Monday, August 3, 2015

Born Loser is Out!

Yay! It has been a busy summer and I'm so excited about this book. Personally, I think blue collar men are the sexiest, because they're good with their hands. Wink, wink.

My hero Kyle is not only a blue collar man, but he epitomizes what a good and an honest man should be like. He's the knight in shining armor that we should all hope for and dream about.

Lily West is torn between what her father wants and the guy she knows she loves with all her heart. Kyle Milburn is the local scrap yard owner’s son, and her father despises the both of them. Leaving her small town after a hurtful letter, Lily vows to never return.

Four years later, Lily must return to help her family. Memories of the past, of Kyle, of the life she truly wanted collide with the person she has become. She can’t deny her feelings any longer, and when she finally sees Kyle for the first time in years, she demands answers. Fireworks filled with anger, love, and disappointment explode. There are secrets, lies, and deception by those Lily loves the most.

Lily’s perfume still lingered in the cab of his truck and on his clothes. He pulled at his collar and raised it to his nose and inhaled. Sweet and erotic. His mind buzzed. The perfume was a gift from him at Valentine’s, and she never failed to wear it.
Making a left at the next county road, Kyle sang out loud to one of Lily’s favorite songs. His headlights illuminated his way, pointing out pot holes for him to dodge, because the county was less than good at maintenance. He dodged one, swerving to left, then back to the right, to miss another. “Crummy roads,” he complained.
Behind him, headlights turned onto the same stretch of road. He didn’t think much of it, continued his terrible singing, and thought about his future with Lily. He glanced into his rear view mirror as words fluttered over his lips, not in the off-key and loud voice he’d been using, but a more subdued one. The vehicle fast approached, bright lights on, blinding Kyle. He reached up and flipped his mirror to avoid the reflection. He eased toward the edge of the road in order to allow the speed demon to pass him.
Instead of passing, the vehicle stayed right behind him and began to flash the headlights. Kyle stopped, putting his truck into park, wondering if it wasn’t one of his buddies, ready to party. This was something they’d pull in order to get his attention.
Kyle opened his door and stepped out into the warm, humid air. The lights behind him were still on bright, causing him trouble in identifying who was approaching. “Hey,” he called, but no one answered.
“Billy?” he called and stopped at the side of his truck. “You fuckin’ around?”
Shielding his eyes, he struggled to identify the hulking figure approaching that hadn’t answered him. As the man neared, realization struck Kyle a little too late, as well as a punch that knocked him into the side of his truck.
Pain seared the right side of Kyle’s face. His eye felt as though it would pop out of its socket. Instinctively, he ducked, missing another blow. “Mr. West, I’m not going to fight you.”
“You will fight me, boy,” Mr. West shouted and grabbed Kyle by his shirt, pulling them nose to nose. “I believe I told you to stay the hell away from my daughter!”
“Not to be disrespectful sir, but Lily is eighteen now,” Kyle said, knowing that wasn’t at all what Mr. West wanted to hear.
Shaking him now, Mr. West roared, “She is still my daughter!”
Shoving Kyle back against his truck, Mr. West reared back and struck Kyle in the jaw. Wobbling on his feet, Kyle vowed to not strike back, although he damn sure wanted to. “She’s leaving for college!” Kyle shouted, ducked, and sprinted around the man. “Is that what you’re worried about?” he asked at a safe distance from flying fists.
Mr. West glared and stalked toward Kyle. Meantime, Kyle slowly backed up.
“I want her to get her education, the same as you, Mr. West. I love her and want the best for her.”
“Yeah?” Mr. West asked, stopping short and leveling a sinister stare at Kyle. “If you love her so much, then leave her alone.”
“I can’t do that,” Kyle replied and ducked when Mr. West took another swing at him. “I will never stop loving her.”
With that said, Mr. West lunged, taking Kyle to the ground. After a good beating that left Kyle in a stupor, Mr. West got to his feet, and jerked Kyle to his. Bloody and with pain touching every region of his face, Kyle wobbled while Mr. West held him by his shirt.
“Now, are you gonna leave Lily alone?” Mr. West asked, sounding out of breath and patience.
Kyle stumbled and Mr. West righted him. “No, sir. One day I intend on marrying her.”
Mr. West shoved Kyle back, causing him to land on his ass on the rocky road.
“I figured you’d say as much.” Mr. West paced in front of Kyle, wiping the sweat from his brow. “If I can’t beat you into my way of thinking, I believe I have an offer you can’t refuse.”
Blood rolled over Kyle’s lips. The tang of copper hit his tongue, warning him. He grimaced from the pain and wiped his brow, the back of his hand smeared with red when he lifted it away. Tears stung his eyes, but he wouldn’t allow Mr. West the satisfaction.
“Son, you’re a loser. Your father’s a loser and no amount of effort will ever change the facts. I’m just glad your mother isn’t here anymore to see what’s become of you.”
“Don’t talk about my mother,” Kyle warned and struggled to get on his feet. Blinding pain radiated and caused his head to pound. He felt dizzy and out of sorts. White lights flashed behind his eyelids, beckoning him to give in, and just let go.
“Your mother was a good woman, once upon a time, until she got mixed up with your piece of shit father. God rest her soul,” Mr. West continued and fidgeted with something in his shirt pocket. “Get over here and let’s talk like men.”
Kyle took a step and stopped, wavering a little. The man hit him with the force of what felt like a two-ton boulder. If Kyle wasn’t so honorable, he’d like to repay the favor. One day, he promised himself. “Like men?” he asked as he stumbled to the hood of his truck and held onto it for support. “A real man wouldn’t beat the hell out of another man who refused to strike back.”
Mr. West sarcastically chuckled. “Son, you aren’t a man. You’re a pitiful excuse if anything.”
“You’re wrong about me, Mr. West.”
“Yeah, well, I doubt it,” Mr. West said and clicked his pen. 

Hot Excerpt:

Hurt and rage consumed Lily. She stomped up in front of him, glaring in response. “Damn it! I loved you!” She thumped him in the chest and then for good measure, stomped his foot.
Kyle grabbed her by the arms and shook her. “God damn it! I loved you.”
Lily jerked free from his hold and turned to walk away when Kyle jerked her back, spinning her around to face him. “Did you hear me, Lily?”
It was in that moment that Lily couldn’t contain her emotion or desire for him any longer. She threw her arms around his neck and crashed her mouth against his. Kyle growled and possessively lifted her up, squeezing her ass with his large hands, and plopped her on the workbench. Their kisses were fast, a frenzy of heated emotion, hands jerking and pulling at each other’s clothes, overcome with desire so strong it couldn’t be ignored.
Kyle jerked the buttons of her blouse apart and she gasped, partly from being scared, but more so because it excited her. He buried his face between her breasts, nipping the sides of them, his heated breath rasping against her skin. Trailing hot kisses over her chest and up her neck, Kyle bit her neck and sucked it hard, no doubt leaving his mark.
“I’m going to take you right here,” he said with a growl at her ear as he unbuttoned her shorts.
All Lily could do was nod in agreement. Her voice was gone, anything she might have said wouldn’t matter anyway. She wanted him more than her next breath. The only thing she might think to say would be 'Please' or 'Give it to me now'.
With a quick pull, Kyle had her shorts in his hand, and tossed them to floor. He made short work of removing her panties as well, leaving her naked from the waist down, and her shirt wide open. Looming above her, Kyle didn’t smile. He gritted his teeth together, his wide chest making her feel small in comparison. Without saying a word, Kyle stared at her as he unfastened his belt. It rattled as it fell open. He immediately unbuttoned his jeans, unzipped them, and shoved them down below his ass. “Open for me,” he demanded and Lily complied.
Her eyes wandered down, taking in the sight of his rippled abs, thick hips, and a big cock she had fantasized about for years. She had masturbated countless times to her memories, of times together with him, remembering well how easily he could make her cum. She watched him with fascination as he palmed his cock and positioned the head at her entrance. He paused and glared at her. “I should really just turn you over my knee and whip your ass.”
Lily shook her head, fear and adrenaline spiking in her veins. Her body responded by sending a new wave of slick moisture trickling out. He chuckled in a dark and foreboding tone and impaled her with his thick shaft. She cried out, eyes closing as emotion and pleasure touched every region of her body. He grunted and recoiled, thrusting back in harder and with more force, causing tools on the bench to clank together. Holding on the edge of the wobbly structure, Lily took every inch of him, over and over, loving every each and every one of his powerful thrusts. She realized his actions were fueled by his pain, instantly forgiving him, but more so, wanting to love him now more than ever.
“Kyle!” Lily wailed as her orgasm slammed into her, taking her over the edge.
Instead of holding back, Kyle fucked her harder and faster until he let out a moan that cut straight to her soul, and jerked out of her, spilling his seed on her stomach. His breaths came in fast bursts and sweat trickled down his temples. Wiping his forehead with his arm, Kyle milked the last of his release, pulling from the base to the tip.
Lily just stared, panting, overwhelmed by the emotion. A tear trickled down and she tried to wipe it away before he could see her.
Kyle stilled and his expression went blank. “Lily, oh, god. Did I hurt you?” he asked and skimmed his knuckles over her cheek. Concern and despair loomed in his expression.
Shaking her head, Lily sniffled, and every bit of pain she’d pushed back over the years came out in a rush. She began to sob and Kyle took pulled her into his arms and held her. “Baby, I’m so sorry.”
“No, it’s not that,” she croaked and hugged him tight. “I’ve missed you so much.”

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