Sunday, August 30, 2015

Author Problems

I've come to the realization that every author is a few fries short of a Happy Meal, or at least I am. Authors are artists, and while we don't paint pictures on canvas, we paint a picture with words. Those words drive us CrAzY, or me, they drive me crazy. While some are better than others, you must know, that we all continue to grow with each book, and every word we pen. There is an art to writing books. In my case...

1. Sitting for endless hours in front of a computer and talking to imaginary characters.

2. Blaming the muse for writing problems.

3. Plot bunnies are real!

4. A deadline will get me moving.

5. I'm easily distracted.

6. I'm easily distracted.

7. I'm easily distracted.

8. Shiny stuff.

9. Facebook.

10. Twitter.

11. Pinterest.

12. Shiny stuff.

13. Blogging.

14. Reading.

15. Deadline approaching.

16. Trying to make deadline.

17. Editing.

18. Exhaustion.

19. Release day!

20. And the process starts all over again.

Need I say more?


  1. LOL I like the "I'm easily distracted" bits. :D

    1. :) Too true for me. What's that? Something shiny! LOL