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Captive Mates - Violet Joicey-Cowen

Hi, everyone.

Thank you, Hennessee, for having me as a guest here today to celebrate the release of my book, Captive Mates. It is the fifth book in my Whithowe Forest Pack series and it came out on the 6th July over at Bookstrand.

To enter the giveaway, find the word of the day in this post, then head over to my blog (links below). At the bottom of the Captive Mates Blog Tour post there is a Rafflecopter link in blue, click on that and it will tell you all the ways to enter (some of which can be done daily).

The questions below might seem a bit random, and that’s because most of them are! They came from a huge list of questions I couldn’t decide between, so asked for numbers from my Facebook friends. Lol, it was as good a way as any to decide which ones to use J.
Now, on with the questions!

  1. Have you ever got sweet revenge on someone?
No, but I have seen karma in action! An ex of mine kept refusing to come pick his stuff up. Eventually I got sick of asking and bagged it all up and left it outside my house. It stayed there for weeks until it finally disappeared. I sent a text thanking him for finally getting around to it, only it hadn’t been him. There had been a charity van doing the rounds and thought I had left it out for collection. After laughing myself sick I called them and explained the mistake (it hadn’t been kerbside, but next to my house, with my driveway and gate between where it was left and where they should have collected from). They brought it back and he collected it the next day.

  1. : Have you ever cheated on a test?

  1. : Do you prefer shopping on the high street or online?
Depends what I am shopping for I guess. I prefer shopping on the high street for clothes as I want to try them on before I buy and don’t want the hassle of having to send them back and making sure my money is refunded if they are not right.

  1. : Are you a bad loser?
In a competition? I play pool a lot and don’t really mind losing, but I do hate it when my opponent is all smug and arrogant about winning. I actually prefer to lose than win if the other person potted the black then the white went down too. But an argument? When I know I’m right? (Doesn’t everyone think that when they are having an argument?) Ooooh, I hate losing an argument!

  1. : Have you ever entered a talent contest?

  1. : Do you dislike hairy people?
I have nothing against anyone, regardless of quantity of hair, lol.

  1. : What’s the farthest you’ve ever been on holiday?
Australia. As I live in the UK, that’s pretty far! I went on holiday there to visit family over Christmas and New Year when I was eighteen. Out turkey was cooked on a barbeque and i went for a walk on the beach half an hour after the New Year. There were some people having a bonfire a ways down the beach but apart from that I was alone. The stars were bright and I was perfectly warm in a strappy top and shorts. It was heaven.

  1. : Are you a gossip?
I like to keep up on everyone’s news, but I don’t talk about them behind their backs or gossip about people I don’t know.

9.               : What’s the word of the day?


1        10.   : Lastly, tell us something that didn’t make it into the book.

The lion-shifter brothers, Solomon, Isaac, Noah, and Joseph, have rather complicated genetic histories. Isaac’s great-great-great-grandfather, Tollak Andersen, was born in Norway, near Stockholm and was a lynx-shifter. When he met a lion-shifter from Africa, the man held traces of a scent he knew was his mate, though it wasn’t the man himself. He left his home and travelled with the man around much of Europe before returning with the man to Africa and meeting the man’s youngest sister (also a lion-shifter), who was his mate. Despite being accepted by his mate and her brother, the woman’s parents were not as accepting of Tollak as a mate for their daughter because he wasn’t a lion-shifter. They didn’t want their bloodline “polluting”. The rest of the pride wasn’t either, so Tollak and his mate, along with her brother, left and ended up settling in Scotland. Tollak changed his surname from Andersen to the more British Anderson and his brother in law took the name, also. The lion-shifter genes from their great-great-great-grandmother and the blond, Nordic looks of her mate have stayed strong and true even though they have since only mated wildcat-shifters native to Scotland. The brothers had to be even more careful growing up and shifting in the UK than most shifters as their animals are neither native to the UK, nor can they be mistaken for anything else, unlike a wolf which could be taken for a dog. Generations after Tollak and his mate joined the pride, it was roughly a third lion-shifters, two thirds wildcat-shifters.

When lion-shifter Isaac Anderson goes to help panther-shifters Ari Jones and Keiron Haller, not only does he get captured and imprisoned alongside them, but he also finds out something he never expected—he’s their third mate.

Keiron’s under pressure to mate elsewhere, Ari’s being beaten to force Keiron’s hand, and Isaac feels like he is floundering. The three unclaimed mates need to hold on long enough for rescue, in the form of Isaac’s pack, to arrive.

Even after they escape, danger follows and they have to fight to hold onto each other through that, memories of past trauma, and the effects of Keiron’s mysterious origins.
The three long to be free so they can settle down and live their lives together but will they get the chance, or will they always be captives? Will there always be something around the corner for them to fear?

Ari was woken by the sounds of a fight in the corridor. He recognised by now the sounds of fists hitting flesh with too much ease. Whoever was under attack sounded like he was giving back as good as he was getting. Ari turned a little and leaned up on his right elbow. He could hear more than a couple of people were involved in the scuffle, and grunts from several as they fought. Scents began to filter through the cracks around the door to him.

Mate! No, that’s not possible. Keiron is my mate and that isn’t him. The scent of whoever was out in the corridor was making his cat growling and lashing its tail inside him, urging him to go to them, to bite, to claim, and to defend. Someone was thrown against the door of his room and Ari jerked upright, ignoring the pains in his shoulder and the rest of his body. Then the fight stopped. Or at least whoever it was stopped fighting back, suddenly passive. A few more dull thuds and grunts sounded, and then a key slid into the door lock and turned. The three bolts were shot back and the door flung open. A man stumbled through, helped on his way by a hefty shove from one of the men now crowding into the doorway.

“Hey look, Ari, you have company!” They all laughed uproariously.

What’s funny about that? Ari thought, staring at the blond man who had fallen in a heap on the floor, trying not to look too interested in case they decided to put them in separate rooms. He couldn’t hold back a growl when Aaron swung his foot back and booted the man in the ribs. He silenced himself quickly and kept his gaze away from Aaron so the beta would not see the rage simmering there.

The blond on the floor stiffened and his head snapped up toward Ari, eyes wide and nostrils dilated. Ari felt a moment of panic that the guy would give something away to Aaron or one of the others. He realised this must have been the way Keiron felt all those months ago when he had laid eyes on Ari from his vantage point atop the building, a burning desire to go to him, but fear and worry about the consequences. The man lowered his head again and Ari breathed out slowly.

Aaron and his cronies left, closing the door and locking it behind them. The blond opened his mouth to speak, but Ari quickly held up a hand to keep him quiet for a few more moments. As soon as he could no longer hear footsteps moving away, he relaxed.

“Are you hurt badly?” he asked.

“Only my pride,” the man replied, with a rather pained grin. He winced, holding an arm to his ribs as he clambered to his feet. “I’m Isaac. You’re Ari?” At Ari’s nod, Isaac gave a dark laugh. “Of course you are. Well, I was supposed to be here to rescue you.” Isaac had an accent.

“Huh? How did you even know I was here? Are you English?”

“Yes, I am. It was Keiron. He got a message out to a member of my pack.” Ari had no idea how Keiron had managed that, but he hoped his mate was safe and hadn’t gotten caught doing something stupid.   Isaac was sniffing the air with a frown.

“Um, don’t take this the wrong way, but…are you my mate? Keiron said you were his mate in his message, but the way you smell… God, my lion is going nuts.”

“My panther, too. Keiron is my mate. I… He must be our mate. I can’t see fate making him and I mates, and you and I mates, without all three of us being mated to each other.” Ari felt weird discussing it like this. It all felt so clinical and rational.

“No wonder my lion has been so restless. He must have been picking up something from you both since I got here. I caught your scent properly when they had me outside in the corridor, stopped fighting back because I wanted in here where they were trying to put me.”

“And now we’re both screwed.” Ari gave him a wry grin. “You might as well come sit down.” He sat up properly and moved over making it obvious he wanted Isaac on the bed with him, not on the one across the room.

“Oh, don’t worry. As long as they don’t do us in in the next few days, my pack’ll come looking. Rescuing people is kind of what they do. I was an idiot to come on my own.” Isaac limped over and lowered himself gingerly to the bed. He sat close, and Ari could feel the warmth his body gave off. He could feel his blood heading toward his groin. Hmmm… maybe getting him to sit next to me was a bad idea. I mean, God knows he smells amazing, but we can’t do anything. Not without Keiron knowing. That would feel like betraying him. But, hell! I don’t know if I can stop myself from touching this guy.

“So why did you?” Focus. Must focus on the conversation.

Isaac shifted, next to him, then again. Ari looked down at where their arms were barely touching, his own brown skin against the pale, creaminess of Isaac’s. Looks good. Smells good. I’m so fucked. Then Isaac rose to his feet again and moved away from the bed. He hobbled over to the other cot and sat back down, looking at Ari dryly. “Sorry, no way I can concentrate if I sit next to you. All I want to do is push you back, rip your clothes off, and lick you from one end to the other.”


Thank you again for having me here,

Violet. x

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