guess brootalz1991 @ hotmail . com

  8. Love reading m/m. You are one of my favorite authors. Keep up the awesome writing.

  9. There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book (Josh Jameson)... and I keep turning the pages until the end especially if its a book I want to read like a MM (or MMM) book, like one of yours :D

    Thank you for a chance to win a real bona fide book, where the pages actually turn :) slholland22 {at} hotmail {dot} com

  10. The weather is not great but will be later for the weekend. Hurray!!!
    debby236 at hotmail dot com

  11. Thank you all for the great comments and stopping by! My random number generator (my youngest) picked the number 8 out of a "Pick a number 1-10" question from me. The winner of A Hard Bargain is Jody Ketchledge!

    I appreciate everyone for stopping by. XOXO!! Have a great weekend!