Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Second Chance Succubus - Siobhan Muir

Everyone deserves a second chance... 

As an ancient succubus, Lady Aislynn is cursed to survive off sexual energy for eternity. To live without killing, Aislynn runs the Underground, a pleasure club in Las Vegas where she safely feeds on the ample eroticism of her patrons. A murder inside her club threatens the haven she’s built, even as it brings unwanted attention—and possible salvation—in the form of two handsome brothers, both in search of the truth. 

Werewolves Chayse and Nik Wolffe haven’t seen each other in five years, and the last place they expect to cross paths is a strip club. The detective and PI find their cases intertwining around the enticing Aislynn and her club. Nik may believe in Aislynn’s innocence, but Chayse knows all too well the destructive power of a succubus. He’s determined to keep himself and Nik free of her spell. 

Nik’s missed sharing lovers with his brother, but Chayse seems dead-set against reconciling the past or building a future. Luckily fate, and the Goddess, may have plans for the two embattled werewolves and the succubus with love enough for them both.

Second Chance Succubus (Capitol of Second Chances #1)
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Ménage, BDSM, Mystery
Word Count: 80,980
ISBN: 9781310088209

Release Date: October 20 2015

Second Chance Succubus
Copyright © 2015 Siobhan Muir
All rights reserved.

   Excerpt: Aislynn sighed. “Speaking of which, tell me how you found Mr. Johnson again, and spare no details. I need to be prepared for when Detective Wolffe returns with his warrant.”

   Felicia sighed and sat down in one of the chairs across from Aislynn’s desk. “I found Mr. Johnson hanging in the Iron Maiden cage in the Gothic dungeon at about eleven-forty-five Thursday night. Mistress Dee lay against the north wall, out cold from a blow to her head. A large pool of blood, roughly four feet in diameter and half an inch deep, covered the floor beneath the cage.” Felicia scowled. “Such a waste.”

   Aislynn stifled a smile. Vampires tried not to squander their own energy source. “Go on.”

   “Mr. Johnson’s spirit had long fled and his body was badly damaged, specifically his left thigh. Because of the damage, he’d bled out from the wounds in his leg, caused by something unsharp like a ball point pen.” Felicia held up her hand with her index finger curled to her thumb to make a circle. “It had to be sharp enough to break the skin, but not sharp enough to cut cleanly. The murderer must have hit the artery. Mr. Johnson was dead in minutes.” She shook her head in disgust. “I checked Mistress Dee and she came around soon after, about eleven-fifty. She said she’d been hit from behind and hadn’t seen her assailant. I took her to rest in the after-care room and returned to the dungeon to clean up the mess.”

   “Did you touch the body?” Aislynn shuddered. Even as a succubus, dead shells gave her the creeps.

   “Not at first. It was easier to hose down the walls and floor before I worked on the cage.” Felicia’s hands tightened into fists on the arms of the chair. “When I did move the cage, I wore my leather gloves and laid the body on the steel work table before washing the cage. I carefully cleaned and dressed Mr. Johnson before transporting him to the alley outside the Hump & Bump strip club down on Highland.”

   “And that’s the last you saw of him?”

   “Yes, Lady Aislynn. I returned here to the club around one and checked on Mistress Dee. I contacted one of her regular subs to come for her and resumed my duties supervising the Underground that night.”

   Aislynn sipped her tea and tapped the desk. “What of the man who’d been with Mr. Johnson in Eve’s earlier?”

   “He left around ten o’clock and I didn’t see him again upstairs.”

“Check the security footage in Eve’s.” Aislynn’s anger surged and settled into a cold lump in her gut. Humans committing murder in her sanctuary and playground brought police and endangered her patrons. Not to mention the safety of the Elder Races who came to play in Vegas without fear of persecution from the humans. “I want to know how he came into Eve’s and got anywhere near the door to the Underground between the hours of ten and midnight. Either we’ll catch the bastard or we’ll hand him over to the cops.”

   “Really? We’ll let them take care of him?” Felicia raised her eyebrows in surprise.
Aislynn nodded. “The detective is a werewolf. He won’t betray the other Elder Races who come here.”

    “Let’s hope not.”

   “Right. Bring me the information as soon as you have it, Felicia. I don’t want the cops to get into the Underground if I can help it, even with the discretion of Detective Wolffe.” Aislynn grimaced. “But if anything shows up on digital capture, the police can have it and do their own hunting.”

   “And if they cannot find the murderer?”

   “Then we’ll have our own hunt.” But she suspected the werewolves always got their man.