Monday, September 28, 2015

Mindsweep - Out Today!

Blurb: Meredith, as a librarian and amateur stargazer, is hopelessly invisible, but with panic attacks and lapses in memory, perhaps its best. She desperately wants to be happy, but each time she believes life is getting better, everything goes to hell. She’s tired of being weak, but the mind blanks are becoming more frequent, panic attacks getting worse.
Sivenau is on a mission to Earth in order to find a mating solution, but while humans are best suited, copulation with them tends to drive his kind insane, literally. As one of three Kunachians with the ability to mindsweep, erasing a human’s memory of the experiments, Siv heads the missions. He has grown bored of the process until he enters Meredith’s mind. A possessive desire stirs inside him at her struggles. Females are to be cherished and loved, not hurt.
When Siv’s must trusted crewman states that this can be their last mission, suggesting he break protocol and copulate with Meredith, he is intrigued. Siv must decide whether risking his sanity, and Meredith’s life is worth the risk. He could be punished and lose her. Worse, without her, he could doom his planet to extinction forever.

Warning: This tale includes double penetration from a blue alien with two penises. Thought you should know.

Teaser: Strange voices in the background brought Meredith to a semi-conscious state. She blinked rapidly, trying to adjust to the dim light above. Was she in a hospital? She wondered as she tried to focus on the sterile environment surrounding her. The voices continued to talk in muffled tones, foreign dialects she couldn’t understand. Confusion reigned as she focused her eyes. Blurry forms emerged, slowly materializing as the haze disappeared.
Not a hospital! Oh, god, where am I?
She regained her faculties with her fight or flight reflex kicking in. She tried to flee, but jerked against restraints. One form stared at her and began to come closer. She blinked, unable to believe what she was seeing. A large being with royal blue skin and wide crystalline green eyes approached. He faintly resembled a human, but she knew he couldn’t be.
“No!” Meredith shouted and jerked at the manacles holding her. “No, stay away from me!”
The voices surrounding her continued to converse as if she wasn’t making a noise. Her vision became sharp and she realized all the other forms were similar, with some being a little smaller or a little taller. Some were wide, others narrow, much like humans in that they all differed. She took rapid breaths and continued to struggle as the strange creature came nearer, only a couple of feet away. She could see his face better now and it frightened her. “Stop, please, don’t touch me!”
“Shhhh.” His deep voice vibrated in her ear as he leaned close. “No harm will come to you.”
A rush of euphoria spread out, fanning over every inch of her body, as if his voice was a drug. She slowed the fight against the bands that imprisoned her and her breathing calmed. “Who, who are you?” she managed to rasp out, but fear still gripped her stomach.
“Merely a visitor,” he replied and his bright green eyes widened with interest.
“This isn’t real.” She felt limp and realized she could no longer move her arms or legs. Blinking her eyes, she tried to retain her focus.
“Shhh.” His voice tickled her ear again. She felt drunk and out of sorts.
Meredith watched helplessly, unable to form words as the life form summoned the others closer. There were six in all. Some held rectangular devices while others stood as casual observers. Tears welled in her eyes and it was the only faculty that seemed to work. Although she could no longer speak or move her lips, or any other part of her body for that matter, she could feel a tear fall, wetting her face. One of the beings spoke in an unintelligible language.
“Use the human’s dialect,” the largest that stood next to her barked with a harsh tone. “She needs to know we bring no harm.”
“She’s leaking,” the being replied and pointed at Meredith’s face.
 “No, those are tears. She is frightened.”
All the beings nodded, two taking notes.
The being or man of sorts that stood next to her brushed the tear away and licked it from his finger. “Human tears contain saline.”
Nods were exchanged.
Meredith quivered from his touch, but lacked sufficient control of her muscles to pull away. He turned his attention back to her and studied her. Curiosity was evident in the way he looked at her. Despite the strange markings on his face, he was uniquely handsome. She stared at him as he gently brushed her hair back and placed his fingertips to the temples of her head. A pulse of energy radiated through her and she closed her eyes, fear once again crippling her.
“Men of your world differ from us,” he whispered and Meredith snapped her eyes open, catching a pained expression come over his harsh features. “Such a lovely creature shouldn’t be hurt. We would adore you, take care of you, and protect you.”
Another tear trickled down her cheek. What did he just do? Could he read her mind or see her thoughts?
“Come forth and complete your work.” The being motioned toward the group and they converged around her. “Venario, monitor the new recruits. We wouldn’t want them to lose their minds on their very first mission."
“Aye, sir,” Venario said with a curt nod and placed something on the side of each of the blue beings' heads.
“Are you ready, Drax?” the leader asked and a smaller, slimmer being nodded.
Strange monitors blinked when a probe touched her skin. A display at the other side of the room lit up with a female form outlined in a white light. Bizarre symbols began to appear beside arrows pointing to different regions. When she realized it wasn’t just any standard female form, but her own, she regained use of her lips and gasped.
“Shhh,” came the deep voice again. “Merely tests. Nothing to fear.”
Two sets of large blue hands began touching her skin, gently probing and squeezing. She looked down and noticed she was wearing the black and pink lingerie that left her open and exposed for them to see. They moved from her legs up over her stomach, lightly gliding over her ribcage, and over her nipples that protruded through the holes in the bra. Gasping from the strange combination of lust and fear, she closed her eyes with a warm rush of her excitement making her wet. The monitor began beeping loudly and she snapped her eyes open as the beings stepped away.
The one with a voice capable of drugging her began to chuckle. “She is aroused.”
Anger spiked in her gut and forced her voice to work. “Am not!”
“Initiate human response test,” the being in control with the intriguing voice ordered.
The two that stood near immediately began to work. One moved a small shiny table to her side. The other barked out an unusual word and the lights dimmed. Meredith blinked, trying to adjust to the lower light levels. Three of the blue creatures held their devices, the glow illuminating their abnormal coloring. Meredith watched with horror, unable to move or speak. Inside she was screaming and willing her body to move. A light musky scent began to fill the room. It was pleasant, intoxicating, and bizarrely soothing. She inhaled the fragrance and felt her body tingle. Her mind drifted and her breathing calmed. The sensation reminded of her of the dentist’s office when she had been given nitrous oxide. The fear subsided, although it still hovered in the back of her mind, replacing the masked fright, an attitude that no longer cared what happened overcame her.
“We’re ready to begin.” One of the beings standing near her spoke and all she wanted to do was laugh.
The leader of the group stood close and observed. Meredith guessed he was in charge, judging by how the others reacted to his commands. They offered no arguments, following his orders immediately after he gave them. He seemed calm, confident even.
A lighted bar above lowered and laser-like green light directed at her head and moved quickly down her entire body. The screen with her form became colored. Some regions were blue, while others were orange and red.
“Human response in three, two, one,” was spoken by the one called Drax. He dabbed a strange aqua-luminescent substance on her inner thigh.
Meredith felt a warm tremor build and she began to quiver.
“Leave us,” the leader ordered loudly and the other beings exited through a door that automatically slid open and closed behind them. He turned his attention back to her and smiled with his royal blue lips. “Yes, I smell your arousal and it has heightened my senses.” He breathed through his nose and it flared open. His eyes closed and he smiled, as if taking in the most wonderful scent he’d ever known.
When he opened his eyes again they had become bright yellow with small cat-like slits in the middle. Before Meredith could scream he placed his lips to her ear. “Shhhh.”
She whimpered under his control and was helpless to fight against him. Her body hummed with desire, tiny electric shocks pulsed against her skin with awareness flourishing to every extremity. Oh, god, I am aroused.
“I had to send the others away because they wouldn’t be able to control their lust for you. You’re an aphrodisiac to our kind. Your scent alone can drive us insane with desire,” he informed her while his eyes widened and glazed over with all colors of the rainbow before going back to the bright yellow hue. “I will give you back your power to speak if you will not scream. That noise not only harms our ears, but it also leads us nowhere.”
Meredith nodded and moved her lips. Somehow his voice was a drug that he could control when he spoke. However, the effects didn’t last long, she realized, because he had to keep shushing her when she was able to speak again. Strange, she thought and became fascinated by the being. “What do you want with me?”
“To learn,” he simply replied and stroked her arm.
“Curiosity mainly, but other than that, we are drawn to human women. My team is working to understand why.” He grinned and allowed his gaze to sweep over her body. “It would seem that the draw is mutual.”
“Pfft.” Meredith tried to act indifferent and ignored the desire that continued to dribble from her sex.
“You don’t believe?” he asked and fanned her nipple with his fingertip, immediately bringing it to a hard peak. A long, dark blue tongue flicked over her bud.
“No,” Meredith stated and inhaled a shaky breath. Trying to change the subject, she asked the first question that came to mind and writhed under the restraints. “What is your name?”
He chuckled loudly, amusement evident in his expression.
“Don’t you even want to know my name?” she asked.
“Tell me, please.” He played along.
“Meredith,” she replied and began to relax a little, if for no other reason than to keep from going into a panic attack. Just watching his eyes change from green to bright yellow scared the hell out of her enough.
“If you must know, I am called Siv.” He grinned while tracing her arm with his fingertip.
“Where are you from, Siv?”
“Kunach.” He angled his head as if bored by the questions. “A planet your human race doesn’t know exists.”
“So you’re here to find out why you desire human women so much?”
Siv laughed. “Also because I was bored, as you humans would say.”
Meredith noticed the longer she talked the more his eye color changed. Instead of bright yellow, they were fading and returning closer to their original color. One part of her was relieved to see the change, while the other knew what that meant: his desire was fading.  “Do you want to know why I’m dressed like this?”
Siv shook his head and his eyes quickly changed to a fierce red. “I could see the past day of your life when I recorded your memories. A man who would treat you so poorly deserves to die.”
“No, don’t,” Meredith argued.
“Humans, you hate yet love all at the same time. Mysterious.”
“I don’t love him,” she stated as a tear fell. “I mean, I thought I did.”
“Yet he hurts you and you worry about his existence?”
“I don’t want anyone to hurt. I just want to be happy,” Meredith said with a sniffle, tears now streaming down her cheeks.
Siv placed his hands on her head and looked into her eyes. “Then I shall wipe him out of your mind.”
Before Meredith could protest, her eyes dried up and the emotional pain was gone. She struggled to understand what he'd just done to her and stared wide eyed at him. “What were we talking about?”
Siv’s eyes began to morph back to yellow. “Your arousal for me.”

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Honest Vomit!

Agony, Pit of Despair! I feel like I need a meme from The Princess Bride here. Something wicked has gotten a foothold in my brain and won't let go.

Can I say, Arggghh? You realize, Talk Like a Pirate Day, is coming September 19th. I need to practice anyway...

Back to my inner turmoil.

I've had one hell of a time for over a year now. I completely lost my way and my passion. It shows. But I love to write! Or I did. My fire is weak and I don't know how to stoke it back up. It's not my imagination's fault, honest. I've planned out (recently), a ten book series, a three book series (with the first almost done), and I have three almost completed books. But, Arrgggh! My motivation to get busy is, well, my motivation flipped me the bird, and hightailed it out of here.

I will admit....deep breath. I'm not writing for the right reasons anymore.

In 2012, I got my very first acceptance. YAY! I was freaking going places! I made a little money, but that's it. I didn't become a NY Times best seller. I didn't become any type of best seller. LOL. But, I was on fire inside, motivated as all get out. Y'all, I was on a mission, and ideas, stories, characters just manifested in my brain! It was so cool!

Three more books came out...Yup, I still didn't become a major success. I'd always heard that the best promo it another book! Bingo! I kept writing, kept pushing, kept going.

Two years ago, I was on top of the world. I still wasn't famous. I didn't earn a living from my writing, but I genuinely believed I was really going places. Positive vibes seemed to shoot out of my ass like rainbows! Not kidding! Life was good. I could really make a go of this...

New friends, new prospects...My life was about to change and I was certain of it!

It did!! Yep, sure enough, my life changed, but not for the better. 

I can't describe the hell I've been through. Not with words, because, legal shit. And also because there is simply no way to put in all into words.

Outside of my writing hell, my family is dealing with my Mother's Alzheimers. Talk about something that trumps the hell out of everything. It's been rough. 

I don't remember much about life for most of 2014. There was simply too much stress. I entered 2015 with a big ass rain cloud above my head. Where's a taxi full of clowns when ya need one? Zantac should hire me as a spokeswoman. Not kidding! I eat those things like candy. But, I digress.

When most people start a new year with new resolutions and high hopes....I was just miserable. Let me tell ya, lawyers and our shitty court system will take the fight right out of ya! By the time they're done with you, you'll pray for a lightning storm, and a well directed strike. 

Once I was done with the hell, I was left numb, just utterly and hopelessly, numb. Left with a mortgage in fees, not fucking joking at all, I had to pick up the pieces. Somehow, someway, I have to repay my family for the hell that writing has cost us. It isn't their debt, it's mine. Have you ever tried to climb a mountain with a pair of chopsticks and baling twine? That's what's it has been like for me. It has been a battle where I'm armed with a Nerf bat and the opposition has machine guns. The opposition being the debt and my idiocy for believing in someone besides myself. Stupid. Stupid.

Heh, on a lighter note, we're never too old to make mistakes, pick bad friends, or fuck up. Yeah, I'm forty, y'all.

Breathing lighter, but with a thunderstorm above my head, I jumped back in with both feet. I was determined to make it right on the home front. I had worked on a goofy, romantic comedy throughout my hell, and it was the only thing that seemed to keep me sane. I love the book, the characters, the lighthearted nature of it, and the plain silliness. 

I was so excited to put that book out, because every part of it is ME. I'm truly a goofy goober. Ask my kids and my husband. I love to laugh, joke around, make people smile, and just act silly. I even laugh at my own jokes! The book was in every way, me. 

It bombed.

Guess you know how that caused me to feel. Yep, piss ant. I devoted countless hours to that book, more so than any other I've ever written. I guess I wrote it for me, and in way, well, really, I did. It's still hard to believe there aren't many goofy readers out there. LOL. 

I dusted myself off, scraped my pride from the asphalt...then I carried on. For reasons I can't explain, I began writing based on what I thought readers wanted to read....

Mayday, mayday!!!

Stupid. Stupid.

First of all, authors should write for themselves. If the world loves it, yeah, bonus!

I tried, I really did, but as I think back now, the fire and excitement wasn't there while writing. And if authors aren't feeling it while writing it...yep, readers won't either.

Arrgghhh! Yes, I'm still practicing for Talk Like a Pirate Day, but that's the only word I know so far. I really need to snag the book about how to talk like a pirate from Amazon.

See? I'm really goofy.

Does goofy equate to sales? Ummm, I keep seeing oodles of writers selling the shit out of crazy titles. Not sure, but I do know that I'm not being good to myself. Words are forced. Writing has become a job. A JOB. That isn't right! I used to love to get lost in writing. Now, I find ways and excuses to avoid it. I'm tired. I need a break. Hey, the yard needs mowed....


Then envy strikes. So and so put another book out. What? How the? Does she sleep? WTF?

I start downing myself. So and so has put out three books to your one. Loser. Really? You once wrote 10k everyday, for three days in a row! OMG, you need serious help. My muse is huddled in a corner, refusing to come out. So and so's book is ranking on Zon...You could too if you got busy. 

Wait! Nothing is there! 
A boulder is crushing me!

And if you haven't ever watched, The Villain, you're missing out! Kirk Douglas, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Ann Margaret. 1979.

Uh, do you see what is going on here? I do. It only took around two years to figure it out though. I love spaghetti westerns, slapstick humor, zombies, satire, good vs. evil, demons, angels, aliens, ghosts, witches, ancient religions, folklore, time travel, and random goofiness. Guess what I don't write about?


I've been plagued with duty, building a pen name, and believing I should write to entertain others rather than myself.

The last five books I added to my Zon wish list are:

Write a Western in 30 Days: With Plenty of Bullet Points! by Nik Morton
Time Pimp by Garrett Cook
What Would Satan Do? by Anthony Miller
The Apocalypse and Satan's Glory Hole! by Timothy W. Long
Zombie Apocalypse Preparation: How to Survive in an Undead World and Have Fun Doing It! by David Houchins

Last night a revelation struck me. I'm the idiot meditating on a high peak, asking for a sign, and Whamo! I'm struck by an ill-navigating fowl, who rather rudely, knocks me off the narrow rock I'm perched on, and I end up tumbling down a jagged, rocky cliff, shouting, "Fuck you, bird!!"

I should thank that bird...

A couple of years ago, another author mentioned something about the fact there were only so many ways Part A and Part B could go together. I'm 99.99% sure that it was Tymber Dalton. At first, I laughed, because it was funny. There is so much truth to that statement. BTW, Tymber, sorry for dragging you into my "honesty fest". XO. 

So true! As a writer of erotic romances, the task is daunting. Once upon a time, I sped up to get to the "good" stuff. Lately, I write, "ADD SEX SCENE" and move on, hoping I'll get a sudden urge to write the sex eventually, and whip it out. 

Holy shitballs!

Skipping a sex scene???!!

To my credit, I'm forty. I have no uterus. Had that nasty thing taken out years ago. Am I pre-menopausal? What? No? Not me? Too early.....

Whatever the problem is, I'm pretty sure it isn't because of my age or my uterine status. Well, maybe. 

The biggest problem inhibiting me at this point is genre. I love to write, but lately, I'm crapping out, and the dealer is raking my chips his way. Fucker. 

Now, this doesn't mean that I don't love what I've been writing. It means my muse needs medication and that I need write the type of books that I really want read. 

Let me tell ya, being psycho isn't an easy gig. Ask my husband! Poor guy. LOL. Yep, hot, cold, up, down, laughing, crying, happy, sad. I've every flavor a psychiatrist dreams of. They can cash out on a gal like me.

So, to sum up this post, and why the sky has suddenly cleared above my head...

It started last night when I realized that what I liked to read differed on the opposite side of the spectrum than what I'm writing in. Then, tonight, I stumbled across an article, shared by another author. I devoured every word and got the big, "Ah-Hah!" moment. 

I've been writing for all the wrong reasons for the last year and half. 

1. I've been writing to pay back a debt to my wonderful husband. He didn't hook up with the wrong people, I did.
2. I've been writing based on what I believe readers want to read. So wrong, I've yet to write a step-brother romance. Can I get an LOL?
3. I've made writing a JOB. Writing should be the perfect escape! I've turned writing into a task that needs to be done, much like the laundry. Not good.

I need to reconnect with ME. I need to write what I like, and yes, I love erotic romances to read, but I really love a lot of other stuff, too! Damn, I have to find the pre-life-apocalypse ME.

Well, crap!

I'm back to the drawing board, wondering how to re-invent myself. Does this mean I plan to stop writing erotic romances?

Hell no. I have a ten book series, and a three book series, planned! And ooohhh-la-la, I really like what I've come up with. Now, I may be a little slower executing said books, but they will come.

My big revelation has just struck me. I'm not sure how I will accommodate the multiple personalities in my head, but somehow, it will happen, because I want it to, and I'm willing to work at it.  

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Let Break it Down, Folks

I'm scratching my head this morning and have been for some time over this. So, I thought we should break it down, and crunch some numbers.

I keep seeing books that are either free or priced at 99 cents. What a deal! Who doesn't love a free or a 99 cent book? I do! Okay, so the problem is what the authors are getting in return, and it boggles my mind.

Let's say I have two candy bars and I give you one...what would you say?

Up yours?
It's okay for a free candy bar?

Wait! Here's a fantastic idea. How about:

Two words and so easy to say!
What is not acceptable or nice is earlier mentioned comments. Yes, everyone has a right to an opinion, but ask yourself, it is nice? Helpful? Encouraging? If you don't like the book, say why, but do it in a way an author can learn from.

There are a couple of reasons authors give free books.
1. As a way to thank readers.
2. As a way to gain interest in other books or the next in a series.

I did my own research into giving away a book. It was my way of saying THANK YOU. That's it. I wasn't able to price the book for free at Amazon, so it was priced at 99 cents. Here's what I got for Redneck Tale in the FREE world:

Smashwords: 871 downloads, 1 review

One review!

Here's what creating Redneck Tale cost me. My time for one. I purchased the rights to the image I used, so basically $10. I made my own cover, so I saved some money there. Editing, yes, I hired a professional editor. I'd have to dig through receipts for the exact cost, but I believe I paid around $40. Not going to dig, because you get the point.
$50 dollars to create the book, plus my time...I earned 1 review.
The worst part about this adventure is that I didn't see any real jump in sales for my other books.

Guess who won't be putting out free books? Me. Now, I may run special promotions, but I definitely will not spend my time and money writing for free. I doubt other authors will continue either if the trend continues the same way.

This is simple, folks. Be polite, leave a review, or even just say, thanks!

Okay, now on to some money crunching concerning 99 cent books. I can find that much money in my couch! I've wasted more money than on accident!

Think about what you're getting at that price. You can't even buy a candy bar for 99 cents most of time. What an escape for under a dollar. And guess what, every little bit helps EVERY author. Does anyone believe we set out in our careers to endure all the writing world has to offer for nothing? Come on.

I went through the books on my Kindle and picked out a basic 99 cent read.

Total pages: 65
Estimated time to read: 1 hour and 2 minutes
Price: 99 cents
Number crunch per minute of entertainment: 0.015 per minute

I have an escape for my mind, for one hour, for only 99 pennies. YAY!

Let's compare the value to a trip to the movies.

Ticket price: Minimum $7.50  (at least here)
Popcorn: about $6.00  (can anyone not buy popcorn?)
Drink: $4.00  (because you have to wash the popcorn down with something!)
Total: $17.50
Average running time of most movies: 1 hour and 35 minutes
Number crunch per minute of entertainment: 0.184 per minute

I have to mention that a book doesn't come with lines of people, rude people talking, the expense of going out, or even needing to put on a bra!

I should mention that an author only makes around .34 cents per 99 cent book. That's it! A reader is basically giving an author the change out of the bottom of their purse! Stop bitching is what I'm saying. Lots of time and energy goes into writing a book, be kind enough to leave a review. They help!

Authors, things to consider when writing free or 99 cent books...

1. You should have them edited! Nothing will earn you 1 stars faster than a poorly edited book. You took the time to write it, make it shine, go the full 100%.
2. Stop writing cliffhangers in order to induce readers to BUY another book. Just stop! Readers hate it and so do I. Every book needs a resolution. Give it or don't bother. This is a great way to earn 1 star reviews.
3. Stop writing short teasers, claiming they're books, and then filling with oodles of ads. 1 star material here. If your ebook is simply a teaser, say so!

In other words, write the book with as much care as you would a full length novel. Sure, free and 99 cents is great, but people earn their money, and time is precious to them. Do a great job or don't do it all.

I'm arggghhed out. Read, love, and enjoy life.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Random Sh@t from Hennessee Andrews - Food Trucks & Stuff

Tuesday night....
I should be writing...
My muse is being a heifer...

I have dreams, goals, and stuff I want to do! LOL. I'm an idiot.

Anyway, on my list of random shit explored this evening.

First, Amazon hooked me. I love random shit! I love to laugh. I love smile. While perusing for books that I "think" I might need, I decided that I don't know how to talk like a pirate! Arrrggghhh! That's it, I know Arrrrrgggghhh. What is a gal to do? Duh, find a book that will teach me to talk like a pirate, of course!

The blurb claims: Discover more than 100 pages of threats, curses, oaths, insults, and epithets; 31 types of pirate drink; 60 different pirate terms for ''woman''; 67 kinds of pirate torture and punishment; 44 distinct definitions of ''aargh''; and more.

YES!!!! Arrgggh, is right, this is awesome!

You need this pirate book? Click here!

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I need to laugh so I don't cry about my 0430 wake up coming soon. I like funny shit! I stumbled across this book:

Blurb: It had been three years since Tony had been with a dinosaur. Three long years of no butt action after his dismissal from the Underground Billionaire Dinosaur Community in Los Angeles. Those three years come to and end when Bronco, the alpha T-Rex, and Tony run into each other at a Farmer's Market, sexual tension fills the air before Bronco finally invites Tony to a party. All the history and sexual tension finally explode into a massive fight and love affair at the party, as unexpected guests join in... 

Hmmmm. The title is catchy... Need this book? Click here!

Then I got to thinking about food trucks??! What? Yeah, I have this thing for food trucks. I really want one! No, seriously....I really want one! 

A few days ago I was rather impressed by a margarita truck. Hell, yeah! I'm so in!

OMG! Wouldn't this rock? NEED! Why? I don't know. I just want one. I'd probably drink up the profits....I may need to rethink this truck.

I bet there are other great ideas! Sure enough, yep!

Holy smokes! A waffle wagon! 

OMG! Meat Our Balls! So creative!


MMMM, Burgers!

A wiener truck! Varoom!

If I crash, will I have a Taco-Mergency????

So many decisions! I must ponder this...
I listen to random music to help me think.

Much better...
I'm groovin'!

It appears to me that I need to write more so I can afford the crazy shit on my wish list. Support an author! They need food trucks! They need to learn how to speak pirate! They need dino porn!

And this my friends is a peek inside my crazy brain. Hide your kids, your valuables! I need medication and a food truck!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back Lot Beauties Blog Hop! Coming in December! Sign up now!

Coming in December!! Back Lot Beauties Blog Hop! Dust off your back list and let's make them shine!

Books must be at least 1 year old.

Sign up HERE!