Friday, April 17, 2015

Three Year Book Anniversary! Eight Seconds

Wow! Time flies by when you're having fun, huh? Three years ago my first book published with Siren. Awesome publisher and fabulous authors.

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Story Excerpt:

“Oh, sorry.” Danielle smiled. When she looked up, she gasped.

J.C. stood looming above her. He was nearly six feet tall and a bulk of strength and muscle in one gorgeous package. His scent enveloped her like invisible fingers pulling at her. She would know his scent anywhere. His crystal-blue eyes sparkled from underneath his straw cowboy hat. He winked then smiled but said nothing. He just allowed the heat radiating off him do the talking.

It had only been seconds since she smacked face-first into his chest, but it felt like an eternity with his gaze holding hers. “When did you get here?” she asked, at a loss for what else to say.

J.C. smiled and slowly stepped toward her even as she awkwardly backed away until she hit the wall with a thud. He came so close that their toes touched. His body heat was able to warm her.

Danielle stuttered, “Um, you’re invading my personal space.”

J.C. looked down into her eyes and grinned. “Huh. I do apologize, miss, but I can’t seem to help myself.” He placed both hands on either side of her head on the wall behind her.

Danielle’s heart thundered rapidly as her stomach felt the flurry of a thousand butterflies move through it. He shouldn’t have this kind of effect on her, damn him.

Just as she went to make her escape, J.C. put his lips close to her ear. His warm breath sent chills running down her spine and goose bumps rising across her arms. Her body was electrified and humming. She would like nothing better than to give in to her carnal desire for him. His lips were too close. It would be too easy to taste them.

“Hmm, I think we’re at a standoff.” His warm breath heated her neck. “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want take you into my arms, throw you into my bed, and make love to you until you begged for mercy.” He skimmed his hand down her bare arm as he continued to speak softly against her ear.
“It seems to me you are hell-bent on hating me,” he said then paused and waited for her to exhale. “I can tell you that time spent hating me is fruitless, that your reasoning is unfounded.” He stopped then stepped back, considering Danielle had not drawn a breath.

Danielle quickly gasped for air. What he could do to her with words was…amazing, and it pissed her off considerably. She paused a moment to gather her scattered thoughts. The more out of control he made her, the angrier she became. Damn him, she was in self-preservation mode here.
“Unfounded? Really? Fruitless? Hardly.” Danielle spoke calmly, articulating her words clearly.

J.C. smiled in that wicked and beckoning way that nearly brought Danielle to panting. Yeah, he was irresistible in ways words could not begin to describe.

“Mmm, yes, unfounded,” J.C. purred in a sensual tone that vibrated in her ear and caused her panties to soak. She could feel the slick, hot moisture spread, feel her nipples get hard and peak. Not good, oh, god, not good.

Danielle did what any woman with a hair trigger and an intense desire to hate someone would do. She stomped his foot through his boot with the heel of her own.

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