Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dust makes the story sweeter!

It's Wednesday, and I was at work, minding my own dang business. A few months ago, a woman had asked us if she could place a book swap table in our nice ladies sitting area. Up sprung up an array of books ranging from regency romance to chicken noodle books for the soul. Occasionally, odd books show up, and at times, the library table is reduced to nothing.
I pass this little library as I head to the ladies room, and giving my coffee consumption of a morning, it is often. Week after week, I glance at the small offering, and nothing catches my attention. Not that I have time anyway.

So, today, I'm doing my usual, rush to restroom, you're an idiot for drinking so much coffee, and a new selection graced the tiny table. One in particular catches my eye. For those that don't know me well, I'll tell you, I'm a cover whore. 

Now, I don't care if the cover is hot or oozing with sex appeal, it just needs to be eye appealing. With that said, the cover has to be different or unique. The latest selection has comprised of many similar covers, all of which have a woman in a long, era specific gown, a hero in the background. Sigh. If I had a dollar....

Anyway, so this odd looking book is sitting there. It stops me dead in my tracks. Wait, what? That book doesn't belong there. A western historical romance? No Chicken Soup for the Soul? No regency romance? Or otherwise, not "my" type of book. Well, not right now. My muse is subjective and changes her mind daily.

So, this cover doesn't fit! Blasted! I consider it and leer. Damn, I don't have time for this. It's my Friday and I need to go home and pack for vacation. I walk on toward the door to the restroom, considering the book. Maybe later. If someone else doesn't snatch it up.
I go back to work and I'm bugged over this book! Crap nuggets. I have oodles of books on my Kindle that I haven't even read, but I long to feel the pages of a paperback in my hands. I love the real thing, my bookmark reminding me that I have much left to read....

As soon as I get free of work, I hurry to the sitting room, sure the book isn't there. It would serve me right.
Yes! The book is there! But will I like it? What if snag it and I'm disappointed? Inner demons are truly a pain in the ass. The whimsical cover says, "Read me!" In response, I say, "What if you're no good? Who is Beth Ciotta?"

Don't throw stones if you know this author! So many books appear daily anymore and we are inundated with new reads! Authors are in a push to write more, produce more, because another book is the best publicity! Right? Write, write, write. Publish more, write faster, write more! A new release? OMG! I have to check it out!

But....what about all the great reads before ebooks? I recall vividly reading Lois L'Amour paperbacks and loving every page. I read Pet Semetary by Stephen King somewhere around the sixth grade and hugged my pillow!
My point is this. While we evolve into new tech and are daily bombarded with new books, because its easier than ever to publish, rather than the dark ages, as I call them, when a handful of publishers "decided" who would be published and who would hit the slush pile, we now have thousands upon thousands of options!
I digress. Are you wondering about the book that captured my attention? I've already given the author. 

I'll tell ya, the book is called, Lasso the Moon. Now, I did a little research and noticed the book was released again in 2014 with a shiny new hot cover. I'm not sure if the story is the same in both, but I will say, I wouldn't change the original that was published in 2006.

Not many books hook me so hard that I "can't" put them down. I will, if I have something else to do, but this one, oh no, has ruined my day. LOL! In a good way. Granted, I had to put it down to shower, that's important, and I had to fold laundry for my trip, but hated every damn minute! I'm nearly finished and dying to pick it back up.

I had to stop and write this post on account I will be out of town. In a few moments I will resume my delightful reading, but I had to share. 

To say a little about the author and her writing. I have giggled and smiled every step of the way. The heroine is cute and lovable. How many of us can pull that off? The hero? Swoon! Yeah, I need me an ex-lawman. This book is a sweet romance, but really hot with the fireworks pinging between the characters. I'm stunned and in awe. Maybe I'm a geek and love the Wild West. Maybe I need a break from my erotic writing. Who knows? But, I know I'm loving this book and will have to finish it ASAP. More than likely this will happen as the family slumbers. I will be bleary eyed in my travels tomorrow, but heck, I'm on vacation. Why not?

So, to end my ramble, I challenge each and every one of you to dig deep for those long lost reads. Just because they came out years ago, doesn't mean they are still not enjoyable. Most times, they're better than I could even imagine. This author has captured my attention. Her storytelling is simply fantastic. And that's what it's all about, capturing a reader's attention. I don't care the genre, an author has to paint a picture a reader can envision, and create characters readers want to rally behind. This book has hooked me and I'm loving every minute. I will be seeking out more books by this author. 

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