Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Freedom Hop 2015

Welcome to the Freedom Blog Hop 2015. I've joined a fantastic group for this hop.

For those that don't me, haven't ever heard of me, or otherwise, LOL, I'm Hennessee Andrews. I write a little bit of everything because my muse is psychotic and I won't tie myself to just one genre. Boring. Variety is the spice of life, right? My books include straight MF romance, MM gay romance, MFM menage, and now romantic comedy! Funny, I'm still laughing. Yes, I am destined for an asylm someday. I hope the meds are good.

For my giveaway, one winner will win an ebook copy of one of my latest release, Karma for Hire OR A New World Order (winner's choice) along with a $20 Amazon gift card!

Blurb for A New World Order:
The Earth has witnessed to the devastation of the Apocalyptic Wars of 2540 and the following Civil Wars of 2550. Not a city or country had been left untouched by either, with a great many leveled to nothing more than heaps of concrete and twisted steel. In order for humankind to survive and rebuild, a totalitarian government was created, made up of former country leaders, and is called the New World Order (NWO).
While not perfect, the NWO enacted the Populous Reconstruction Act in order to repopulate Earth. Many disagree with the act, especially Keira Alvarado, a lieutenant and pilot for the cause. Under the act, many laws and subsections only further Keira’s plight. Well past her twenty-fifth birthday and unmarried, she is now at the mercy of the law, and any men who decide to make her their own are able to do so without her permission.
When two new pilots to the Southwest Hemisphere arrive, they only further the trouble brewing for Keira. If her personal hell, and status as a single woman isn’t enough to ruin her day, the Patriot Brotherhood, a faction against the NWO, has bigger plans for her life, and the world that is just beginning to overcome the devastation of the past.

Sex, love, lies, and deception mixed with winners and losers. The human condition and desire to overcome drives this new age, and not everyone is happy about it.

Karma for Hire blurb:
   Bitching angels, grumbling demons, and one obnoxious incubus. Karma’s hands were already full dealing with her diverse staff and humans who can’t seem to just love one another. Add in two pride demons from the pit with a chip on their shoulders, a wannabe demon hoping to take over as the Ruler of Hell, an archangel with his sights set on the loftiest of thrones, the upcoming Sin Convention, and Karma is left overwhelmed.

   To make the week worse, her incubus website designer, Thadeus, has been trying to lure her into bed for the last three thousand years, and shows no signs of giving up any time soon. Everything is on the line, including her position. Falling in love with Thadeus could only make matters worse. She truly believes she isn’t meant to have a happily ever after. Besides, demons aren’t capable of love—or are they?

   When all hell breaks loose, literally, Karma must decide whether to stand up and fight for everything she has ever known, or let it go. Love dangles in the balance. Are the two of them nothing more than pawns stuck between good and evil like she had always believed? Or have thousands of years of diligent service earned her the happily ever after she deserves?

In order to win, you must comment on this post and leave an email address so that I can reach you if you win. I will not spam you. I barely have time to write, so you're safe. Prizes are non-transferable and my giveaway is open to everyone.

Answer this question: Do you believe in karma?

Be sure to hop along and visit everyone participating for your chance to win other great prizes!!


  1. I do believe in Karma. I think things happen for a reason and what you do will reflect back.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. Thanks for this post, you have a great introduction LOL.

    As for your question about Karma i'm not sure that there is such a thing i,m a bit of a sceptical/ see it is believe it person. But i do hope there is such a thing as Karma because it would be nice that people who do good and treat other people good get rewarded and the people who are evil also get what they deserve (if you know what i mean).

    Thanks for taking part in this blog hop. I enjoy the hop it is fun :)


  3. yep...what goes around, comes around...and it better bite someone in the butt!!


  4. Yes, I do. Thanks for the giveaway.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  5. Yes, yes I do. Thanks for the chance!

    1. Congrats, Marissa! Check your email for instructions!

  6. Considering that I have the it inked on my right forearm, yea I do believe in it. What we put out into this world eventually comes back to us, good or ill.

  7. Yes i do. I believe what you put out into the universe, you get back. Thank you! Happy 4th of July!