Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Redneck Tale - Free Read

Being an author isn't easy. Add in a muse with a mind of her own and there's no telling what will come out.
For me, I write in many different genres, because I'm the type to get bored easily. During times while me and my muse aren't getting along, I write short tales, erotica mainly. I never know what will come out, I just follow the characters.
I'm a little crazy, a lot wild, and most definitely blessed with a sense of humor. Redneck Tale is one of the stories where the characters and the the story just sort of smack me upside the head. This work is strictly erotica.

Being a bridesmaid for the ninth time wasn't exactly what Vicki would like to do, but a cousin in the south desperately needs help. Duty calls and Vicki treks to Arkansas for a hillbilly wedding. If the humidity and the heat isn't enough to ruin her day, discovering her dress is hunter orange will.
Hanging in there and traveling down the aisle the ninth time proves to be a decision she won't regret. Hooking up with two hot country groomsmen for an outdoor rendezvous is one hell of a bonus.
**This tale is 7400 words. It includes anal sex and double penetration.
*This book was previous published as India Maddox, entitled City Bridesmaid, Country Groomsmen.


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