Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Random Sh@t from Hennessee Andrews - Food Trucks & Stuff

Tuesday night....
I should be writing...
My muse is being a heifer...

I have dreams, goals, and stuff I want to do! LOL. I'm an idiot.

Anyway, on my list of random shit explored this evening.

First, Amazon hooked me. I love random shit! I love to laugh. I love smile. While perusing for books that I "think" I might need, I decided that I don't know how to talk like a pirate! Arrrggghhh! That's it, I know Arrrrrgggghhh. What is a gal to do? Duh, find a book that will teach me to talk like a pirate, of course!

The blurb claims: Discover more than 100 pages of threats, curses, oaths, insults, and epithets; 31 types of pirate drink; 60 different pirate terms for ''woman''; 67 kinds of pirate torture and punishment; 44 distinct definitions of ''aargh''; and more.

YES!!!! Arrgggh, is right, this is awesome!

You need this pirate book? Click here!

Tomorrow is Wednesday. I need to laugh so I don't cry about my 0430 wake up coming soon. I like funny shit! I stumbled across this book:

Blurb: It had been three years since Tony had been with a dinosaur. Three long years of no butt action after his dismissal from the Underground Billionaire Dinosaur Community in Los Angeles. Those three years come to and end when Bronco, the alpha T-Rex, and Tony run into each other at a Farmer's Market, sexual tension fills the air before Bronco finally invites Tony to a party. All the history and sexual tension finally explode into a massive fight and love affair at the party, as unexpected guests join in... 

Hmmmm. The title is catchy... Need this book? Click here!

Then I got to thinking about food trucks??! What? Yeah, I have this thing for food trucks. I really want one! No, seriously....I really want one! 

A few days ago I was rather impressed by a margarita truck. Hell, yeah! I'm so in!

OMG! Wouldn't this rock? NEED! Why? I don't know. I just want one. I'd probably drink up the profits....I may need to rethink this truck.

I bet there are other great ideas! Sure enough, yep!

Holy smokes! A waffle wagon! 

OMG! Meat Our Balls! So creative!


MMMM, Burgers!

A wiener truck! Varoom!

If I crash, will I have a Taco-Mergency????

So many decisions! I must ponder this...
I listen to random music to help me think.

Much better...
I'm groovin'!

It appears to me that I need to write more so I can afford the crazy shit on my wish list. Support an author! They need food trucks! They need to learn how to speak pirate! They need dino porn!

And this my friends is a peek inside my crazy brain. Hide your kids, your valuables! I need medication and a food truck!

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